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How do they feel?

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posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 08:08 PM
OK Lets say that Aliens are visiting the planet for what ever reason.

Lets say that one of the species highly reported the "Grey" do exist.

Lets also say that some members of this bored can infact talk to them.

Now surely the Aliens are able to monitor our TV Broadcasts.

This means that they have seen documenteries talking about Alien Abduction, films where Greys are shown as monster and shows like Star Gate where they are shown as good guys.

How do they feel about these programs?

If they really are here and had some sort of "Prime Directive" like in Star Trek then surely they know they haven't done a very good job with this?

Or maybe they just do not care? A mouse may know the scientist exists and squeek when its hurt and attempt to comunicate in some way, but its a life form far below the scientist and he will not communicate with it and he doesn't really care what effect it has on the mouse or its society. Is this actually how the aliens are with us?

Maybe thats why the govornment denies they exist? They know the aliens are there, they have never been able to get a responce and know they can do nothing about the aliens and do not want the public to be affraid.

So anyways how do the aliens feel exactly about how they are shown in our culture?

posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 09:06 PM
Well it depends which story you believe.

The aliens are evil and are trying to take over the world.
The aliens are really demons.
The aliens are really angels.
The aliens are the scientists and we are the lab rats, the earth is their laboratory.
The aliens want us to join their galactic federation.
The aliens are really gods.
The aliens want to bring us into enlightenment.
The aliens want to save our earth and humanity.
The aliens need natural resources from earth.
The aliens need human DNA to repair their own.
The aliens are trying to put their own hybrids on Earth.

Which one above are you talking about?

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