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(DOC) Part II "The terrible Illness and the "Verbal Perminent Cure"

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posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 07:21 PM
danny calle me shortly after the running incident, we had both came to the same conclusion's "we can never go back to "THAT" school" because if we did, it would surely mean we were going to get 'Beat' and we were thinking pretty bad. We talked for some time, when Danny came up with a 'Brilliant' idea. "Say, do you think we can trick our parent's into believing we are terribly sick?" I sat on it a moment and concurred to him "I don't know why not, I have'nt missed any school for no reason at all, and my Mom believe's what I say." It was a great set of plan's to "avoiding " the innevitable ass whipping we were going to get if we showed our face's at the bus stop the following day. Danny told me how to fake a tempreture by using either the heating ducts of the furnace or by using a warmer (Heating pad) and applying it to my fore head and immediate;y running to my mother and placing my fore head on a part of her arm or open skin for her to be allowed to feel the tempreture that I was running. It was "Genius", I new this would surely work for a while, at least for a few day's anyway, long enough for this situation to "Blow Over" (That is in my Home town way of thinking..) and let by-gone's be by-gone's. And that's what we did.

The night before I had snuck into my mother's closet and grabbed her small heating pad and hid it in my room to be able to start the process and plan's of "Project 'Stay Home'". I heated up the heating pad, applied it to my fore head approximately 6:45 AM, left there for about 15 or 20 minute's, tested my feel of my own fore head ,"It worked!" I was burnng up. I replaced the heating pad to compensate fort he lost heat of my test for a few more minute's.

I ran down the step's, into the kitchen where my mother was preparing breakfast, complained I wasn't feeling good, placed my head against her forearm. "It was all worjing as Danny said it would!!" My mother felt the heat "Radiating" off of my fore head , and then it happened.....

My mother scooped up both of my sister's , we made a mad dash out the door, the whole time she was saying "You are going to the Doctor's right now young man, you are burning up, there has to be something very wrong , I can't believe you got that sick over night..ect....ect..ect..." All the way to the emergency door's of the closest hospital nearest us. SHe rushed all three of us kid';s in, almost in tear's she told the registering nurse of the temp. I had and that I seemed to fine the night before. The Nurse called for an emergency Doctor for the emergency room area. It was all taking place so fast, I didn't know what to do. They rushed me into a room in the same area, started running a barrage of test's on,Blood,throat culture's,body inspection for mark's or cut's, and finally, "They took my temp."
After about an hour to an hour and a half, the Doctor informed my mother that she must of been mistaken about the temp. she had taken, she then informed the Dr. that she didn't litterally take my temp. but that she "Felt" the "Intense Heat" from my fore head on her arm.

The Doctor started questioning me in proffessional form. "So, Do you still very ill? He asked. ME, still thinking of what awaited me at the school yard said "Yes, I am very sick I think." the Doctor asked me a number of question's about how I felt and if I had taken, eaten anything that didn't taste right or drug's (They were getting pretty spread out in the early 70's) illegal or otherwise? I answered "No, I haven't done anyhting like that." The Doctor then started feeling around the throat area and looking into my eye's saying "Follow my finger." Which I did. The Doctor, with a dumb founded look on his face sasid, "All of your test's came back neg., there is nothing wrong with you we can find." My mom looked at me , the Doctor , now staring at me, said "What do you think is wrong?" Now, If I could go back and change one day or even "Moment" of my past, it would have to be what left out of my mouth , with out thinking or knowing anything really about medical science's or illnessess, at the very question the Doctor asked, with nurse's , my mother and 2 sister's and of course the Doc. were all there to hear, and hear they did, for I still haven't lived it down too this very day, (I will inform you as of right now, I am a male 41yr's old, I was 9 yr's at the time of this visit to the Dr.) I looked at him and said "Doc. I really think I have had the worst "Morning Sickness" that I have ever had.." After the laughter subsided and the Doctor reegained his composer, my Mother having spit coming out of her mouth from trying to restrain the laughter that she wanted so badly to let out and thing's got back to a low humm.. The Doctor explained to me what Morning sickness was. "I was so embarassed, I laughed myself." I finally broke down and told the whole story of the day before and how I was afraid of going to school and what was going to happen too me if I went. The Doctor reassured me there were way's around "Bully's" like this and that my Mother could take care of it for me..We left, and headed for "school".

I did get the bejesus knocked out of me, actually a few time's in life. But I survived. As for the "Morning Sickness" thing, "I still get crap about it til this very day,(That's why I never say I am sick, too often..LOL) from my family and everyone that my mother had to tell about my "Terrible Illness" that I had suffered that fateful day of embarassment. So, if there is anyhting at all I could pass on to the young one's here at the ATS , "Don't worry about bully's and "ONLY" Women get "Morning Sickness" if you decide to fake!!" LOL

BTW: "Ever since that day, I have been cured from such frightful disease's!!"

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