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Your Political Figures FSME

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posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 06:11 PM
The woman behind the eyes......

Okay, for anyone who missed it - I am the new FSME for this forum. For those of you who contribute and want to help us make this a board (PTS) worthy of coming to........CONTRIBUTE!

I currently have free reign to give out applauses for quality posting that improves this forum. They are worth 1500 points.

Post away blast it (or I am going to get bored and use my other pretty buttons that are not so nice in the repercussion area).

Let's get some good posts on real Political Figures (I beg you, I swear to you, Anne Coulter is not a Political Figure - and I happen to enjoy her - muhahahahahaha). There are major things going on in the world, there are major people behind them, let's get some bio's and in-depth looks at these people.

I have given a few challenges here and there for some ideas to get this forum rolling. No one has bothered. Hopefully this weekend I will present a comprehensive plan.

Join in (lord knows none of my buddies in chat will touch politics and broke my heart telling me they couldn't go there even for me - lol). But let's give it a shot shall we?

Look - the thing is, I'm not going to let Majic down on making PTS what it should be. If I have to do the posts I will, but then I can't give out my applauses and I WANNA GIVE OUT APPLAUSES. What don't you people get - I am trigger happy on the applause button - take advantage would you? Give me a shred of effort and you might get the mighty click.

Comments welcomed - here or U2U.

posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 06:48 PM
Wow - no comments at all and only 25 views? I used to feel like I had friends on ATS but I guess PTS is the kiss of death.

Seriously though, thanks for the efforts over the past week or so, there do seem to be some more interesting discussions going on here at the dull and boring Political Figures furum, and I am applauding for them still. Hope I haven't missed anyone.

Now, for those of you who still seem to think that Anne Coulter is a "political figure", please justify your position and definition of such, prior to adding anymore AC here.
There is a lovely thread on BTS where she belongs unless someone actually justifies why she fits on this forum.

Tick tick tick.


Oh, and one more thing, may we please have a seperation of church and state on this forum unless it actually is relevant? I am seeing shades of baiting known religious members and that just doesn't belong here. ATS has other forums for that too.

posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 11:26 PM
I'm going to write Tony Blair's political obituary. But it is too late here, tonight, and I need my beauty rest.

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