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everyday hex symbols

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posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 01:44 PM
i check out all symbols everywhere....
but a symbol that ive noticed to be everywhere is the hexagram.
whats crazy about the hexagram is that it can be a 2-d image but projected in 3-d... if that makes sense... like the hex cube for example.

anyways.... heres a few everyday symbols

while im on symbols check this.... i dunno if any of you have noticed this..

^ that is the swastika the nazi's use... which is the reverse of the REAL swastika.
the good swastika goes counter clockwise, which is a symbol for good luck/good fortune.
and clockwise means the total opposite.

clockwise is time, which is being used against us instead of with us. anything spiraling clockwise goes down. counter clockwise is up.. and goes to the heavens... and is the opposite of linear time.. the everlasting present.

and another thing which has to do with occult numerology and sacred geometry.

^ as you can see 11 is a huge occult number. 11 also equals 2. (11= 1+1=2)

2 is the symbol for pisces.. people know the FISH symbol. which is only sacred geometry, and means creation. it is 2 worlds.. physical and spiritual, or the masculine, and feminine. and we are the creation in the middle. The hexagram can also be a symbol for 11/2. becuase it is 2 triangle together making the creation in the center.

here we can already relate jesus to geometry.. becuase the fish symbol is sacred geometry for creation... 11/2.

good swastika^

posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 07:08 PM
Of course youll find "sacred geometry" in many things in the world. Because such forms are based simply on natural observations and principals. The question is, where they created with estoric principals in mind? I highly doubt it.

They are common forms that people are familiar with. All geometry was at one time sacred, and some forms are sacred to one group but meaningless to another.

Its all how you interpret them.


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