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(PTSFact): Lynn Swann

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posted on Jul, 24 2006 @ 06:15 PM
Lynn Swann is the Republican gubernatorial candidate for Pennsylvania. Most people know Lynn Swann from his Super Bowl Championship days as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Swan was born in Tennessee and at a very early age, moved to California with his family. While there, several life altering events helped to change him forever.

First, his mother enrolled him in dance school, a move which paid great dividends in Swann’s role as a college and professional athlete. His graceful leaps to make a catch as a wide receiver are a thing of beauty.

The second thing that changed his life was enrolling in college at the University of Southern California, where his athletic grace on the football field earned him a National Championship, Most Valuable Player status, and a title of All-American. His success as a college athlete led to the opportunity to become a key member of the Steeler’s dynasty of the 1970’s.

He has used his celebrity status and love for dance to raise money to provide scholarships for the Pittsburgh Ballet.

Swann’s run for governor of a traditionally Blue state cannot be viewed as pure politics. Examining his many key leadership roles as a community leader, including his role as National Spokesman for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, shows his dedication to making his community, state, and country a better place to live for all.

He and his running mate, Jim Matthews, have an aggressive campaign platform that reflects a focus on a conservative approach to Pennsylvania’s unique problems as a rust-belt state that once flourished as a key provider of steel and coal products. Labeled “Vision Topics”, the platform includes

An Agriculture Coalition, which recognizes the importance of Pennsylvania’s 52,000 farms, and their particular needs

Government Reform, which acknowledges that government has lost touch with the people, and works to bring accountability back into politics

Property Tax Reduction, which, among other things, seeks to replace the current arbitrary practice of property value assessment with one that is based on actual purchase price

Welfare Reform, which seeks to emulate the practice of other successful states in re-integrating welfare recipients back into the workforce

Creating Economic Opportunities by working more closely with prospective employers seeking to relocate to Pennsylvania

Preparing Youth to Compete by revamping nearly the entire education system

Veterans Focus works to recognize both the contributions of Pennsylvania’s sons and daughters, and to assist them in their return to society

Passing Comprehensive Tort Reform, which seeks to address the shortage of doctors and nurses in the Commonwealth by reforming punitive medical liability insurance rates

Pennsylvania Values are reinforced through an obligation of government to be fiscally responsible while providing a social safety net for those who truly need it.

Additional information on the Vision Topics can be obtained here:

posted on Jul, 26 2006 @ 02:38 PM
He sounds okay to me. I particlularly like his plank to increase tuition tax credits, although this will bring out the teacher-unions in force because they see this (correctly) as a way to break up the government monopoly over schools. I'd vote for Swann on that plank alone!


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