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The Final Option (Op/Ed)

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posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 02:29 AM
seagull I was going to quote you and pick at where I think we differ on this issue; however, there really isn't much point to that approach. I agree with everything but the tone of what you posted. I am not quite as pessimistic about the prospects for successful negotiations as you sound.

posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 06:09 AM
Thats absurd....and if Israel did that, the mere act would make them no better than those who attack them, or for that matter the Nazi's.

The only real final solution is to create a joint Jewish/Palestinian state in the land that is now Israel proper, the west bank and Gaza.

Sound absurd? So is the idea of using nukes to destroy the Arab middle east to make it safe for a few million Jews.

In all actuality it doesn't matter if anyone on here likes the idea or not...its going to happen within this century anyway....demographics show that the Palestinian population of Israel alone, not to mention the west bank and Gaza are rapidly out breeding the Israelis to a considerable degree and sooner or later, the Jews will become the minority in their own country, and unless they want to continue down the road of South Africa and create an (or a more complete) aparthid state, there will come a day when power sharing becomes inevitable.

Unless of course they do something absurd.

posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 08:55 AM
In my more cynical moments I think all the borders, land sea and air to the "holy land" should be sealed, then arm the Palestinians to the current level of the Israelis' planes, tanks, boats, missles, and armaments, including nukes and look the other way. Then, whoever emerges, be declared an international parriah to be shunned for all time.

There will never be a fair and judicious settlement out of this conflict...a plague on both house unto even the tenth generation.

posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 09:13 AM
Astronomer. I don't like sounding pessimistic, but the reality of this past/current/future conflict warrants a dose of pessimism, IMHO. It no longer really matters who's at fault. I have my own opinions as to who is at fault, but it really is a moot point. These two powers, with others cheering from the sidelines for whomever they feel suits their purposes best, are going to keep killing each other until the end of time, or apocalypse, or whatever. The hatred has been too inigrained for far too many years to end in any fashion other than copious amounts of blood.

I really hope, nay I pray, that some sort of sanity will someday break out in the Middle East. Let's just say I have my doubts.

posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 09:20 AM
Well fingers crossed that this little conflict dosent blow up into WWIII, maybe the best idea would be for the two state solution, but it a great theroy but would never work as there is too much hatred between the muslim world and irsael.

if you go back into history there has always been bad blood in the middle east, during the dark ages european men decided that they would reclaim the holy land from the infidales adn rape,pillage, slaughted their way to jerelusm and back again all in the name of god. Now you have muslim extermist killing in gods name and defending there faith.

For the Two state solution to ever work, irsael would have to stop it;s i dont give a # attuide and we are so great the rest of the world dosent matter. ( we all expect the reason why irsael was formed and will never forget what they as a people went through during WWII) but they cant not keep using that to beat people round the head who even dare to mention that they are being out of order, the US needs to eat some humble pie stop trying to impose their view on the middle east.

Saudi needs to stop playing both sides of the fence, it wants to a muslim country, but it always want the riches that it oil brings them. Iran and syria should butt out of peoples countries and stop funding the terrisot group and let hamas and hizbollah sit down and talk without the fear of their support and funding being stop.

Allow gaza and lebanon to delevop trade without having to go through irsael, and make damm sure that any peace talks are fair and balanced, not you do this,this,this,this and also this, while we doing nothing or maybe this if we feel like.

And we should all sit round a big camp fire and sing "cum by arr" (sure that isnt how you spell it)

peace in the middle east may just mean irsael has to pack up it bags and move out of the middle east, where they end up, well i hear the falkland island are pretty much empty
or if america loves irsael so much then let them relocated there and that way everybody wins. irsael has the sercurity it wants , hamas, hizbollah and iran cant bitch about the zoinest oppressor anymore and the middle east would be a happy place.

Yes i can hear the shout now, "he off his head" or "stupid", that would be an idea solution but it will never happen, as irsael will never leave where it is, and sooner or later israel is going to step over the line once too often and end up causing world war III either by nuking iran or just invading syria.

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