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Israeli IDF Weaponry - MOVIES

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posted on Jul, 24 2006 @ 12:51 AM
Merkava MK4 demonstration

Trophy - RAFAEL's system for ground vehicels, destroying ATGM's, RPG's and more heading towards the vehicle.

AeroGem - Anti seeker missiles systems for airborne assetts

Acoustic Warfare - RAFAEL's systems for submarines in order to avoid Torpedos

Dimona - Short movie about the Israeli Nuclear Reactor

Electronic Warfare - Explanation on one of the EW systems of RAFAEL for Sea assetts.

Typhoon - Remote controlled weapon platform for ships

Gabriel - Sea to Sea missile by RAFAEL

Barak - Anti-Missiles system for ships.

Python 4 - The older generation of Air-Air missiles, by RAFAEL, now the Python 5 is the leader of Rafael's Air-Air league.

Israeli Made UAV's movies -

Merkava family clip - 4 Marks of the Merkava

Ofeq 5 - One of the Israeli spy sattelites

Flight Guard - A System for airborne assetts againts heat seeking missiles

F-15I - Demonstration of the F-15I

Derby - Beyond Visual Range Air-Air missile, by Rafael.

Arrow - Anti-Ballistic missiles system - IAI

Spike - Shows the abillity of the Spike-ER system

Merkava ARV - Merkava with adittional parts for all kind of missions

Popepye - Demonstration of Rafael's Popeye Air-Ground " Popeye "

Spike - Demonstration of the regular Spike system, for ground troops.

Corner Shoot - allows you to fire on targets without beeing discovered

Eros - Another Israeli Spy Sattelite.

Phalcon - Israeli AEW&C Airborne system

Shavit - The Israeli missile that brings its Sattelites into orbit ( and believed to have been transformed into Ballistic missiles with over 5000km range )

TALD - Israeli Cruise missile

THEL - Israeli-American development, destroying Cruise + low flying missiles by " High Energy Laser "

Israeli Defence Forces - General ( Queen - Don't Stop me Now )

Israel Defence Forces - Ten Lasim Tarush Al Diona


Israel's Navy

IDF's made movie on the Israel defence forces

Israel Air Force - The Final Countdown

Israel Air Force + Infantry clip

posted on Jul, 26 2006 @ 05:41 PM
thanks for posting those videos I"m curious though as on what type of ammunition the TROPHY system uses

posted on Jul, 26 2006 @ 07:03 PM
Ford, I'm not sure, but I think that's a proprietary secret.

There's a Wiki page on the system, but they just list the ammunition as a 'neutralizing agent', and they propose that it's something like steel shot. That would make sense, but I don't get the impression the author of that entry knew for sure...


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