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Gang stalking and what it says about our society at large.

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posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 12:00 PM

Originally posted by Harassment101

Shielding no, I gained a lovely burn on my back that looks like two little holes. Oh I don't mean to burst your bubble, but that whole tin foil thing does not work, it's just the opposite, it makes things worst.

two little burns, hmmm well, if i am not mistaken, then your normal sensation was not as focused, right? from what i gathered (correct me if i'm wrong) the pain you originally described was not limited to single spots, was it? if that's the case, would it be remotely possible that we are talking about a different weapon here, ie. a laser? i mean you need to use very very short wavelengths to create small, isolated burns ( how small, btw, like half an inch?), and i only advocated tinfoil as a remedy against microwaves, nothing else. sorry to hear it did not work out as planned, though.

a few final Q#s:

was your back exposed to a window or a wall when you got burned? did your tinfoil get holed / melted or did you directly touch it while using it as a shield (it sucks at insulation, you know...). i fail to see how it could make matters worse, especially considering that the mode of attack seems to have changed.

PS: good luck at your new location, btw.

posted on Jan, 19 2007 @ 11:59 PM
The foil was placed under the bed, and it really makes you feel like you are on a grill even more, so that was discarded relatively quickly.

There is also a study by a University that also confirms what I have discovered, that this foil concept does not work and it does just the opposite. I don't blame you, you made a suggestion to try to help. I was really just glad for the support that day, that made things better more than anything else.

I am pretty sure I have had more than one thing used on me. Eg. The previous items would cause heat, but never any physical scaring or visibility.

The burn was most likely caused by a laser. There are handheld ones that can go through things and could cause what I am seeing. Plus I could constantly see, little red flashes of light, eg. Like when you use one of those pointer things.

Some of the handheld models that I have read about are now powerful enough to be carried around and do stuff like this.

On another site I found one for under a thousand that does about the same or similar to the one described above.

posted on Jan, 20 2007 @ 03:37 AM

Originally posted by Harassment101
The foil was placed under the bed, and it really makes you feel like you are on a grill even more, so that was discarded relatively quickly.

There is also a study by a University that also confirms what I have discovered, that this foil concept does not work and it does just the opposite.

ouch. goes to show one should never extrapolate from wrapped cellphones to shielding applications. i slightly regret giving that advice even though i feared that something like this might happen, the problem is that reliable grounding is probably not available (the wiring in your home is most likely rigged anyway).

take a look at the following semi-funny site, under 'conclusions' they say:

The helmets amplify frequency bands that coincide with those allocated to the US government between 1.2 Ghz and 1.4 Ghz. According to the FCC, These bands are supposedly reserved for ''radio location'' (ie, GPS), and other communications with satellites (see, for example, [3]). The 2.6 Ghz band coincides with mobile phone technology. Though not affiliated by government, these bands are at the hands of multinational corporations.
It requires no stretch of the imagination to conclude that the current helmet craze is likely to have been propagated by the Government, possibly with the involvement of the FCC. We hope this report will encourage the paranoid community to develop improved helmet designs to avoid falling prey to these shortcomings.

at least your experience confirms what's going on, although i sincerely hope you didn't get toasted too hard

posted on Jan, 22 2007 @ 12:11 AM
Hi Long Lance.

the problem is that reliable grounding is probably not available (the wiring in your home is most likely rigged


Do you want to know what the real problem is?

I have people that I don't know, that have taken it into their small pea sized brains, to harass and gang stalk me. To break into my apartment and cut holes into clothing that i paid a great deal of money for.

The problem is that we have community policing that should in many regards be called vigilante policing.

The problem is we have people in the world that are sexist, racist, don't like people that are outspoken, and are willing to make up lies about people, just to ruin their lives.

The problem is we have these new found weapons in society that are just running wild, that you don't need a licence for or anything.

The problem is there are inhumane people, who would use something like a hand held laser to burn a hole into someones back, that they don't know, that can't see them, but can be harmed by them. If rapist could have such anonymity, they would be in bliss. It's disgusting.

The problem is we also have law enforcement who don't give a damn, and as long as these people make there donut eating lives better and easier, will continue to not give a damn.

Those are the problems as far as I can see.

at least your experience confirms what's going on, although i sincerely hope you didn't get toasted too hard

I don't know what these F*#$@* have done. All I know is these are the same type of people you see in church one minute, then they go to Iraq and they are gang raping teenage girls, and killing their families, then murdering them in their homes.

All I know is that this is what is wrong with society.

All I know is these creatures are sick, they should be in jail, instead they have branded themselves the saviour of society, and they are going to judge who is and is not fit. They are going to meet out justice, on someone like me?

These people should not be casting stones, maybe getting stoned. These are as far as I am concerned, the Paul Bernardo's and Carla Homolka's of the world.

They have ok appearances on the outside, the hi how's it going? Do you want that coffee now? How are the kids, on the one hand, and then they are off with the white sheets, and the burning crosses on the other.

If they are not off with the white sheets, they are getting the ovens ready for those they do not think are fit to live amongst them. Then they are off to the glittering parties to migle with each other and talk about what a good job they are doing in their societies and countries, just like the Nazi's did.

If it's not the white sheets, or the ovens, then it's getting the rope ready so they can lynch someone.

If they are not doing any of the above, then they are getting the sticks ready, so they can set on fire all those outspoken in their minds that, surly must be evil, when what they really need is a mirror so they can really see what evil looks like.

What was done is unspeakable, but to witness evil like this in my own time was good to see, to see the heart of darkness of these creatures. To see their willingness to lie, to see the depraved depths that they are willing to do to.

The inhumanity that they are willing to inflict on another human being, this time there will be no lashes that society can see, just burn them repeatedly, but no trace that can be recorded, or very limited traces.

Make them ill, kill them slowly, but do it behind our new hoods for this time period, so that we can be anonymous like always.

Rape, devastate and hate, but do it at a distance so you can deny responsibility for your actions.

Kill and destroy, and you will never get the blame. Watch the bodies pile up, and you never have to take responsibility, and no one will ever hold you accountable for your actions, worst this time there will be no body count.

These people are monsters, and because they don't have their hoods on this time, because they are not wearing their puritan clothes, or their nazi swastika's, no one is seeing the danger.

Because the bodies this time around are being pushed to the end of the cliff, and jumping of their own accord, no one is recording the murders and the killings that these people are committing.

Because the rest are being locked up, put in institutions, made homeless and destitute, there will be no real facts of figures, for the crimes they are committing.

The murders they drive people to commit will also not be recorded, so we will never know the hell and the horrors that they put these people through, the emotional rapes that striped these people of their souls, till they could go out and take other lives including their own.

I don't really need articles or the government on a white horse to come out validate what I have experienced. I can do that for myself just fine.

I have seen the heart of darkness, they hid behind walls, instead of sheets and hoods.

They violated, humiliated and degraded just like any rapist, but they didn't leave a trace so at least you could have some evidence to convict your oppressors.

They striped and tried to break down, what had taken a life time to build up. Just like any jailer sadistic jailer playing with his prisoners, who have no way out, because those in authority are fully in league with the cruelties being carried out.

What I have seen over the last few months in my own life, and in the life of others I have no doubt is the new holocaust for out time, but the bodies will not be counted, the horrors will not be recorded, and the actions will not be condemned.

A Silent insidious insanity that creeps and kills, that violates and destroys, but leave no trace. Except for the testimonies of the targets left standing, the world will likely never understand the things that really happened.

[edit on 22-1-2007 by Harassment101]

posted on Jan, 22 2007 @ 12:51 AM
Remorseless, decrepit, dank, dark, destroyers, with no conscience and zero empathy to speak of. These are the ones that are running society, and coming soon to a good neighbourhood watch near you. They should be on trial for their crimes, just like any Nazi, but until the laws catch up, or some other form of Karmic justice, then it will just be the words of their targets that are left to tell the tail. These inhumane creatures that crawl throughout society like nobel pillars, they are like sepulchre that look good on the outside, but are something quite different on the inside. These same ones are the violators of children, woman, the under-classed and underprivileged, and as long as they think they can get away with something they will. They lack remorse and are incapable of showing sorrow for any wrongs they have committed.

That's what's really wrong, and that has nothing to do with grounding.

I think these videos speak very well for the target experience.





posted on Jan, 23 2007 @ 08:32 PM
Buck up, H101!

No one is getting away with anything!

God is allowing such injustices for now so that he may reward the deserving. Just make sure that you are in God's will and all will work together for good.

These scum-sucking filth will receive an enternity of judgement that will make our suffering pale by comparison. Only those who seek to fool the faithful have worse to look forward to.

Continue to try as many different things as you can think of to combat the attacks on you, always learning all you can in the process. Prayer and patience are your best weapons, always.

posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 12:59 AM
Hi Harassment101... I hope you are still checking in on this thread...

Can you tell us specifically what evidence you found that you were being audio and video recorded in your home, and also your computer being remote accessed?

You also mentioned you posted proof on another ewebsite but it got deleted. Can you please tell us what that proof was?


posted on Mar, 8 2007 @ 11:50 AM
This is
ing crazy.

The only thing I can think of is people who have seen way too many spy movies, and are doing this to other people. I know when I was in HS (freshman), I tailed a guy, for a couple of hours, after watching a movie like it. I just wanted to see if I could do it. But these guys have taken that too a sickening extreme.

Does anyone know why, and how they choose their victims. Is this a race thing. A just to be cruel thing?The voice of the woman in the car video sounds like this reporter I watched a couple of videos of from the UK.

posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 12:41 PM
Hi resistor.

Yeah I will keep that chin up. I have just finished moving to my new location. I had about one day of peace and quite, before the fun could begin.

Hi craig732.

I had specific things that I had done, or said in my home repeated back to me. Very specific things.

Oh the proof was just of online stalking. The stalker had made a reference to a website that I owned, one that at the time, I had not mentioned to anyone. They could not have known about it any other way.

When i pointed this out in the thread, I went back to my in box on the specific forum, only to find the emails deleted. This happened within seconds of my pointing this out in the thread.

The only ones who could have done this were either admins on that forum, or someone with access to my inbox and my passwords. I don't share my passwords with anyone.

Hi Royal76

This is not over zealous yahoo. I wish it was. This is our community based policing program.

I apparently have been followed or spied on for years, but had no idea. It's only since looking back on things in my life that I am am going oh my gosh, this goes back further than I though.

We are talking at least 8-10 years if not longer.

What I have been able to find out.

I was being harassed at work and anytime that I took action on that harassment, wither it was going to HR or anything else, the harassment outside of work would get worst.

The bank job with CIBC was not the first time that I had been harassed, but it was the first time that I had actively decided to do something about it.

At some point in the course of this, I realized that people around me were specifically going the same actions and activities, to get a reaction out of me or to irritate me.

I also online noticed things, which lead me to believe that I was being monitored. I had no proof, so I just waited and tried to get proof.

-July 2006. I found out that that specific things that I was saying and doing were being recorded/observed in my home.

This was confirmed by what's called directed conversations. On the street and in the work environment. (very specific stuff.)

-I realised at some point June I was being followed. The stalkers were so bad at it, I finally noticed. However I thought it was just one or two people. Cause it happened a few times. However I just ignored it.

At some point in that time, I had opened up my harassment forum and was looking for more info and articles. I found a link to gang stalking, and read it.

I was shocked, the stuff described, was what had been happening to me, but I had no words to articulate it or anything like that.

It also mentioned being followed around. I didn't think I was being followed around all the time, but I decided to test it out.

I was shocked to discover, that from one end of the city to the next, on the train, street level, through the mall underground, in apartment buildings, through allies, etc. I was being followed. I tested this for about 3-4 days straight, before they caught on. I was in total shock.

I thought it was pretty coordinated the harassment that was happening, but I always thought it was just jerks from work, and their friends doing it, and them getting their friends to do it.

Someone had mentioned something about a conspiracy against me, months before, but I just laughed it off and thought they were being unhelpful, and trying to make me all paranoid. Not the case.

So then at work, it was even worst. Once they caught on to the fact that I knew, I was followed inside and everywhere I went in that stupid building.

I had no idea what the hell was going on. The gang stalking sites, all said these were vigilante groups that were operating outside of the law and that the police however would not help.

This made no sense.

I took the next 6-8 months to do my own research. I had the money to take the time away from the job, and the working world, so I did just that, so that I could figure out, how the hell this could be happening inside of a democratic society.

Was this only happening to a few people, who is behind it. How can I stop it.

For the first few months, I was still going down the illegal vigilante group trail, then I began to rethink everything.

Keep in mind this was shocking and oh so shocking. Oh and then during July was when I also discovered that my neighbours on three sides of me, and most of the people in my apartment building were aware of what was going on, and the people above me, and beside me had been spying on me.

They started to do this thing, where they would make this drilling noise into the floor, no matter which room I went to, to let me know they knew where in my apartment I was.

I would still hear stuff in public, about stuff that was happening in my home, the few times I had to go out in public, which I did very little at the time.

It was too weird. I had to figure out how I was being tracked and why.

Keep in mind that my family somehow were a part of whatever was going on, and they were helping with my betrayal.

This was shocking. I ran a small business on the side at the time, and I more or less confirmed that they had been contacted, and in fact, people were trying to get them to leave my services.

It was a lot to handle all at once. Which is why it was good that I had the money to take the time to do the research. I had to figure out what the hell was going on.

posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 01:22 PM
So the saga continued. My neighbours would keep me awake all night with banging on the floors, drilling noises, etc. It was great that I was taking the time off to do research, because I would have just been too physically tired at the time to do my job. Plus I need to understand what was happening.

Oh and every room that I went to, not just the room, but the spot in the room where I was they knew. I started looking for bugs, wires, anything. I found nothing. However in doing research I would later discover that a lot of the monitoring that they are doing is external.

They use stuff like sensors in the home. Sensors that can work from the other apartments. So when I walk someplace it trips it, and they can see where I am. Most likely laser sensors and other sorts. They had sensors in the bathroom, attached to the sound of water. Eg. You trip the sensor and it makes a noise, it can be the sound of birds, water, whatever. Once I figured this out it was fun, but for months. I would wonder how they knew each time I went to the bathroom, or took a shower, things like that.

It was freaky, and a complete invasion of privacy. It's completely violating, but that's the idea. It's meant to violate you, and make you feel like this animal in a cage, with no privacy.

During this time is also when the electronic harassment started. They would use stuff, to make my body feel like it was on fire. Eg. I would literally be there trying to sleep and my legs would feel like they were on fire, or my sides, or my internal organs. It's like this youtube video that I saw with a pin in a metal room, and they burn it with these electronic
weapons, and it starts trying to get out of the beam, but it can't, and you see it almost jump out of the barrier in the room, but there is no place to go. Very fun stuff.

I would during this time, start a site about gang stalking, and post on forums like this one, to try to link in with other targets and trying to get the answers that I needed.

It was about 2-3 months of this, and then a couple of trips downtown, where I noticed that they are signalling to each other.

They were using this one handed sign language to communicate, some would also get calls on their cell phones. Eg. I was on the train once and it stopped at one of those open stations, then three cell phone or more rang at the same time. The three people closest to me, had the almost exact phone conversation, and I'm going, what? Then I noticed the signalling.

I would later see the same thing being used at futureshop, best buy, etc. I realised that this could not be illegal gangs doing this, it had to be something state sponsored. So then I put together the thread, what if everything you thought you knew about gang stalking was wrong?

That's when I started getting information about Cointelpro and the things that happened during that time, and that this was most likely a form of Cointelpro. Why the hell I would be targeted however is beyond me.

I was a student leader in College, I was active, but not political. I put on events, but nothing that would catch the governments eyes. However I did in time learn that the government had agents on Canadian campuses between 1914-1997, they started files on 800,000 Canadians, and you don't have to have been anyone extremely special for a file to have been started.

In doing my research, I thought my harassment had started at a former job. Rogers cable. That's however when I became aware of my harassment. I realise now that this was probably going on well before this time period.

In doing my research, I noticed that there were snitches, workers, young old, etc taking part in this. I had to find something that explained this. I did nights of research, which turned into days, and finally one day, I discovered these community based policing programs. They are in most major cities of the world, most people are taking part in them and they
are used to be an extra set of eyes and ears. I have also found articles that talk about the spying aspect that I am seeing and how harassing some of these programs can be. Plus I have found the articles that link, the government, police, corporations, citizens, private companies, snitches, etc, in one big happy union.

Then around November of last year is when the real fun began. I came home from grocery shopping to the stench of paint and vibrating floors. More specifically I was vibrating, where I sat or would lie down.

I had no idea and ofcourse the mention of something like that would be crazy sounding. Fortunately someone wrote in to tell me that it was probably transducers below the dry wall. These things are used to measure vibrations, and I have read that they can be used so accurately, that they in a room of several people can tell who is walking across the floor. I assume that is being used to track me.

It's also being used to cause electrical burns to my body and other symptoms. I moved to the new apartment and had about one days rest without this, only to come back from work to the smell of paint and vibrations again.

Also when I walk to different rooms around my apartment, you can hear the banging, which corresponds to my movements.

I have tried the police. I explained that it was the community based policing and that I was being stalked, had apartment breaking, letters taken, clothing damaged and that I am being followed all around the place. I feel it safe to say going to the police made my situation worst. Just like other targets warned me it would. The police are not your friend when it comes to gang stalking. Then they wonder why they are so loved.

Since starting my new job, I can tell you in an office of about 50-60 people, small office. Everyone that I have met so far, I have not met all 60 yet but the ones that I have met, are all taking part in this program. On the train, in the food eateries, it's all one big ass Statsi ville.

posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 01:25 PM
Now I am going to go out and guess that it has to be the government doing this. It's not some vigilante citizens, getting my new employers to corporate with keeping an eye on me, and yes they do that. I understand enough Stasi speak, (the one handed sign language to see that is what they are doing.) Even without this, I tell by the times I am followed into the bathroom, and around the place where I work.

It's also not some illegal vigilante group, getting the corporation of my landlords and former friends and relatives to take part in this.

So if the government is interested in my, it has to be Cointelpro again, and I can say that I probably fit the profile. If I did not before I sure do now. I can say that CIBC was trying to use this to destroy me, (not an exaduration.) Anytime I went to H/R about the workplace harassment or the Human Rights commission. In fact it's when I finally went and filed with the commission that I noticed the stalking around town. I am sure it was happening before, but it's like it intensified.

What I do know now, is a lot of the mobbing that is happening in workplaces probably link back directly to this new spy culture. The ones who are a part of this, take great pleasure in mobbing out the ones not a part of this. They will mob you our of your homes and communities.

These people are our average citizens, who think that they are protecting the city, but they are destroying people. They are driving people to their suicides, the mass homicide of others. They are causing people to be falsely jailed, and institutionalised.

Because this seems to be State sanctioned there is very little mind or conscience behind this and so the harassment continues. Places like Amnesty International and other Human Watch organizations are doing nothing to stop this.

Since going back out into the workforce, I realise this is happening to more people than I realise, and more people are taking part in this than I realised. Some do not want to, others are more than happy to. This is the first time they have felt connected to something or important and it's what they like doing.

Much like Cointelpro which their is a resolution to have the hearings reopened for, this is not going to end, just like it did not end with the church committee hearings. Church lost his re-election campaign cause of this, and Cynthia McKinney also.

I know that society is all too willing and ready to let this cruelty happen. I know that the homeless are being removed from much of society and that community based policing is based on a communist system and these kinds of things are common when these systems are coming into place.

I have learnt all this, but I have still not learnt how to get myself out of this, if it's even possible and if I even want to. Because I know I would rather be on this side of the fence than the other mindless side, which is leading people to their deaths and destruction.

So that's where I am, and to answer your question, if you are a part of the community based policing, then that two seconds of watching someone that you do, which means nothing to you and you view as harmless, could be just two seconds of the long 24 hr day of their harassment.

posted on Mar, 21 2007 @ 07:56 PM

Originally posted by craig732
Can you tell us specifically what evidence you found that you were being audio and video recorded in your home, and also your computer being remote accessed?

You also mentioned you posted proof on another website but it got deleted. Can you please tell us what that proof was?


Hi again Harrassment101... thank you for answering my questions.

So basically the answer is you have no proof... by proof I meant physical evidence that you could show another person, such as a recording of an incident of this harassment, a device found in your home, etc.

Please indulge me as I relate to you my experience with gang stalking and harassment:

I work part-time for a private investigator. We get several calls a month from persons who believe someone is stalking them, gang stalking them, planting devices in their homes or apartments, following them, sending noise or radiation or some other transmission into their apartment, etc.

We do not accept all of these cases, mostly because we feel bad about taking people’s money when we don’t believe them. The reason we don’t believe them is that every time we have accepted a case like this (we have accepted approximately 50 in the last 3 years), we have never been able to substantiate the claims made by the person.

And every time we were unable to substantiate the claims the response from the client was the same... the stalkers knew a private investigator had been hired and stopped the harassment, only to start it up again after the investigation was finished.

Since many of these people would come back to us time and time again, my boss and I decided to do something very illegal... on several of our “regular” customers we left video and audio recording devices behind in their house or apartment without their knowledge. These are small wireless devices that are hooked to a power source in the apartment, usually behind a light switch cover. They are capable of transmitting video and audio about 500 feet. We would plant these devices during one of our sweeps for electronic surveillance of the person's residence (part of our sweep includes removing all light switch and electric outlet covers to look for spying devices). We did this on 12 occasions.

Once we were done with that person’s case, we would then park a company car a block away with a DVR (digital video recorder) that would record the video from the transmitter in the apartment. The recorder was powered by the car’s battery with a power inverter. The car battery would last about 30 hours with this device on, so we would visit the car once a day to start the engine and recharge the car battery.

Each time we did this we left the car and recording device in place for 2 weeks. At the end of the 2 week period we would contact the client again and ask if they had been harassed in the last 2 weeks since we finished our investigation. Not surprisingly, every one of them told us that as soon as the stalkers knew we were off the case they started their harassment again.

We would tell the client that we were willing to provide free services for them to help catch the stalkers if they would write down every bit of harassment that occurred in their homes for the previous 2 weeks, including the dates and approximate times of the harassment. Once we had their list, we would tell them what we did and present to them the DVR with the recordings of their apartment from the last 2 weeks.

Only one of the people we did this to got upset when we told them we had recorded them for 2 weeks without their knowledge and consent. The other 11 people were very happy and excited. Finally they would have their proof to show others that they were not crazy and this was really happening to them.

So imagine the reactions when we sat for several hours with them and showed them the video, and every time they claim they were being harassed by banging, drilling, noise, flashing lights, etc… all things that would have turned up on the video… there was nothing on the video showing any of these things happened. On several of the recordings that the client could be seen in the video during these times, they were either sitting or standing staring into space as if they were in a trance. On several others, the clients could be seen or heard interacting with the noise or harassers, but they were the only ones on the recording making any noise.

Of the 11 people that we reviewed videos with, 9 of them accused us of being “in on it” and doctoring the videos to make them look crazy.

The other two people both had similar reactions to one another: they had a good cry, finally realizing they were imagining all of this. Those 2 people we helped get in touch with doctors that could help them. They both were diagnosed with schizophrenia and placed on medication. They both fully recovered and we stay in touch with both of them; they are still doing well.

Sorry about the long post… just wanted to share my first-hand experience with gang stalking. Just in case anyone was wondering about the one person who freaked out about us illegally recording her…

She called the police and filed a complaint against us. We did receive a call from NYPD detectives. They told us about the woman’s complaint and told us we should be careful of dealing with her; she has a history of reporting people to the police for spying on her. We felt really bad about this woman in particular, because in the event she really does need help from the police they will not believe her.

If gang stalking is a real thing, SOMEONE out there should have some type of proof of it happening but I have seen none. So I offer to anyone in the NYC area that feels they are a victem of gang stalking 5 hours of free investigation services to help either prove or disprove that you are being gang stalked. U2U me for more info.

[edit on 21-3-2007 by craig732]

posted on Mar, 22 2007 @ 09:03 AM
I never said that I do not have anything recorded that you could not listen to etc. I just never said I did. I think what I have found on forums is that people try to find out what you can and can not proove.

I think I can proove some stuff, again however I think it goes back to for those who will believe no proof is needed and for those who can not then no proof will be enough.

What I can tell you is that these community based programs are running, I think I have enough evidence for that. They are affecting more people than I realised. I can tell you that our citizens are cordinated somewhat and being used as the eyes and the ears of the State. I can tell you that I am being followed around and that I at this stage am sure of what I speak.

I can tell you that Cointelpro never stopped. I also don't feel a need to proove this, since there are enough people voicing this and there are efforts to try to get the investigations opened again.

What I have is enough for me, and it might be enough for some others. I think I am good. Gang Stalking, Cointelpro 2, organised stalking, covert war, whatever you want to call it is alive and well.

What I do know is that another private detective that allegedy was a part of this wrote a book called Terrorist Stalking in America, and he left everyone with the impression that it was these illegal vigilante groups working outside of the law to do this to people.

Either he was the worst detective on the planet, or he was a government disinfo agent. It does not take long to see what is being used and what is behind gang stalking. Just like with Cointelpro you give enough truth with lies to make it sound believable. So this David Lawson seems to have been where the illegal vigilante gang myth started. All that is really happening is that Cointelpro 2 is using our fellow citizens to help with the stalking and monitoring of people. In many of the cases it seems that they start these investigations, and then they do the Cointelpro stuff, while the Suburban Spies do gas lighting tactics to their fellow citizens. Gang Stalking is a term that was never necessary, but the new Cointelpro has many features that the old Cointelpro never had.





I have had enough interaction with the Suburban Spies to know that I am correct in what I am talking about.

What I have been able to find out is there is some kind of allegid investigation, my current employer and co-workers are being used to assist in this.

My currently landlord and former the same. My former relatives and friends were contacted the same way and used the same way.

Also people that I do business with, the same thing. Just like with Cointelpro.

The existance of the Suburban Spy force I have been able to confirm with lawyers and the police, either directly or indirectly. The new eyes and ears of the State. I can also show you articles about the community spies if you would like. But as a private detective if an average citizen like me can figure this out, why can't you? 38955

I don't feel a real need for a allegid detective to come and tell me that this does not exist. You can't tell me this does not exist anymore than you can say Cointelpro did not exist. Or covert war is not ongoing.

Covert War - 1: the never-ending BOGUS investigation used as an excuse to obtain court orders to wiretap phones, bug homes, cars, and use any and all manner of electronic surveillance and harassment devices 2: the use of agents, informants, infiltrators, and provocateurs by any agency, organization, group, or gang to conspire against and violate the constitutional rights of any individuals, organization, or business 3: illegal, unlawful, immoral, disgusting secret actions taken by governments or big business to subdue dissent 4: the unconstitutional deployment of all manner of electronic instruments to violate the right of privacy, safety, and liberty of the people 5: the use of chemicals, drugs, and electronic weapons to harass, injure, maim, kill, and other wise nullify citizens who disagree with politics as usual 6: the land grab conspiracy by governments and multinational corporations 7: the simple plan to deny legitimate water rights to those who own them 8: the global conspiracy by corporations, governments and those who co-operate with them to enslave all of humanity
9: systematic stalking, harassment, and impoverishment of whistleblowers

The investigation never ends and people like Joel who are part of the gang stalking community were some of the first to be tipped off from friends about his investigation, he was later able to confirm it and then he has spent the last 3-4 years trying to get his Freedom of information records. He has been able to confirm the investigation, but not lot of details about who started it and why, just that there is one.

The same thing is happening to activists and dissidents.

I don't know that I believe you about the video tapes of these people. I have seen too many times where you have a coordinated effort with the community, and too many times where people in positions of authority do things they should not do and make up lies.

We have seen the world go through Mccarthiysm, and Cointelpro, we have articles from years ago warning us of the new McCarthyism and the new Cointelpro and no one listens or takes it seriously.

We have seen in past times where citizens pull stuff like this on other citizens, most recently in WWII, anyone who did not want to become a part of that war, had similar little tactics pulled on them.

Also you have a few peoople talking about this stuff, to the extent that the government will allow them to anyways.

Plus a merriad of articles and other research which is listed at sites like

posted on Mar, 22 2007 @ 10:50 AM

Originally posted by Harassment101
I never said that I do not have anything recorded that you could not listen to etc. I just never said I did. I think what I have found on forums is that people try to find out what you can and can not proove.

I think I can proove some stuff, again however I think it goes back to for those who will believe no proof is needed and for those who can not then no proof will be enough.

I never meant to imply that you said you had recorded proof; My apologies if it sounded like I said that. I was asking if you did have that type of proof.

I am one of those people that currently do not believe, however, your statement that “no proof will be enough” is not true in my case. I am open to the possibility this may be real.

I only require a very small amount of proof. Lets say several video recordings of harassment, or even producing one device that has been found in your apartment that had been used to spy on you in your apartment. Actually, I would accept ANY physical evidence from anyone. I have been researching this topic for close to 5 years now. I have been unable to locate any proof. Maybe I am just a bad investigator.

I WANT to find proof. I can make a ton of money if I can uncover evidence of this happening. Unfortunately I have not been able to find any proof and no one has been able to provide me with any proof.

I am willing to accept that there is a possibility this is real if someone shows me some evidence… are you willing to accept the possibility that this may be schizophrenia based on the evidence of many documented case studies of the reported harrassment stopping once the person was treated for schizophrenia?

From Wikipedia:

Schizophrenia is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by impairments in the perception or expression of reality and by significant social or occupational dysfunction. A person experiencing schizophrenia is typically characterized as demonstrating disorganized thinking, and as experiencing delusions or hallucinations, in particular auditory hallucinations.

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posted on Mar, 22 2007 @ 11:20 AM

I only require a very small amount of proof. Lets say several video recordings of harassment, or even producing one device that has been found in your apartment that had been used to spy on you in your apartment. Actually, I would accept ANY physical evidence from anyone. I have been researching this topic for close to 5 years now. I have been unable to locate any proof. Maybe I am just a bad investigator.

I WANT to find proof. I can make a ton of money if I can uncover evidence of this happening. Unfortunately I have not been able to find any proof and no one has been able to provide me with any proof.

Can you seriously tell me what proof you need that community based policing is happening? If I am an average person and I can do research, not even offline, primarily online, except for the few times that I had to make calls or touch base with others to find that this was correct?

Talk to lawyers, police, crisis centers, like I had to do to confirm stuff.
What proof do you need for Cointelpro or the fact that it is happening again?

Now put them together. That's all you need. I also never said that the monitoring was happening from inside.

The audio from the research that I did can be done outside. There are so many divises that will let you listen from outside. Eg. Lasers that can be beamed at a window, they collects all the audio inside a room and then bounce it back and you can then hear the stuff in a room, without having to be there.

There is stuff that let's you listen through walls, not that our apartments were not thin enough.

There are also sensors that let you monitor through the walls, and in my case everything points to between Nov and when I moved that they were most likely using transducers to monitor which room I am in. So realistically if I can be average citizen and find this out, why can't you, with your many years of detective work? Seems interesting.

Anyways. Most of the monitoring will be done externally, that does not mean that targets can not get proof of other things. They will enter apartments to steal or move things around and that is when you can record them.

Or they will make noise and that is when you can get them. Or when being followed, just do what the owner of did. There are ways to get proof. Again however there are many people online that are part of these community based policing programs, in my city if I go with what I am seeing on the trains, I would say we have over 80% taking part.

The office that I work in now, everyone is a part of the community based policing, we are on alert apartmently.

So why don't you tell me what you know about the community based programs, as a detective you must have come across them right, with your many years of investigative work. You must know that people are now being used as the eyes and the ears of the state right?

You know that the T.I.P.S. program did not really stop, but just took on other forms and that probably have more spies per capita than the former East Germany did right?

You know what Cointelpro is right? You know that the government has been illegally spying on, and doing illegal things to incriminate people for years right? Maybe you just didn't realise that this did not end back in 1972 with the church commitee. Well let me tell you that it did not, and that the modern form has the targets under investigation for whatever they want to make up. Corporations can and they do open these investigations on people, as far as I can see to shut them up. These investigations can go on for years. The state is also using this on the activists and the dissidents.

We have people on the run because of this. Primarily the minority population, woman, activist, dissidents are being targeted again. The same as it ever was.

A person experiencing schizophrenia is typically characterized as demonstrating disorganized thinking, and as experiencing delusions or hallucinations, in particular auditory hallucinations.

Also what does this have to do with anything posted in the above thread? This is an open mind all right, if you want to talk about schizophrenia, I am going to ask you to find another post to do it in. Stay on topic. This is the community based policing program. They are using gaslighting tactics to mess with the targets of this harassment, pure and simple period.


How To Drive Your Enemies Crazy
by Victor Santoro
You know what's wrong with the world? Too many assholes and not enough ways to get even! If your boss is bearing down or your next door neighbor's annoying, whatcha gonna do? If you retaliate, it could cost you your job or land you in jail.
Now there's a safe, effective way for you to get even without putting yourself in any danger. It's called "gaslighting ," and it's guaranteed to turn your target's life upside down.
"Gaslighting " means to drive someone crazy. It comes from the 1944 film Gaslight, in which a husband convinces his wife she's losing her mind. Gaslighting is the most potent form of psychological warfare you can use without a license.
In Gaslighting : How To Drive Your Enemies Crazy, Victor Santoro (The "Godfather of Harassment") shows you how to destroy your target's confidence, self-esteem and reputation. Through a series of small incidents, your target gets progressively more confused, until he's "reduced to a shapeless mass of shivering, quivering jelly." Some of the tactics covered include:
*Collecting information on your target
*Preparing for a gaslighting attack
*Creating tension, anxiety and sleeplessness
*Messing with your target's car, telephone and mail
*Gaslighting at your target's workplace and home
*Turning neighbors and co-workers against the target
*Covering your tracks *And much more.
Gaslighting will show you how to cause disorientation, get your target off balance, and build up his paranoia. Finally, you completely annihilate his reputation, leading to personal disasters such as job loss, divorce, financial devastation ­p; even jail.
If you've been mistreated, you don't have to take it and you don't have to fight back. There is a third route ­p; Gaslighting ­p; WHERE YOU WATCH AS YOUR ENEMY SLOWLY SCREWS HIMSELF!

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posted on Mar, 22 2007 @ 11:40 AM
You want proof, get it yourself like the rest of us had to do. However having been at this long enough now, I am going to say you don't have it cause you don't want it.

If it took me 6 months to find out about the community based policing programs and that our citizens have become the eyes and the ears of society, and you are going to tell me that you are not aware of this? Not much of a detective.

It's like when I confirmed these programs with head quarters only to go back to my community cop for my division to have him deny the existence of these programs. Then try to pass off the people that had come to him complaining about the same sort of stalking as paranoid, so he could cover for these programs.

It's disgusting. The old trick is to have the disinformation leeches cover up for these programs by putting out disinformation info. Eg. A whole entire book to make targets think that this is illegal vigilante groups doing the harassment and not the government. They do the same stuff on every forum.

Oh you are all crazy, then the moment you know enough about their civilian spy programs and can discuss them credibly, they either shut up, or the threads get closed and mysteriously removed. Cointelpro has enough lame dis-info agents to choke a waste dump, and it just keeps getting worst and worst.

The people that are part of these programs can usually not discuss them, but then you have the dis-info agents, or the naive will try to make people talking about these programs, look like they don't know what they are talking about.

Most of these targets are very clear headed and very precise, then you have the few others who might really be a little off, or they might be disinfo agents. What I have been able to find out is that some people that are suppose to be running sites for this stuff, have in one form or another been compromised, or were always primed to help with this stuff. So you are not posting anything new here, in fact I think I can direct you to a thread that was started around the same time that I started this one.

Cointelpro 2 lives, and it's more alive and well than it's ever been, now all we have in addition to this is our fellow citizens following people around and playing lame spy games. The things that they do are designed specifically to provoke targets, and to make them look crazy, so that they can facilitate their arrests, institutionalizations, or job loss. It's no different now than it was then, new players, same game, same rules, some new methods mixed in with the old, and the same devastating results. Same goals too, prevent the rise of any messiahs, especially those black ones that could electrify the masses.

They will also go through almost the same lengths to do so, the only reason it's coming to light again now, is because since 9/11 they have stepped up this bs and they are now including enough people into this garbage so that more voices are being heard, on top of that, this generation unlike others has the Internet, and have been able to connect and share their stories, and have been able to find similar tactics and methods, that can be used to stop these attacks and cut down on the harassment.

posted on Mar, 22 2007 @ 02:17 PM

Originally posted by Harassment101
Also what does this have to do with anything posted in the above thread? This is an open mind all right, if you want to talk about schizophrenia, I am going to ask you to find another post to do it in. Stay on topic. This is the community based policing program.

I thought the topic was gang stalking, not community based policing. I was pointing out the possibility that the claims made by victims of gang stalking could be attributed to schizophrenia.

Originally posted by Harassment101

Can you seriously tell me what proof you need that community based policing is happening?

I don’t need any additional proof; I am in full agreement with you that community based policing is happening. There is an overabundance of physical evidence showing community based policing so I have no trouble whatsoever seeing it and believing it.

Originally posted by Harassment101
They will enter apartments to steal or move things around and that is when you can record them.

Or they will make noise and that is when you can get them. Or when being followed, just do what the owner of did. There are ways to get proof.

So by your own statements you say there are ways to get proof… physical evidence that you could show to another person to convince them you are being gang stalked. Why can’t we see it?

On the website you mention there is one video of “proof”. I encourage everyone to watch it. Is that the only video the website can come up with to prove gang stalking is a reality? One video? It was not very convincing… looked like either the kid on the bike or the people in the white car could have been drug dealers. They certainly weren't doing anything to harass the woman.

posted on Mar, 22 2007 @ 03:26 PM

I thought the topic was gang stalking, not community based policing.

Good then if you know about the program then you know that there are people that are being used to be an extra set of eyes and ears. These people and their cordinated community efforts are what the targets are expirincing.

Sometimes they do slip up and they do leave proof behind. Other targets have gotten people on tape also. Some are deciding if they should youtube it or not.

I don’t need any additional proof; I am in full agreement with you that community based policing is happening.

Good. I am telling that these efforts or cordination within are being used. In my city that is happening.

Why can’t we see it?

You are the detective. I will leave it up to you to answer your own questions. The truth is out there. If you want or need something from me, you won't get it before anyone else does.

On the website you mention there is one video of “proof”. I encourage everyone to watch it. Is that the only video the website can come up with to prove gang stalking is a reality?

She could do more videos, we all can, but the people we reach are often the people who except what is happening.

They certainly weren't doing anything to harass the woman.
So says the trained detective, that is why you have not found any evidence.

They could have been selling drugs, but just she says with the voice over, they are watching and observing her. As a gang stalking target, the only thing missing is she is not close enough in the video to record the one handed directional signals that they use to cordinate their efforts.

Eg. How do participants communicate

Communicate happens in a number of ways. When on the street or in cars patrolling, they use baseball or Stasi like signals.

These include things like grasping the nose between the thump and forfinger, pointing using the finger and noise for directional signal, rubbing the eyes, watch out target is coming, or touching each corner of the eyes, brushing back the hair 3 times, the infamous double blink to say I know, strocking the side of the chin, pretending to yawn to begin communications, etc.

These are some of the signals our spy force use in the city where I am, and I suspect it's a universal language for signalling, that many also used in their country.

It may be based on a one handed sign language that the police use called Talking hands to communicate. There is however a one handed sign language being used amounst them to communicate with each other.

Here is a list of Stasi signals that the East German Army use to use. Stasi secret police.


1. Watch out! Subject is coming - touch nose with hand or handkerchief

2. Subject is moving on, going further, or overtaking - stroke hair with hand, or raise hat briefly

3. Subject standing still - lay one hand against back, or on stomach

4. Observing Agent wishes to terminate observation because cover threatened - bend and retie shoelaces

5. Subject returning - both hands against back, or on stomach

6. Observing Agent wishes to speak with Team Leader or other Observing Agents - take out briefcase or equivalent and examine contents.

Here is one gang stalking video with the voice over.

Remember it's the community doing this and so they do work just like this. The guy on the bike has the military gear on, he is probably what I call the look out or the spotter. They will stick around and confirm that the trget has left the location.

Ah and the dog walk, I was shocked that we did not have anyone in the baby carriage in this video. I don't think she was able to cature any signaling, but I have not watched this again in a long time.

posted on May, 27 2007 @ 05:03 AM
i think one of the keys to solving a problem is understanding the underlying causes, or in this case, _their_ motivation.

if we were able to gather several witnesses we might just be able to discern a pattern of targetting which in turn could reveal motives with reasonable accuracy.

until then i can only speculate, so i will start with the 'test phase' model:

if we assume that the NWO is very old but only slowly creeping into power, development of techniques could preceed their intended widespread use by several decades.

there are several fringe texts, like the 'Protocols of Zion' or 'Iron Mountain' (See video link at ) which are so bizarre that they almost have to be considered a hoax. a closer look reveals, that many events in these text have come true, however, so the only remaining question is whether they were actually written by unknown conspirators OR if they're simply internet-age hoaxes which were pre-dated to the early 1900s and 1960s, respectively.

could 'gangstalking' ie. organized harassment currently be undergoing its 'beta testing' and if so, what are the lessons that could be learned?

posted on May, 27 2007 @ 04:33 PM
The only thing that I can find so far for the targets that link them in anyway are that they don't seem to be aware of the snitching network, so it could be that this is being used on some to bring them into the fold.

There is not one single corrolation that I have been able to find amougst targets in my 10 months of research, so what I have been doing is going back to the reasons why people were targeted in the past.

You had your activists and dissidents.

Because of her support for the Black Panther Party, actress Jean Seberg was targeted for 'neutralization' by the FBI's COINTELPRO effort.

The famous Selma-to-Montgomery Civil Rights March had just ended. Viola Gregg Liuzzo, a white civil rights volunteer from Detroit, and Leroy Moton, a young Black man from Selma, were driving back to Montgomery. A car of four Klansmen drew alongside, shots rang out. Viola Liuzzo was dead.

And others, then we saw people like Judi Bari of earth first get car bombed by these people, and then them trying to frame her for it. Now she's gone.

And it's like from the same minds that brought you Cointelpro the first time, now comes cointelpro the sequal bigger and badder than ever. It's irritation.

There is no real corrolation. Many of the targets can trace the targeting to the 90's, yet again many trace it to more recently, but then covert investigatons can be happening for years, without the target knowing, so we can't even get a proper time line for this in most cases.

Many of the more recent targets are not political in the usual sense of the word, some are whistle-blowers, others just don't have any idea why.

From what I have learnt about Corporations and their abilities to open covert investigations, then you have a cororaltion of people that have worked for financial instituations in the past. However not enough to build a case around.

I can also tell you that many of the cointelpro targets from the past who had not been really bothered for 30 years, we about 5-6 years ago, rounded up and harassed again once more, so it looks like the harassment engine never stopped, this we know from people like Cynthia Mckinney who was trying to get Cointelpro investigations reopened, but what is happening now is so much more out there.

You have a civilian spy force being used to help stock and harass targets. People are being targeted to the point of ruin, and it's not limited to average citizens. This has been around for some time. The latest version however is what seems to have everyones knickers in a knot and that is bad.

Other than that I can cut to the chase and say that what is happening now seems to be part of a larger plan that will eventually lead to a one world government, that is capable of tracking a person anywhere they go. Also it will have everyone spying on everyone else and keeping each other under control.

Getting rid of the outspoken, and those who will not follow suit seems to just be a part of this. I am also lead to understand that when regiems like this are going to come into play, these things are very common place, and people expected this stuff to be happening.

The homeless being targeted, and the poor, the sidelined that no one cares about is also just a part of this, then they get them out of the way, or under control, then they move on to others. Pretty soon they will have everyone controlling everyone else with snithcing and spying. Just like the East German Stasi did. It's just no one inside of this country is talking about it, and if they are not very loudly, or people are not listening.

I can also tell you, that the nature of the problem is global in scope, or soon will be, based on the targets reporting this sort of harassment, and the variety of countries that they are coming from, again that is if the reports are all true, cause I have not had a chance to check out anywhere else outside of my own location.

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