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Gang stalking and what it says about our society at large.

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posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 05:14 PM
Hi Long Lance.

This is what I have been trying to figure out myself where did this start. I can tell you that my awareness of my harassment started when I worked for a Canadian Telecommunication cable company about 6-7 years ago now. That's when my awareness of harassment started.

I am trying to think if there are any other points that this could have started, there are maybe 2 others, but if it was happening, I just fully not aware of it.

I would say my awareness of being harassed was immediate, my awareness of being followed, that was recent, and gradual, but then all at once.

People knew, but I had no idea. People at work knew, people I use to be related to knew. My gang stalkers knew. I didn't know about the deliberate stalking and following.

I knew my home my was bugged, and possibly watched. When it all came together, it all came together very rapidly. That much I will say.

Hi interestedalways.

It's so true, I think the same can be said about mobbing or any life changing experiences like this. I mean I am still surprised that something like this can be happening in society and I was so unaware of it. I mean my family knew, my friends knew, but I had no idea. If I was not a target, I would be in my innocent little world still, not knowing about this interconnected and lethal element of society.

I still can't believe these people are so well coordinated, and that so few are willing to openly talk about it, but they are scared and I can see why. The last months have been such a total education for me, learning who I can trust, pretty much my self and God. Like in the gang stalking community, you don't know who is who, and what's what.

This is like I said one of the first safe places that I found. When I just found out about the gang stalking, it was pretty bad, because I told you about my posting being removed and my accounts being shut down.

These people had my postings removed and shut down within minutes on the moderator who shut down my post was like, thanks for posting -------. Using my last name. How did this mod know my last name? At the time I was not sure I was even going to use my initials, much less. My account was shut down in minutes also. She then took the restriction off, cause there was not reason giving for the suspension except that the word gang-stalking is forbidden. (Where is my eye roll smiley.) That account is banned again, without a reason, except I noticed it happened a few days after I publicly talked about it, getting banned. they let me post and the thread was doing just fine, then starfishgirl came and persisted, till the thread was closed, then when no one was looking it was deleted permanently. In that thread, which is what I suspect is the reason for the deletion is my proof of cyber stalking.

So when I say these people can reach far, I know what I speak about, this has settled in now, but imagine when I first learnt about being a target and watching them shut down post after post, and thread after thread, knowing who I was or details about me. Knowing that people from my Canadian bank that I worked for, were helping to do this, was very surreal.

I have adjusted, but how can we make a chink in this armour, I keep thinking if people were just aware, but people are aware, not everyone, but enough. Yet this goes on, unmasked and continues.

I am doing the only thing I know how to do, which is to fight back, but this is so out there still. I mean some-day's it's still so hard to believe that this happens, much less to me, but you know what, I am here. That's it bottom line, and I have to work with that.

I have spoken to a lot of other targets who know, and many are not dealing with this as well, and I can only imagine the ones that don't yet know. The shock and the horror they will experience when they discover the full truth, I mean the relief also, but they will be as horrified if not more so. I pray for them and it's them that I focus on. Many of them will be locked up if as crazy if we don't get the word out, or kill themselves, and that's what I want to avoid.

I have written to Amnesty to ask them to take a stance on the Electronic Harassment. If anyone would like to help out, you can also ask them to take a stance on the e-harassment.

I have written to my political parties about this, but there is a lot of work to do there, the two replies I have do not want to touch this issue, but it must be touch, fondled and dealt with, that is the bottom line.

I have written to the Toronto Police force via email, and I have not received one response from any division, and I emailed every division to see if they have someone there, who can take a report of multi-stalking or gang stalking. I explained in brief what it is, etc. Asking for a contact person within each division who is equipped to take a report. Not one email back so far. Just to give you an idea.

So my work is cut out for me, but I will keep you all updated.

posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 07:40 PM
Non-lethal weapons is a broad category which includes devices for beaming various kinds of energy at human targets in order to temporarily incapacitate them, or to control or affect their behavior. -Source (

Electronic harassment with EMF is using electromagnetic weaponry to hurt or torture another person. These weapons emit beams or rays of electromagnetic energy and can seriously cause mild to debilitating damage depending on exposure, and the frequency the beam is set to.

The first article below which came out in July 10, 2005. discusses there future usage on the civilian population. However what it does not mention, and what many people are not aware of is that these weapons have been sold on the Internet for some time now, and can readily be purchased, assembled, and used against unsuspecting targets. Adults, children, animals, anything that's living that someone wants to torture, hurt or bend to their wills.

The symptom associated with it's uses include heating of the body, which makes your skin feel like it's on fire, or burning.

Wave vibrations which make it hard to sleep or rest. not visible to the naked eye.

Long term exposure can cause cancer, and other dangerous conditions.

Affected immune systems.

Head aches

These weapons have been banned in three American States, including Michigan.

In Canada I am not aware that they have been banned in any Province yet.

Amnesty International is aware of them, but they have not yet taken a stance, which I can only hope that they will do soon, because these are worst than tasers, which they have taken a stance on.

To give you an idea of what happens with these weapons here is an excerpt from the article.

[The hallmark of all directed-energy weapons is that the target -- whether a human or a mechanical object -- has no chance to avoid the shot because it moves at the speed of light. At some frequencies, it can penetrate walls.]

[Among the simplest forms are inexpensive, handheld lasers that fill people's field of vision, inducing a temporary blindness to ensure they stop at a checkpoint, for example. Some of these already are used in Iraq. Other radio-frequency weapons in development can sabotage the electronics of landmines, shoulder-fired missiles or automobiles -- a prospect that interests police departments as well as the military.

A separate branch of directed-energy research involves bigger, badder beams: lasers that could obliterate targets tens of miles away from ships or planes. Such a strike would be so precise that, as some designers put it at a recent conference here, the military could plausibly deny responsibility. The flexibility of directed-energy weapons could be vital as wide-scale, force-on-force conflict becomes increasingly rare, many experts say. But the technology has been slowed by such practical concerns as how to shrink beam-firing antennas and power supplies. ]

[Military officials also say more needs to be done to assure the international community that directed-energy weapons set to stun rather than kill will not harm noncombatants.][Such issues recently led the Pentagon to delay its Project Sheriff, a plan to outfit vehicles in Iraq with a combination of lethal and nonlethal weaponry -- including a highly touted microwave-energy blaster that makes targets feel as if their skin is on fire. Sheriff has been pushed at least to 2006.]

Many times people feel that there is little that they can do to avert a tragedy, or to make a change. These weapons are harmful and potentially dangerous. Though they do seem to have some good applications, they have just as many if not more potentially harmful ones.

These can be dispersed and used against anyone. Eg. It could be used against a crowd in the States protesting the recent bill that takes away many of their rights is one example. (If they decided to protest.)

These could in future be used against people protesting cuts to health care, and other essential services.If you are concerned about the use of these weapons or have just recently become aware it might be a good idea to write to Amnesty International or your local MP's, or Senators to let them know that you disapprove of the usage of these weapons.

Today they are actively being used to harass targets of gang stalking including myself, tomorrow they could be used quite legally to harass activist, dissidents or anyone who fails to agree with the government or the corporations.

These weapons have the potential to do a great deal of harm, and they are available where anyone can get their hands on them. I would ask that you consider taking a stance, before these are used to take away your ability to take a stance.

posted on Oct, 13 2006 @ 11:00 AM
first off, there are guidelines about posting external source material, i implore you to use the

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tags, when posting stuff from other websites word for word. they are part of the terms and conditions around here, just fyi. the tags will work only if you remove the blank i inserted to make the code visible. it looks like


when done properly.

regarding your activism, i wish you luck, because i frankly believe that there are basically three kinds of organisations on this planet, the corrupt, the illegal and then the corrupt and illegal outfits. i don't need to tell you which variety is most common...

you said you worked for a telecom company once and that's where it all started. telecom is a very sensitive area, due to its omnipresence, facilitating surveillance and tracking of pretty much everyone. an example.

could it be that your views were somehow opposed to the establishment there? was there any strange or unexplained activity going on, with files going missing, perhaps people being fired for no reason (or simply vanish
) leaving you with a feeling of being 'out of the loop' ? if so, you might very well have come very close to the shadow fabric of society, which is a requirement for pretty much _any_ fishy event in (western) history. starts with the alarming regularity of assasinations being commited when security is somehow cought off guard (Kennedy's car stopped, right?), neatly explains why closer examination of wars tend to reveal inconsistencies and illogical actions (by both, winners and losers), which are usually attributed to madness (

posted on Oct, 20 2006 @ 06:49 AM
As I write this post I am being targeted by an E-M weapon that is used very regularly on me to deny me sleep. (Believe me I would normally be asleep at this hour) I am also wearing a gas mask to protect me from the various chemical poisions that the government attacks me with on a daily basis. These types of attacks have been going on for years now and seem to have become 'legal' in some way since 911. I have learned quite a bit about this type of government activity in my years of dealing with it and plan on sharing what I know in hopes of helping others who are being subjected to such crimes. I have to begin getting ready for work soon, so for now I will just post the story of how I got the Bush Crime Family pissed at me. I've posted it here before I believe, and here it is again.


When trying to explain to people the facts
surrounding the control of most of our planet by an
occult, super-rich cabal, and their nearly completed
attempt to form a one-world governmental, religious
and financial system, there seems to be one thing most
people can't accept. Folks have a hard time believing
that their leaders could be evil enough to perpetrate
the kind of atrocities necessary to carry out such a
plan, despite history being replete with examples of
just such behavior on the part of rulers and
governments. I would like to relate to you an
experience I had many years ago which has followed me
down to the present day. I believe it will serve as a
window into the deeply ingrained spiritual corruption
which infests our governments.

It was in the late 1980's when I began to
investigate the outrageous corruption evident in the
US government. I had been incarcerated in the Federal
Correctional Institution in El Reno, OK since 1986,
and had learned among many other things that the CIA
was running coc aine into the US to fund their black
budget projects. (projects that the then DEM congress
would not fund without knowing the details of). The
largest of these at the time being the funding of the
Nicaraguan rebels, of course. Now I knew that the
Federal Prison System was full of political prisoners
because I had met several, read their cases and had
seen the clear evidence of it. These were people who
were railroaded into prison for failing to be
sufficiently obedient to the powers that be, getting
in the way, or attempting to expose the crimes of said
powers. I thought, in my youth and naivete that I
might be able to get the attention of such a one who
was connected to this CIA drug-running and so learn
the truth of it. My little expedition was to lure a
much bigger fish than I was prepared to land.

My method was quite simple, but turned out to be
more effective than I could ever have imagined. When
asked what I was 'in for', the single most asked
question in any prison, I would reply that I was
running guns to El Salvador and trading them for
coc aine which I would fly back to the US. Soon I was
to be forcibly introduced to a man that had been doing
just that. Some eight or nine months after I had began
my little ruse I was attacked by a normally docile
co-worker in the prison industries where I worked. I
was later to learn that he was paid off for this act
with a long requested transfer to a prison closer to
his home. The resulting fight landed us both in "the
hole", meaning disciplinary segregation, the result of
which is that you lose your job, your cell, whatever
clothing you had accumulated, and when you are
released back into "general population", in this case
after 60 days, you are housed in the oldest building
on the compound, which originally was the only cell
house, (circa 1927; think shawshank redemption)until a
bed becomes available in your regular unit. When
released, I just happened to be placed in the cell of
a recently arrived CIA captain who had worked under
Admiral Poindexter and had caught a beef while
involved in the Iran-Contra dealings. The story he
told me was among the saddest things I ever expect to

I suspect the two names this man used in prison
were pseudonyms, as a search of federal inmate records
turns up results for neither, and since to reveal a
CIA agent's name(real or invented)is probably a crime,
(unless you're King George or The Duke of Oil Cheney)
I will proceed without naming him, other than to call
him Jim. The first night I spent in a cell with this
man is printed indelibly on my mind. He was very
unimposing in stature, probably 5'10'' and 150lbs.,
but with a quiet confidence and piercing blue eyes
that seemed to cut right through you. His intelligence
was immediately evident, and I was later to find that
he had a photographic memory. He didn't ask about me,
but instead began to tell me about himself. He was 30,
a Captain in the CIA and worked for Adm. Poindexter. I
avoided the obvious news-related Iran-Contra questions
and asked how a 30yr old makes it to Captain. He
smiled without mirth and replied that you have to have
an early start. Our conversation was interrupted by
the evening count and then chow. We took chow together
and afterward had a long walk around the enormous
recreation yard during which time I brought him up to
speed on the various characters on the compound (both
convicts and guards)and then showed him the locations
of the different departments. After a trip to the band
rooms for a jam session and to let my band-mates know
I was out, we returned to our cell for the night. I
had gotten the impression that he was not at all happy
about his situation and so, emboldened by this and his
earlier candidness, I decided to try some more

After dusk I sensed a change in Jim. His
countenance had fallen from reserved to downright
dark. His gaze had grown even more intense but his
eyes were seldom meeting mine, now being directed
elsewhere on my person. As a young man in prison for
some years now I knew how to interpret this but
ignored it and asked again how he came to be a Captain
in the CIA at so young an age. He asked if I
disbelieved him and then reached under his bunk and
brought out a portfolio full of papers. He moved over
closer to me and produced from the folio several
letters from Adm. Poindexter, and some directives on
official CIA letterhead, none of which were of any
import of course but pertained to his incarceration.
Before I could address how convincing these might be,
he began to tell me his story. He told me that he was
born to very poor Appalachian parents who couldn't
afford to take care of him because of his hemophilia.
Now my mind was racing. A thirty year old hemophiliac
who was a Captain in the CIA??!! He said that after
his parents had consulted with a social worker about
what to do, that they were visited by a CIA agent who
offered to compensate them for allowing him to take
the child and "care for him". He was basically bought
by the CIA. Jim told me that his "Rabbi", which in the
CIA is what they call a mentor for lack of a better
term, used him as a sex slave throughout all of his
youth, and put him through "conditioning" which made
Jim ready for the different roles he would be used in.
Now I had read about "Monarch" mind control techniques
in which children are subjected to cruel tortures and
traumas which cause them to dissociate and break down
into multiple personalities. (ever see the movie
Sybil?) The individual personalities are then
conditioned to serve particular roles and are
programed to be brought up with certain commands. As I
gazed at the now blank face of my new cellmate, I knew
I had come face to face with just such a programing
victim, and that I had probably unknowingly triggered
his sex slave personality to surface. I tried to ask
about the specifics of his programing, but he grew
quite disoriented and I had the distinct impression
that he was flipping between personalities. I knew
then that I had triggered some programing device and
the words of a song from the occult influenced band
Led Zeppelin came to mind. The song is called Houses
of the Holy and the lyrics that came to mind were:

So the world is spinning faster
Are you dizzy when you stop
Let the music be your master
Will you heed the master's call
Oh-whoa-oh, Satan an' man

Said there ain't no use in cryin'
'Cause it will only, only drive you mad
Does it hurt to hear them lyin'
Was this the only world you had

So let me take you, take you to the movie
Can I take you baby to the show
Why don't you let me be yours ever truly
Can I make your garden grow
You know-whoa, that's right

Keep in mind that triggers for such poor programed
souls are often hidden in music, movies, etc. I was
quiet for a while as he leaned against me, waiting to
see what would happen next. He slowly recovered and
then surprised me by asking what I thought of his
looks. Unsure of what to say, I muttered whatever
compliment I could think of. He then told me that the
reason he had such a square, strong jaw was that it
was artificial! He then proceeded to tell me how a
plane crash in Central-America had left his jaw
shattered, and I briefly remembered a news story about
such an occurrence, wondering if this was he. Now
there was a fourth part to Jim's mystery: A 30yr old
CIA Captain hemophiliac who had survived a plane crash
requiring reconstructive surgery! So I asked the
obvious question. How does a hemophiliac survive a
plane crash in the jungle? He told me that it was the
religion that his "rabbi", who I was to later meet
called "the whiz",had indoctrinated him into. He said
that his faith was called Santeria and that it was his
"communion spirits" that supernaturally preserved his
life in times of crisis. I laughed despite myself and
asked if Santeria wasn't a mix of voodoo and
Catholicism. Suddenly he was himself again and said
that the spirits were no joke and asked if I would
like him to call up a spirit for me to see. At this
point I had no doubt he could do what he claimed and
for the first time was a bit frightened. Now I've
always been a believer in Christ as Savior but was far
from Him at this point and knew what happens to those
who use His Name in presumption. I was also not about
to consent to some spell the result of which I was
wholly ignorant of. He could see my fear and let go a
low soft laugh that I never heard again and which I
never will forget. I did not sleep that night but
prayed more than I had the previous 10 years combined.
I never saw Jim's alternate personalities surface
again, but I knew one of them was the sex slave as he
had admitted to being used as such. Obviously his
dominant personality was the CIA agent, but were there
others? It was disconcerting to say the least to be
locked in a small cell with such an unknown quantity
every night, and I was quite relieved when beds came
open in our respective units and we were no longer

In the months that followed, Jim got me a cushy job
in the business office in administration and suddenly
everyone on the compound, guards included, were
treating me with a new found respect. This, more than
any paperwork I was shown, proved to me that he was
who he said he was. I also saw the evidence of his
hemophilia when a spill on the basketball court sent
him to the infirmary for shots of clotting factor.
Eventually Jim told me that he wanted to recruit me
into the CIA. Now I was smart enough to know that the
only thing the CIA could want me for was to be a fall
guy to do their dirty work, who if eliminated was no
loss. However, I enjoyed my new found privileged
status and played along, pretending to be interested.

My conscience began to bother me concerning Jim and
his spiritual condition. I knew that he had probably
never been exposed to the truth and that spiritual
darkness was all he had ever known. Now I was
definitely on prodigal son status, but had always been
a believer, having received a love of the truth at a
young age. I broached the subject from a philosophical
point of view, asking him about good vs evil and his
beliefs. It seemed that he didn't believe in a
Creator, just a balance of opposing forces the
stronger of which was evil, which would eventually
prevail. I couldn't get him to talk of the practices
of Santeria much, but he did admit that it included
using sacrifices, both animal and human. He was
willing to listen to my views of biblical
Christianity, and seemed mildly amused by them, but if
I mentioned the name of Jesus he ended the
conversation abruptly. Eventually Jim let me know that
he wasn't interested in continuing that line of
conversation and that I should just drop it. Not long
after this I accidentally caught Jim's jaw with my
elbow during a basketball game, separating the hinge
of his artificial jaw. He spent the next four months
with his jaws wired shut. I had nothing but sympathy
for Jim and would never have harmed him intentionally,
but it seems that this incident, combined with my
attempts to share the truth with him has earned me
the unending enmity of the occult elite.

Some two months after Jim's jaw was healed, he left
FCI El Reno saying only that he was being transferred,
and that I would be contacted by his "rabbi" when I
was released from prison. I never got Jim to talk
about the drug running in the CIA, but from that day
to this I have been under attack from the occult
forces that control our government. Always the goal
has been the same; to force me to submit to their
illegitimate authority and accept their evil rule.
Since 911 they seem to have made their attacks "legal"
through the "patriot act" and have convinced the
populace through gross slander, demonization and
vilification of me that I deserve whatever they wish
to do to me. Those who do not agree with their methods
are intimidated into doing the beast's bidding with
the threat of similar treatment. Even those who claim
to know that the government is made up of lying,
slanderous, satanists are intimidated into obeying
those they claim to oppose when it comes to me. I can
only discern that the truth I have been exposed to is
truly dangerous to these filth-bags, and that their
slander of me is intended to discredit my testimony
and at the same time gain for themselves a poster-boy
for why the surrender of all rights and due process is
a good thing. Think of me what you will, just know
that whatever you allow the government to do to me,
you are allowing them to do to you, your children and
grandchildren. Also remember that whoever you give
yourself to, to obey, the same is your master. The
truest form of worship is obedience.

My struggle has ever been, and continues to be, one of
spiritual truth and physical freedom. I seek not that
anyone should think well of me for I know that I, like
every other, deserve no such consideration. My only
desire is that all those who have received a love of
the truth be exposed to all the truth that God has
made available to us. The rest is up to God.

Please know that the time is very short and that while
physical preparation is important, that your spiritual
condition is what really matters.

Struggling toward freedom,

Patrick Craig Lemmons

posted on Oct, 23 2006 @ 06:39 PM
HI Long Lance.

I did not realise this and will be more careful in future, with the tags.

I really hope there is a fourth kind of company, legit ones that are trying to make a difference, if even for only a short space of time, I have to believe that they are out there, even if they are becoming fewer and fewer.

Did I come across anything unusual that would have brought this into my realm? I thought about this for some time, and I will post a small portion here and and at my other blogs, cause you know. But there is so much that it's hard to say and this is just a small piece of the last six or seven years.

[Was there every anything illegal going on? This is a good question and I have given it a lot of thought before
responding. ]

I think most people open their eyes, see the truth and then shut them back tightly once again, till it's all gone.

I don't know if the truth will ever come out, because when people hear it they don't want to believe it.

[edit on 23-10-2006 by Harassment101]

posted on Oct, 23 2006 @ 06:46 PM
Hi resistor

I have read your story before. I think it is good what you try to do to eductate yourself and others about what is happening.

posted on Oct, 25 2006 @ 08:33 PM
Well, I had expected to be up at night to write this, but since I've been allowed to sleep lately, and the WS game is delayed, I'll post it now.

One potentally usefull thing that I've learned is that the E-M weapon used to deny me sleep is satellite based. There are two major reasons why I believe this. The first is that this weapon is much less effective during the day, much like AM radio waves that are interfered with by the sun's radiation. During the day I can usually get some sleep with the help of sleeping pills, some wine, ear plugs, fans for white noise and a dark room. The ear plugs and white noise are necessary because the neighbors will invariably do thier best to make noise, a fact which supports my idea that daylight inhibits this weapon. At night there is no way to resist it other than to change your location, which brings me to my second reason.

Being an avid camper, I'm familiar with some of the most remote areas in the SW. A couple years ago, when the SDT (sleep deprivation torture) I was experiencing was extreme, and I was only getting about 10 hrs sleep a month, I went up to a very remote and unpopulated area of SE Oklahoma. I went to an area I knew had only one road in and out, and was miles away from any home. Having taken sleeping pills and wine on the way(sorry MADD) I arrived on the side of a mountain and laid down to relax. The tell-tale signature ringing of the ears and heating of the body soon followed, so I put everything that might be tracked (including my dog who is probably chipped) in the car and proceeded down the mountain on foot. About a half mile away I found a likely spot and laid down to fall asleep almost immediately. I had the first real sleep in months that night and didn't awake until the sun was high enough to penetrate the trees.

I know that many people believe they are targeted from nearby houses or apartments, or even from vehicles parked nearby, but I have a hard time believeing that the sun could effect such nearby weapons, though I do believe they exist. I am quite grateful that I am not locally targeted, as I would probably have killed someone by now.

I have 17 years experience dealing with this and welcome any questions (not to hijack the thread), and will post more conclusions that I've drawn later.

posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 04:57 PM
People have the power to stop this. I mean last week was the first world day to end the silent holocaust. It wasn't much, but it was a start. It had speakers from all over the place and I think it's a good start for getting this exposed.

Amnesty International refuses to take a stand on Electromagnetic Weapons. They have taken a stance on tasers however. I think this is great, but how many people are being tasered in their sleep, or tasered 24/7?

People have the power to say no to gang stalking, they can refuse to play the game. What I have seen is some gang stalkers seem to like or love what they do, they like the power trip. I dispise these ones, because they have an idea of what they are doing and don't care.

I have seen others however who look like they don't want to be a part of this thing, they look like they want out as badly as the targets do.

Others I have heard might be getting blackmailed or forced to take part in this.

Others I know are part of the snitch program. Forced slavery to spy on others. So gross.

I understand that some of these people maybe don't want to be working and doing bad and corrupt things, but that does not change the fact that bad and corrupt things are happening.

In every other time period people were able to resist evil and make a change and they can with this as well.

Think about the underground rail road that was used, till finally the laws got changed. I am sure people didn't want to openly defy the law, but they followed their moral conscience.

Also think about the people who helped and hid the Jews during world war 2. People can make a difference, they have in the past and they will in the future.

These companies have power, because people give them power. If we stopped using their services or switched to other providers, some of these companies that are helping to back this stuff would think twice.

I have learned that this does not happen in darkness or silence. These people worked slowly and insidiously to ruin my life. My gosh.

They inducted my friends, (so called friends.), ex-family, and others in my community. They lied about me, and slander me. They bugged my home, hacked my computer, and had visuals in my home. Like these people are sick, but they enjoy what they do, they like there power.

Yet I still believe we can fight against them and gain a victory. Society is not suppose to be like this. This is crazy, this is America, North America, the UK. Places where this stuff is not suppose to happen, but it's happening. Our media is doing nothing, and I mean nothing to report this stuff. They are as afraid as ground level targets are. Because they can and they will do this to anyone.

Because of this, people can not afford to remain silent. In my case the two main companies I am being targeted by would be firstly a large Canadian telecommunications cable company, so rich that they own just about everything, including a stadium and baseball team. The other is a Large Canadian Institution that a Corporate Bank. They run for the cure one minute, then harass targets the next.

These companies are suppose to be honourable and just, they are suppose to be pillars and examples to the community, but here they are doing things, that you would never discuss at the board meeting, or maybe they would.

If gang stalking goes unchallenged, more and more targets will die, get put in mental hospitals, have break downs, or just become destitute, jobless, homeless, no support network, because they have insidiously spent years taking it away.

These people need to be stopped and the only way to stop them is by exposing them. Targets need to be telling their stories on line, they need to be handing out flyer's where they live, they need to have open and honest discussions about this.

posted on Oct, 26 2006 @ 05:08 PM
The thing is when others are aware of this, then it will be harder for them to do this to people. Right now most of the world is unaware of this, but once more people know, then it will be harder for this to happen.

The thing is we are working against the clock. EG. The former East Germany was able to control the population of the whole contry, by using 1 in 50 of the population. If we get that many or more corporating with this, we will be in the same state they were or worst. We can't afford this.

They had mental illnesses, because no one could trust anyone, everyone was spying on everyone, or people were afraid they were being spied on, nothing became natural anymore. All that was good vanished, and we can't let that happen here. It's like when the walls fell their, they let out some insidious, unseen plague that would go out and consume their enemies, or incorporate them into the same madness that had inhabited their society.

We will only stop this by getting it exposed, sooner not later. Every target and friend of target needs to do what they can, ever bit helps, and is appreciated. I really believe we can stop this, but we have to move fast and we have to move faster than this does. Before it can spread and do what it has been doing.

Too many lives have already been lost, good decent, honourable people, people who never found out the truth till it was too late, we can save others from this same fate.

posted on Nov, 4 2006 @ 12:21 AM
H101, your last two posts are wonderfully thought out and well said. You are exactly right about the direction that the entire world is taking, and the part that this phenomenon we are experienceing is playing in the world wide culture shift.

There is no doubt in my mind that the basis for this dramatic shift in societal norms is sprirtual. The bottom line is that these people are doing things that they know are wrong to people that they really don't know anything about in order to receive favor from the powers that be. The people that do this must convince themselves (with help from the slander of their controllers) that the people they harm are (insert accusation here) and so 'deserve whatever they get'(I've heard that exact phrase many times). This is your basic vigilante justice and is never acceptable. It amazes me that at the same time that record numbers of people are being turned out of prison by DNA testing, so many are willing to believe that anyone accused by the government must automatically be guilty.

As our founding fathers said repeatedly, this republic can only be upheld by a moral people. The big money rulers of our land have succeded in reducing our people to a bunch of object driven, sexually obsessed consumers. Until we manage to rise from this mammon driven abyss to a plane of spritual enlightenment, our slavery is assured. GOD is truely the only answer.

Only faith in God allows one to resist evil no matter the consequence. May the apostles and prophets be our examples in the coming time of persecution.

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posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 02:16 PM
What most of you seem to forget is that Police, Intelligence communities, and elite societies and coperations are the ones behind this stuff...

posted on Nov, 10 2006 @ 03:09 PM

Originally posted by nihilanth
What most of you seem to forget is that Police, Intelligence communities, and elite societies and coperations are the ones behind this stuff...

These groups are acting like a fungus, they inflitrate existing structures and use them for their own agenda. the police may be heavily infiltrated, but they are just a tool of sorts, so, while caution is necessary, disinformation works both ways, everyone of us could become their tool due to misconceptions. If you ever go as far as condemning beforehand every member or former member of such organisations, you are partially helping the elites by fostering hate and divisiveness within a society.

note: we're probably all guilty of that to some degree

posted on Nov, 15 2006 @ 06:37 PM

Originally posted by Long Lance

Originally posted by nihilanth
What most of you seem to forget is that Police, Intelligence communities, and elite societies and coperations are the ones behind this stuff...

These groups are acting like a fungus, they inflitrate existing structures and use them for their own agenda. the police may be heavily infiltrated, but they are just a tool of sorts, so, while caution is necessary, disinformation works both ways, everyone of us could become their tool due to misconceptions. If you ever go as far as condemning beforehand every member or former member of such organisations, you are partially helping the elites by fostering hate and divisiveness within a society.

note: we're probably all guilty of that to some degree

It's certainly true that not everyone in the afore mentioned organisations are involved in such harassment and persecution, and they don't all have to be. All that is neccessary is for those in power to be involved. They can coerce those who aren't too keen on purpotrating evil, and get rid of those they can't control. Most police departments have a pretty high turnover rate, and so the uncooperative have probably been mostly eliminated. In the intelligence community, it's just a matter of seperation of powers so to speak. Those not involved, and deemed not likely to want to be, are simply not allowed to know about or participate in such activities. Need to know and all that.

As H101 said earlier, you can tell those who are being forced to do this evil and don't want to (you can see it in their eyes), and those who love their evil (they lord it over you). There's also the usefull idiot syndrome. Most folks will take the path of least resistance (the broad path). It's always easier to just believe whatever you're told and do whatever you're told to do. This is the path of those who have not received a love of the truth. When Bush said "You're either with us or against us", he was speaking of much more than just terrorism. In fact he was saying that if you don't obey the government without question, that you are a terrorist. How many have the courage to stand against such a threat, and with their conscience? Particularly in light of what they see being done (and what they themselves are doing) to those who resist this evil. Go along to get along... the mantra of the willing slave.

America has become fat, soft and ripe for slavery. Fullness of bread, idleness of hands.... Sacrafice has come to mean hell on earth for these products of the consumer culture. They will soon find out what they've sacraficed, and to whom. Imagine choosing that which you can't keep over that which you can't lose. I praise God daily for giving me so little to lose. Better to be Lazarus with dogs licking your sores than the rich young ruler unable to give up his wealth to follow Christ. Better to be the publican beating his breast than the Pharisee praising himself. I expect to be rejected by this world, and count it all joy.

posted on Nov, 29 2006 @ 03:12 AM
Sometimes it feels like trying to destroy the evil ring of power.

Hi nihilanth.

It's so true. The more I look into it, it seems like
it all comes back to the State and their involvement
with this. That's so sad.

Hi Long Lance.

I agree that probably not every police officer is
dirty or going along with this, but if enough are it
hardly matters. I was mobbed out of work, because
enough people in power were going along with whatever
and the lame people on the floor followed, and the
ones that harassed me me the most were the men given

Not everyone in that call center went along with my
harassment, but too many people in the CIBC call
center did and they just let all that stuff happen.
Most just complied. I am sure there were people didn't
want to go along with what was happening, in fact
before I left, I met a couple who sort of tried to do
the right thing, but the Powers that be, just did even
more corrupt things and in the end it had gone so far,

their actions made no difference.

There were other decent people, but by the time I left
most had transferred, quit, or gone on to different
sections, some specifically to get away from what was
happening, cause they realised they could not change
it, and the evil just multiplies and wins out, cause
now who will openly resist it? I tried for as long as
I could, without losing my soul there, and any longer
would not have been good.

I like to think that there are good police officers,
but I hear from targets that after making reports some
have been harassed by the cops. On Eleanor White's
site, she says she has talked to cops who have been
harassed, cops who wanted to investigate and they were
told to stand down.

What I am coming to conclude is that parts of these
stalker groups are using the community programs which
the cops work with, and that might be part of why some
won't do anything.

Most targets are reluctant to go to the cops because
of this. Or because of the concern that they won't
take the complaint seriously, or that they will try to
commit you, like they have tried to do to others who

reported this.

The problem is there is already hate and divisiveness.
Before this happened, my instincts would have been go
to the police, but since being in the middle of this,
I see things so differently. This is just so hard to

Also since my email and phone are commandeered, I

don't always know who I am communicating with. Eg. I

have called just to see what they would suggest doing

about gang stalking. Some have said well we can send

out a car to see if there is anyone strange hanging


There won't be because they are just average citizens.
Others have said, well you can file a report, I wanted

to know how something like this would get looked into,

they said they couldn't discuss that.

Another said, oh there is nothing we can do. You would

have to video tape them and then we could take to
them, yeah so I can start video taping random
strangers on the street. He was the community liaison
officer, the one who works with the community, and he
was the least helpful. However since more than half
the time my calls are redirected, I really can't say
for sure who I am talking to half the time.

I emailed every division in T.O. to see what they
suggested, or if there was a specific person that
looks after that, and not one email back. However
since I have seen my emails not get delivered before,
it's hard to say what is getting through.
Same with Lawyers etc.

posted on Nov, 29 2006 @ 03:13 AM
And within the last month they have started doing
something that affected me systemically. My neighbour
downstairs moved out on the 15th of the month. The
floors a short time after that started vibrating and
every surface that I lie on heats up my body like I am
on a frying pan. There is also this oscillating or
humming sound coming from downstairs. I also hear
people coming and going. Even though the apartment is

I spoke to the super, wrote a note, nothing. The first
two times I spoke to her, the problem stopped for a
few hours, but over the last week, they are doing this
24/7. It's causing headaches, nausea, dizziness, and
back ache.

I didn't know what was going on, so I blogged about
it, and someone said they thought it was transponders
being used. I looked that up and it could well be, but
those things can really affect someones health, so I
really need a plan of action.

I can just pack and move to I don't know where, but
they will just come after me, I prefer to stay and
fight, just so that when I move, I know I can have

some peace and quite.

I can tell you that most if not everyone in my

building is aware of this, (Also cause they were

dropped flyer's, or called on the phone.) Yet they are
all going along with it just as much as ever. It's
disgusting. For me this is something so unbelievable,
yet it's just business as usual for others.

Hi resistor.

I think many countries are getting to that complacent
stage. I mean this stuff does not happen in a bubble.
Yet so many people go along with this, it still blows
my mind, even after going through workplace mobbing
twice, I think people in the real world that are not
dependent on making a living would not go along with

this, but they do. I guess it's a good way to know
that they are in the loop.

posted on Nov, 29 2006 @ 03:15 AM

What are they.


A transducer is a device which transfers one form of energy to another. Modern vibration measurements employ transducers which convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. A most suitable transducer for human vibration measurements is the accelerometer. This produces an electrical output (ie charge, voltage, current or change of resistance), that is proportional to the acceleration (as well as displacement and velocity : see the first lecture in this course) to which it is exposed. The most common types of accelerometers are piezoelectric or piezoresistive.

What are they used for.

a) Vibration Testing

Vibration testing, in brief, is the shaking or shocking of a component or assembly to see how it will stand up to real world conditions. It is used in applications ranging from circuit boards and aircraft to vehicles and household appliances. Conducting these tests in the field or the laboratory involves the use of data analyzers, climatic chambers, controllers, instruments and vibration exciters. Brüel & Kjær has a complete product portfolio to provide you with the whole excitation and measurement chain to establish proof of quality according to national and international standards, such as DIN, ISO, BS, MIL, IEC and ASTM.

b) Tracking

The next set of applications would involve piezoelectric cable. Piezoelectric cable behaves much the same way as flat piezoelectric transducers only the cable is much cheaper. The cable resembles the standard coaxial cable that plugs into the TV, but the piezo cable has a layer of piezoelectric polymer wrapped into it. This cable could be used to create a grid across the floor that could generate power from people walking across it, or the more viable purpose would be for tracking. These cables come with varying degrees of sensitivity. The cable could be used to track both the location and the orientation of a person in the house. Based on the way they walk, the floor might also be able to identify who the person is.


You can select an accelerometer based on requirements for Number of Orthogonal Measuring Axes, Sensitivity, Dynamic Range, Frequency Range, Electrical Output, Temperature Range and Weight. Or select from different application-oriented groups where further specifications are given: General Purpose; Structural and Modal Analysis; High Temperature; High Sensitivity; High Frequency; Miniature and Shock or Human Vibration. Cables, mounting phase response and environment specifications are other issues to be considered when selecting an accelerometer.

Human health effects.


Severe, prolonged exposure to vibration can cause injury to the body. The parts of the body most likely to be injured during exposure to whole-body vibration depend on the magnitude of vibration, distribution of the motion within the body, and the vibration frequency, direction and duration.

As mentioned before there is a shortage of conclusive evidence to establish the probability and extent of that injury or to provide a definite dose-effect relationship between whole-body vibration and injury or health damage. From the epidemiological studies, subjective data, biodynamic models and a knowledge of the physical properties of the body it is possible to establish some of the health effects:

Spinal column disease and complaints: These are perhaps the most common diseases associated with the long-term exposure to whole-body vibration, where the back is especially sensitive to the 4-12 Hz vibration range.

Digestive system diseases: Often observed in persons exposed to whole-body vibration over a long period of time. Associated with the resonance movement of the stomach at frequencies between 4 and 5 Hz.


posted on Nov, 29 2006 @ 03:30 AM
Cardiovascular system effects: Prolonged exposure to whole-body vibration at frequencies below 20 Hz results in hyperventilation, increased heart rate, oxygen intake, pulmonary ventilation and respiratory rate.

Vibration at frequencies of about 1 Hz and below, which occur in many forms of transport, might induce motion sickness (kinetosis). It results in nausea, dizziness, vomiting and can affect the safe handling of vehicles or the performance of other tasks.

The symptoms are worst between approximately 0.125 and 0.25 Hz, and only rarely occur due to frequencies above 0.5 Hz.

Motion sickness in ships is believed to be caused by vertical oscillation. Some form of air sickness are also due to vertical oscillation of the body, but car sickness is believed to be caused mainly by horizontal motion and is associated with acceleration, braking and cornering manoeuvres.

So that's what I was able to find out about these things. I think the person who posted the information is probably correct. I did speak to an electrician who said it could be transformers on some kind of a dimmer, but that would not cause the vibrations, but that would cause the humming or oscillating and heat.

However since the person who wrote me the blog posting is also a gang stalking target, I tend to thing that info is correct. I have had a month of exposure to this. On at least two occasions, they had it going so high that I got little electric charges, that made me have to sit on my counter for like an hour. The super when I called said she would send someone to look at it which she did, at the end of the day, 48 hrs later. (Just then it suddenly stopped.)

I know that whatever is going on, they are fully taking part so it's pointless. I just don't see how so many people could be taken over by something like this. That part still baffles me, but I need to do something. I have filed a OHRT (Housing Tribunal Report) but that will take time. Tell then I need a rapid solution, cause I can feel the effects.

I mean when I first found out I was a target of gang stalking, they want to make me look like I was out there, that failed, then they tried to make it seem like I might not be a target, but there is too much history with my companies for that to work. They tried to scare me, that failed as I just kept exposing them more, and now with the stuff that I have been putting out lately it seems to have hit a nerve, so this is where things stand.

Anyways if anyone wants to read the posting from the other gang stalking target, I found it interesting and well worth reading, here is a link.

If anyone knows about vibrating floors or the correct agency to contact to get the problem stopped, I would love to hear from you.

Oh also if you have not done so read the Mark M. Rich report on gang stalking.

Also you are just so lucky that you are such an open society and that you are aware of this stuff. I think if the world was this open, we could get this exposed. Thank you members of ATS for being who you are.

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posted on Nov, 29 2006 @ 02:02 PM
How about all those punks running around with their boom cars?

I consider that to be a form of gang stalking/harassment.

[edit on 2006/11/29 by GradyPhilpott]

posted on Nov, 29 2006 @ 02:09 PM
your ultrasound problem needs immediate adressing:

buy some kind of air matrass or another kind inlflatable for rest 8air sucks at conducting ultrasound), but try tinfoil first in case i'm wrong and it's microwaves. the larger the better, of course, but i think sleeping is the most important concern.

note: i was not advocating stupidity, the police are worthless, easily misled in any direction, i just believe that going after them indiscriminately does not serve a purpose.

a final warning: i don't know your building, but be warned about structural integrity, sound is a devastating weapon, it will whittle away at your floors and walls, significant damage is probably just a matter of time, so if your building shows the slightest signs of giving out, either run like hell or HOPE these nuts won't kill you and many others by collapsing a large portion of it.

PS: is there a way you could temproarily disable the circuitry of the affected apartment, seeing as it's currently uninhabited (and will stay that way as long as the weapon remains in use) ?

posted on Nov, 30 2006 @ 03:12 AM
Hi GradyPhilpott.

Unless they are trying to purposely harass you with them, then it would be just annoying not gang stalking harassment parse.

Hi Long Lance.

I took the time to file a police report today. It did no good, but I felt better, because I needed to do something. You can read about some of my experiences here.

Air mattress ok, I might try that, but it might be time to move. I mean I can move, spend hundreds of dollars to do so, so the same thing can start in a month, three months? That's ridiculous.

Tin foil bedding? I don't really get the tin foil concept. Yes I seem to be going without enough sleep and I think it's making me a bit cranky.

I agree with the worthless and easily mislead, and corrupt. At least I know for sure now and I don't have to worry about that any more. All I might have to worry about is backlash and people are going to do what they are going to do.

I agree not all cops are bad, but then there are not enough that are good, so what difference does it make?

Yeah some of what they were doing could affect the building, they are so stupid. I mean it's a high rise of about 23 floors and if they keep doing this the building could have problems.

I guess they figured my health would succumb by now. I guess I am hanging on better than they figured.

I would have to break into the apartment to do it, and they patrol it. Eg. The so called empty apartment has perps coming and going, I can hear them in there. Today however while I was away filing the police report they turned off whatever it is.

I realised this cause my apartment was cool for a bit. Then they turned on the heat, and my bed slowly went to fry again. I don't know if they are using just one thing against me or two. I don't know if it's just transponders, or if it's also microwaves. It's hard to tell, cause it feels like my body is on fry most of the day and night.

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