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Gang stalking and what it says about our society at large.

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posted on Aug, 6 2006 @ 04:50 PM
Wow, this thread just took a strange twist.

Marclar, I think the folks here are trying to answer your question and validate your fears with information accessable to you.

One very good discription of a mental state similiar to the stalking behaviour mentioned was "stress induced hyper awareness" I think that would be chemically producing adrenaline to say the least and maybe getting close to '___'

posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 03:42 PM
HI Marclar.

The problem with this is that many outside persons even professionals can not tell allways tell the difference, and more importantly most simply choose not to. If health care professionals acuratly dignosed this, they could put themselves at risk for the behaviour.

For me I have always had people who were simpathtic to the harassment and acknowledging of the harassment. I have had in past jobs managers who tried to assist me with the harassment. (But even without this I always knew I was being harassed.) Having worked for over 10 years in the same type of enviornment the difference was so obvious, and when it excalated outside of work it was also for me very clear.

For others it's the same. They live their whole lives normally and then people start acting hostile towards them, and people of all sorts start to act in the various harassing manners mentioned.

Even when you move this continues to happen. The other problem is the goal of this harassment it to make the target seem crazy so when they do go for help they look crazy. However as we now know in the community there are paid psychiatrist who purposly make targets look crazy.

Telling the difference is really going to be up to the target and then people in the community who are familiar with the tactics of gang stalking. Since most are not, then most can not make a proper dignosis one way or another. Even so called trained professionals. When you read about many of the targets who have gone for help, you see that people have tried to have them put away, claimed they were using drugs, and all other sorts of garbage. The stuff that goes on with gang stalking is just so unbeiliveable that you have to live it to understand it.

You have to come to your own conclusions, if you are going through it you still might miss it, because it's just so bizarre. Who would belive that organised groups of hundreads of people of all levels, races and ages in society are doing this?

It's the survivors who belive and know this, and as every day goes by there are more and more of us. I have not a doubt that this is what has been happening in my life. The only thing for me was I never had a name for it. Even the mobbing that was happening at work, which made me unable to preform my job 100% I did not have a name for till recently. When you can not name something it's hard to claim it.

I knew I was being harassed inside and outside of work. I knew the harassment litterally was following me everywhere, but till I found a name for it and the methods used for it only then could I put it all into context.

So to understand the answer, I would with gang stalking leave it to the individual first and then the community who actually knows that this exists.

Hi Long Lance.

I think you have some deeply intuitive understanding of the situation. The advice is excellent. Since seeking help via conventional methods only leaves that target more volnerable, the targets have to come together and seek help via unconventional methods.

Hi GradyPhilpott.

Rosemarys baby, good movie, but nothing close to gang stalking except for the plotting and neighbours in on it, but this is way worst.

Hi andy1033.

The worst part of this is so many people are afraid to touch it. With good reason. So the issue must be brought up. This is doing damage to people worldwide. We really do not know how many people have killed themselves or being falsely killed because of this. We do not know how many people are in jail, or in mental hospitals because of this. We can only estimate at best, but there are now surveys being taken and the group meetings are full, and the helplines are over flooded, so there are lots of people.

If a political leader is not down with what's happening, then yes these types of harassment can be used against them. I have not heard about it on Boris Yelstin, but anything is possible.

posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 03:44 PM
Hi Marclar.

That would be too over simplified. Many people that are being gang stalked wonder if they are going crazy, many others never do, they just know something is going on. Many Scizophrenics never wonder if they are crazy, and others realise something is going on and seek help. So there is no simple solution.

I think again you have to examine things like are there external factors that could be causing this? Am I using drugs or other stimulants? Has this happened over a period of time, gradual or almost all at once. Eg. Is there a period of time that you notice specific things happening?

Also what is your emotional state like. Did you break up with someone, was there a life altering experience that could cause a break down? Scizophrenia is thought to be a combination of things, enviornment does play a role.

However if you are a fairly normal person, where your whole life and had nothing emotionally traumatising happening that would lead to a breakdown, then you find things happening like people being hostile, shunning you, constant hassels in public, on the road, people trying to get reactions out of you, then you see this 10-20 times a day over months years, then you might wonder if something else was going on.

The other problem I understand is the v2s (voice to skull) hearing the voice to skull can be implemented at anytime so it's hard to say, but in some cases it's external as oppose to internal. However there is no way for the average person to know one way or another unless you know yourself very well. If you have a strong sense of self I think that is the best thing.

I also think most of the survivors who took control have a strong sense of self and spirit. They knew themselves well enough and they prayed. I really do belive this thing is not only organised, but has an element of evil, just like the salem witch trials, spanish inquisition, or the holacaust. I still also believe that prayer is an effective weapon against evil.

HI Prote.

With gang stalking that would be like which came first the chicken or the egg? If someone is gang stalked, that can cause Stress Induced Hyper Awareness, just like bullying and mobbing also can cause a target to be stressed and hyperaware. Most people who have not lived this, can not accept it, and even the ones who are living this sometimes have a hard time accepting this.

Hi way above .

I think that is one thing about gang stalking. When you live on the planet, 20 -30 -40 -50 -60 years and you know how your life is and you know how things should work, then you start seeing weird coincidences over and over again, 10-20 times a day, where before they maybe happened 1-2 times a day, that is just a stepping off point. Even the most oblivious person would start to wonder if something was not weird or unnatural.

I think a logical person would at first try to shrug it off, but there is a stage where you can no longer ignore it and that's when you know.

Hi Marclar.

I think you might then do some extensive research on both subjects. That is one of the best things you could do. Read every report from the survivors of gang stalking, electronic harassment. Then read up on Schizophrenia or other disorders, come to your own conclusion. Speak to others in the communities where this is happening, then if you would like you can speak to a medical personell, but maybe again be careful if you do.

That's the thing though, it's designed to get targets locked away. If they can't harass them to suicide, or make them homeless and destitute, or give them a nervous break down, then when they do seek legitimate help, the idea is to get them locked up or accused of drug use. That's one more reason we are having so much trouble raising awareness.

posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 04:00 PM
Hi GradyPhilpott.

You would only be wasting your time if the MD referal has never heard of electronic harassment or gang stalking. You would only want to be refered to a doctor after you had done your own research and talked to others in the community. Also you would want to print off information about what gang stalking is. If a doctor has never heard of this, or is too afraid to acknowledge this or covering for this, you will never get a legitimate solution.

Hi Marclar.

I think you asked an important question and it's a question that does need to be address. We are coming up with our own ways of characterizing what is what. You are right people do need to be able to draw the line and distingish between what is what, and it was a legit question. Sorry if anyone made you feel bad about asking the question.

I think what many people have to remember is that getting this issue recongnized by the public is and will continue to be an uphill battle, but it's a battle that must be fought because human lives are at stake.

We need to normalise this phenomenon in our society, so that when someone seeks help people actually know what they are talking about.

The obstacles right now are many people have never head of gang stalking. Most targets know they are being harassed but they do not know this exists.

Many people are afraid to touch this subject. On a forum like this people are open and caring and willing to discuss it, other places just like society are not. People are scared of this and it's seems to almost be taboo on some forums.

Eg. I tried to discuss this at Webhosting talk forum and got banned for discussing the topic. After much insistance they removed the ban, I also tried to discuss this on Geeks to go. I was banned there as well. Then after emailing the mod who banned me, she unbanned me, but removed all mention of gangstalking from my post. That is crazy that this thing has such a far and wide reach.

The other thing that I have discovered like I said is that my phone, computer and home is bugged and monitored. That is not in the realm of normal for most people. Most people would see this as Sci-fi or conspiracy theory. Things like this are not suppose to happen to average citizens but they are and they do. Most people in my society do not realise this, and would not even begin to belive or concieve of this till it happens to them.

I don't think you could have told me that things like that happened to other people and had me belive it. I think I really had to have this experience to belive that things like this could happen. I belived that I grew up in a fully free society, with rights and freedoms that others do not have. I was always constantly telline people how lucky they were to live in this country and not other countries. However I think some of my delusions are passing. The more I read the more I understand that this is not only not a new phenomenon, but it's been around for years. It's been used by many eastern block countries, and the west has been using it for years.

Our media does not report this and many human rights offices will not touch this either. Getting help or awareness is difficult at best and almost impossible at worst, however if you are willing to do some research you get very familiar and knowledgable about what is happening.

Another really good link that others might want to check out is

The stories there are really very good. Some are very detailed and they also give you lots of insight into what's happening.

Gang stalking is designed to make the target look crazy. It's designed to isolate the target from friends, family, coworkers, etc. It's designed to ruin their reputation and their livelyhood. The method have been refined for decades and there is awareness, but not enough.

There needs to be more awareness because this is growing, and from what I can see 1 in 25 in large cities is correct.

posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 04:18 PM
If someone was stalking me like this and I really knew for sure it was happening I would sneak up around them when they least expected it and introduce them to my .45 glock ,,right in the face and confront them. They would then become the prey and I would become the predator. They would be followed to wherever they lived and their cars would be blown up.

Now this is if it was a 100% sure thing I was being gang harassed and followed. In the end they would have wished they never gotten involved with me.

And no this isnt some kind of retribution technique I saw in the movies. The mafia did it all the time to enemies and so could you.

Summon the reptilian brain that you already have in your noggen and become ruthless

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posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 05:06 PM
Some of these accounts deal with gang stalking, but others deal with electronic harassment or mind control. However if you read the accounts you start to see a lot of similarities. Also if you are going through gang stalking, you are sitting there going yep that happened, and almost checking off the list.

Here are the links. Please read them if you have the chance, time and facination.

I think one of the most important thing this community can do is share their stories. I think once we start to others can begin to understand that what is happening is not random or issolated, but happening to many people in many places.

However also understand that most people do not talk openly about this stuff in the community because they do not want to be deemed crazy, or on drugs, or making it up. Most people in the general population would simply just not understand that things like this happen. (I could not have understood the full spectrum of this if not living it.)

Anyway if you have the time to read, or want to do some indeepth reading here is all the info you need.

Also if anyone wants to help, we need more postings on forums, community awareness, and people who are brave enough to discuss this in the community at large. It's the only way true awareness will ever happen.

posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 05:45 PM

Originally posted by Harassment101
HI Prote.

With gang stalking that would be like which came first the chicken or the egg? If someone is gang stalked, that can cause Stress Induced Hyper Awareness, just like bullying and mobbing also can cause a target to be stressed and hyperaware. Most people who have not lived this, can not accept it, and even the ones who are living this sometimes have a hard time accepting this.

Yes I agree with the chicken and egg analogy. Since I came across your thread, I have been racking my memory trying to see if I actually had been a victim of the phenomenon you describe. However, these are things I have spent many years psychologically moving away from, not so much as suppression but more of letting go.

I can totally see how any person that is a victim of this could feel severe paranoia, a feeling of being crazy or continually rethinking their sanity. When I first talked about what was happening (or I thought was happening), you very quickly learn how few people you can actually talk to and how what you're saying comes across. As you see so many times in these forums, if you have no proof, people shout crank, and that's what it's like. Close family and friends more likely don't say it but you can see it on their faces.

Having re-evaluated the whole thing these last few days, I am comfortable that my condition was just that...a condition which was treated. Had I found this thread at the point in time I was going through this, I would have said you nailed it. I think this highlights two important things...

1. That mental states exist that replicate some effects of gang stalking where it is not taking place.
2. That the two can, at times, be indistinguishable or appear so to the victim.

This would be (for me) the reason why this phenomenon is so difficult to raise awareness for. Similarly, it is also the reason why it is so damaging.

I could have empathy with anyone who experiences EITHER condition, you are a victim in either sense and perhaps work needs to be done to be able to clarify the two so borderline cases can be better diagnosed and thus help the victim. I also realise that there are cases where there is less of a gray area as to what is happening and they are clearly a victim of this or vice versa.

posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 05:51 PM

Originally posted by magnito_student
If someone was stalking me like this and I really knew for sure it was happening I would sneak up around them when they least expected it and introduce them to my .45 glock ,,right in the face and confront them. They would then become the prey and I would become the predator. They would be followed to wherever they lived and their cars would be blown up.

Now this is if it was a 100% sure thing I was being gang harassed and followed. In the end they would have wished they never gotten involved with me.

And no this isnt some kind of retribution technique I saw in the movies. The mafia did it all the time to enemies and so could you.

Summon the reptilian brain that you already have in your noggen and become ruthless

[edit on 7-8-2006 by magnito_student]

Killing them is a good fantasy, but not reality. Apparently killing is still considered wrong by many.

Also the only way this is going to stop is by educating the public about what's happening.

The corruption is so high, deep, wide, and farspread that it would make your head spin. (If you only knew) Killing a few people will not stop this. (Also it's wrong.) There are so many people that take part in this, at all levels of society, all ages, all cultures, all genders, most occupations.

I always wondered how this could happen in Germany, now I know. I don't wonder anymore.

People think that if they just play along or go along with this it won't happen to them, they are just so wrong.

Some people are just scared. They are scared to talk about this or even acknowledge that this is happening, with good reason. (But all that evil needs is...)

Some can't believe that this is happening. Can you blame them?

Some people are forced into this, coerced, blackmailed. They think that they are owned by this, but they are not. There is still a away out, they just don't believe that there is.

Some think that this is just a game, they either don't realise that the end result is a human life or they simply don't care.

Some belive that they are just being good citizens and getting rid of the undesirables.

When we do try to educate the public, we get mail and email tampered with, or we just don't get our emails. We get our phones bugged, homes bugged and computers monitored. People follow us and try to track our every move. Our forums are taken offline, or posts are at time removed or banned from forums. Forums are hacked.

There are also just like on this forum, so many disinformation agents trying to make sure the truth does not get out.

So the battle is long and the road is winding, we need this to be discussed openly, so that people will know what is happening.

posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 06:00 PM

Originally posted by Prote

Yes I agree with the chicken and egg analogy. Since I came across your thread, I have been racking my memory trying to see if I actually had been a victim of the phenomenon you describe. However, these are things I have spent many years psychologically moving away from, not so much as suppression but more of letting go.

I can totally see how any person that is a victim of this could feel severe paranoia, a feeling of being crazy or continually rethinking their sanity. When I first talked about what was happening (or I thought was happening), you very quickly learn how few people you can actually talk to and how what you're saying comes across. As you see so many times in these forums, if you have no proof, people shout crank, and that's what it's like. Close family and friends more likely don't say it but you can see it on their faces.

Having re-evaluated the whole thing these last few days, I am comfortable that my condition was just that...a condition which was treated. Had I found this thread at the point in time I was going through this, I would have said you nailed it. I think this highlights two important things...

The thing with gang stalking is that the harassment does not usually stop. See if it is just paranoia. Then moving or going somewhere else starting a new job might fix it.

In your case you had treatment and what you were going through stopped, however many people never have this stop. Not for years. Also if you were going though gang stalking, having yourself followed is hard to miss once you are aware of it.

The other thing is at the time you might have said it was gang stalking, but you might just as easily read the thread, and decided that it was not gang stalking.

Just like you have done now. Most people if they are going through gang stalking once they understand what it is they know it. Eg. Most are just looking for the answer to their widespread harassment, when they come up on the term gang stalking they then understand what they are going through.

Something about your specific experience must have lead you to belive that there are specific elements missing that did not then facilitate a dignosis of gang stalking. Also like you said this was years ago. I was not present I don't know, but if it's all behind you, and you feel that it was not gang stalking, then it's best to leave it at that.

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posted on Aug, 8 2006 @ 04:21 AM
the logistics of gang stalking must be amazingly complex, do you know how much 24/7 surveillance costs?

not to mention you have to coordinate every single agent, plot interceptions and beware of re-using them. electronic harassment is much easier, though and i'm starting to wonder if it's the preferred method.

anyway, this network structure can be understood and used against them, without a doubt. you say that counter-attack is a fantasy, well, if you understand how they're tracking you and if you understand how they coordinate, they become very vulnerable the moment you vanish from their radar screen.

the employed methods are of course entirely up to the individual.

posted on Aug, 11 2006 @ 02:54 PM

No matter how late at night I would arrive, no matteer how quiet the rest of the city and streets would be, the overpass to one's left while gazing out would be filled with a steady stream of automobiles, driving bumper to bumper as if it were rush hour, incessantly for the duration of my time upon the mountain. It was such an impossible spectacle because I would often not pass another living soul on the streets of the Valley on my way up to the hilltop. Then when I got up there, it didn't matter if I stayed for 5 minutes or an hour, the flow was continuous.

just for curiositiy's sake, could we be dealing with implanted memories or holograms of some kind? i'm very sorry, but how many people would you send just to harass a single person? i can hardly picture hundreds people cruising all night long just for kicks.

certain elements sound very familiar, though, in terms of general atmosphere that surrounds the story, not in terms of individual incidents, so i consider the report honest.

posted on Aug, 12 2006 @ 05:22 PM

Originally posted by andy1033
probably came from a place like soviet union or china. the victims do not have to have done anything wrong, because as we know, lies made up about a person is just as good as truths.

you will just find more and more of this stuff in society. people probably jump at the chance to hassle people and corner people, must give them big egos. it probably is very vast as well, with the police and medical agencies involved.

one tip, work for the wrong person, and your name may be added to there list, and then you will see if true or not.

the future bright(yep it is for scum who will go to any lenghs to destroy others lifes)

but this is all hearsay is it not, because those victims do not have a voice, just fill them with tablets, and quieten them down to a point where they are not human beings anymore.

this thread reminds me of a saying - "an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

you can buy directed energy weapons on the internet to use on others, effects dither from making them sick or driving people up the wall to drive them insane. i got links to shops on the internet that actually sell this stuff to the public. , sick world, and anyone who thinks this is rubbish just look for yourself, and you will be able to find those things.

[edit on 27-7-2006 by andy1033]

Sounds like any school campus in America to me, just bigger bullies. Just be one of the ones who is labeled in some way and watch your life go to pieces. Just because a bully gets older doesn't mean they get any less a bully, and we all know bullies do love their own company.

Appreciate the way this "gang-stalking" thing has been defined and the victims' reactions made clear. Gives a much clearer reason for why I felt the need to get all over the principal of my daughter's school for not protecting her when she was being bullied. Also gives me more reason to watch carefully that my grands are not victims of this cowardly, evil behavior.

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posted on Aug, 13 2006 @ 03:02 PM
Sorry I have been doing some research on snitch culture and got side tracked.

Anyway here is a post that explains this so much better. How people can be used to stalk someone 24/7. It's getting done so we know it's possible. Ok the following post just to be clear is not mine. Thay are from the "annon" poster. But the info is so quality that I hope everyone will read it. If posting the info is against any rules please let me know and I will adjust the postings. Thanks.

KKK is gang stalking Avatar Students
Author: unknown | Date: 23-07-2006 | Posted in: alt.clearing.avatar | Show original

Gang*Stalking FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Table of Contents:
1. The Purpose of this FAQ
2. The Definition of Gang Stalking
3. Synonyms for Gang Stalking
4. The Goal of Gang Stalking
5. Motivations for the Abuse
6. Who are the Stalkers?
7. Why People Participate in Gang Stalking
8. Who or What is Ultimately Behind Gang Stalking?
9. Examples of Harassment
10. Tactics Used by Stalkers
11. Variations of Gang Stalking
12. Questions and Answers
13. Advice to Victims
14. Additional Resources


The purpose of this FAQ is to inform citizens of a widespread practice
to which he/she may not be formerly aware of, as well as to prevent
future victimizations.


Gang Stalking is stalking by multiple perpetrators, most of whom are
unknown to the victim, for the expressed desire to harass using
psychological abuse and intimidation.


Synonyms for Gang Stalking are not limited to, but include the
following; Group Stalking, Cause Stalking, Community Stalking,
Vigilante Stalking, Organized Stalking, Multi-Stalking, and


The expressed goal of Gang Stalking is to silence a victim, drive a
victim insane and possibly to the point of suicide, or destroy the
victim's reputation and believability as the person will likely be
viewed as mentally ill should they complain or report the abuse. Gang
Stalking is also used to gather information on individuals as well as
force individuals to move or leave an area.


Motivations for Gang Stalking vary. Revenge for a real or imagined
offense, true or false accusations of a "horrible crime" of which the
victim has gotten away with, silencing a corporate "whistle-blower",
defecting from a cult, a perceived enemy of a group or organization,
and "knowing too much" are all examples of possible motivations. Due
consideration should be used as the motivations of the stalking groups
are in no way limited to the above.


The stalkers, for the most part, are everyday citizens. Other stalkers
are "street thugs" who have been hired to harass and intimidate. Some
Stalkers are actual Private Investigators who have been hired to gather
information concerning the victim. Many stalkers are members of
volunteer police groups.


-Some stalkers are told lies, either positive or negative in nature, in

order to gain their participation
-Some stalkers are paid or receive other benefits
-Stalkers belonging to an organization may simply be following orders.
-Some stalkers may use their participation in order to repay a past
-Racism, Prejudice, Anti-Semitism, Homophobia, or otherwise Hatred of a

-Peer Pressure/ Need to Fit In
-Former stalkers have stated they participated out of fear of becoming
the next target should they go against the group.
-Entertainment Value/Thrill of Participation in an Illegal activity.
-Some stalkers mistakenly believe it is their civil duty.

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posted on Aug, 13 2006 @ 03:05 PM

Corporations, Government Organizations, Military,
Societies/Fraternities/Orders, Religious Cults and Destructive "New
Age" Groups, "Concerned" Community Groups/Vigilante Groups, Criminal
Organizations, Volunteer Police Organizations, etc.


Slashed Tires, Threatening Phone Calls, Verbal Assaults by Strangers,
Property Damage, Death Threats, "Peeping Toms", Following on Foot or by
Vehicle, Bizarre Notes and Drawings Left, Loitering, Anonymous False
Accusations to Friends, Family, and Neighbors, Character Assassination,
Smear Campaigns, "Black-Listing", Psychological Abuse, etc.



Anchoring is a technique employed by stalkers to implant a false
motivation or reason behind the stalking, preventing the victim from
discovering the truth. In more sinister examples, Anchoring involves
the implantation of evidence to persuade the victim some other group or
organization is responsible for the abuse.



The term "Baiting" is a stalking tactic used to lure a victim into
environments, or situations, which cause further problems to the
victim. Often "Baiting" involves tricking a victim into committing a
crime or unknowingly engaging in an illegal activity.


Brighting is a term jokingly referred to by stalkers to indicate the
practice of repetitive flashing of a car's high-beam headlights. The
victim is usually followed and may be "flashed" from either a
"tail-gating" vehicle or a passing or on-coming one. "Brighting" also
occurs when bright lights are flashed into a victim's home-windows.



Color Harassment is literally the use of color to harass a victim.
Usually, monochromatic color schemes are used, though this choice is
pretty much up to the stalkers. An example of Color Harassment would be
a line of stalkers, in red shirts, circling a victim. Color Harassment
is often combined with other stalking tactics.


Convoy is a tactic of stalkers referring to the practice of a group of
"tail-gaiting" cars passing repeatedly in front of the home of the
victim. Vehicles used may be of the same color, and stalkers may honk
the car horn or flash the car headlights as they pass.


Cyber-Stalking is a related group of harassing behavior occurring via
internet/online. Cyber-Stalking includes, but is not limited to;
Computer Hacking, "Trolling", Spamming (Often including "Porn
Deluges"), Verbal Assaults, Character Assassination, and Impersonations
of the victim.

Cyber-Stalking Information & Resources


Directed Conversation is a term referring to a stalking tactic using
stranger's conversation to both intimidate and to convey to the victim
that they are under surveillance. During Directed Conversation, two or
more stalkers will approach near to the target and engage in "normal"
conversation with one another. The conversation is purposefully made
at a level so that the victim can adequately hear what is being said.
During Directed Conversation, personal information concerning the
victim is inserted into the speech and emphasized by the stalkers in a
fashion that most non-victims would not be able to discern as
harassment. The purpose of Directed Conversation is to harass a
victim, as well as make the victim appear mentally unstable should they
attempt to complain about such abuse.

posted on Aug, 13 2006 @ 03:05 PM
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posted on Aug, 13 2006 @ 03:09 PM

Electronic Harassment is the use of technological devices to spy on or
cause harm to targeted victims. For example, exposure to a high
magnetic field has been shown to induce hallucinations in humans while
exposure to intense microwave radiation induces psychotic episodes and
causes brain damage. A frequent form of Electronic Harassment involves
beaming a low frequency "hum" or "tone" into a victim's home or general
area. Over time, the exposure causes the victim to lose sleep, become
agitated, and suffer the effects of prolonged stress. Such tactics are
also being used in cases of hostage situations as well as covert
government operations.

Electronic Harassment

Michigan Legislature Acknowledges the Existence of "Harmful
Electro-Magnetic Devices"


The term Ghosting refers to the practice of rearranging, or moving, of
a victim's home furniture, lawn decorations, desk decorations at work,
etc. The purpose of Ghosting is to make a victim question his or her
sanity. Ghosting is also designed to make other's question the sanity
of the victim, especially if the victim attempts to complain of the


Mimicry is a specialized form of harassment in which the stalkers
publicly imitate every movement made by the victim.


Mobbing is a term that describes "Group Bullying". Of itself, Mobbing
is not equated with Gang Stalking. However, Mobbing may be a tactic
used by the perpetrators of Gang Stalking.



A Noise Campaign is an orchestrated effort to produce stress in a
victim through prolonged exposure to significant noise levels. A Noise
Campaign can range from multiple neighbors routinely playing loud
music, individual stalkers with air-horns or fireworks, or organized
"repair work" that involves a high level of noise.


Sensitization is a psychological term referring to the forced
association between a stimuli and a corresponding reaction. Stalkers
use Sensitization to psychologically abuse a victim. For example, if a
stalker constantly harasses a victim while wearing a blue baseball cap,
then overtime the victim will begin to believe anyone wearing a blue
baseball cap is a stalker and is coming to harass. Sensitization
undoubtedly creates an extreme level of fear in a victim, in direct
fulfillment of the intentions of the stalkers.



Street Theater is a term used to describe the odd-actions and behaviors
that stalkers do in public, in an attempt to rile the victim. Such
behavior often borders on the extremely bizarre and is aimed at a
blurring of the boundaries between reality and fantasy in the minds of
the victims. Examples of Street Theater: Baiting, Brighting, Color
Harassment, Convey, Directed Conversation, Ghosting, Mimicry, Noise
Campaigns, etc.



The term Gas-Lighting originates from the 1944 film Gaslight. In the
movie, the character of Gregory Anton, played by actor Charles Boyer,
attempts to drive the character Pauline, played by actress Ingrid
Bergman, insane. The phrase Gas-Lighting has come to mean similar
actions and behavior, as used in the film, against a victim.

1944 Gaslight staring Ingrid Bergman

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Consumer Stalking is harassment and abuse directed at a consumer who
has either filed a complaint against a company, filed a lawsuit against
a company, or who is made aware of illegal activity occurring within a
company. Often companies will fund stalkers simply in an attempt to
prevent the victim from filing a lawsuit, via using fear and
intimidation tactics. Consumer Stalking can also be used to describe
certain illegal activities of debt collectors.


The term Corporate Stalking refers to a particularly severe form of
Gang-Stalking, where a corporation actually provides funding toward the
harassment and abuse of a targeted individual, usually someone who is a
"whistle-blower", a perceived "problem employee", or else an employee
who has witnessed illegal activity occurring within the corporation.
The most sinister, and downright evil, tactic used during Corporate
Stalking is forcing the victim to see the company psychologist. In
most cases, the company psychologist is made aware that the victim is a
"dissident" and a threat that needs to be eliminated. A false
diagnosis of "general psychosis", "schizophrenia", or other mental
illness is made, as well as a recommendation of institutionalization.

Corporate Cyber-Stalking

Corrupt Company Psychologist Information


"*igger Baiting" and "Jew Baiting" are both derogatory slang for Gang
Stalking as jokingly referred to by members of The KKK and other
Aryan-based groups who either participate in, or know of it's usage
against African American and Jewish people. "Queer Baiting" is
derogatory slang for Gang Stalking as jokingly referred to by those who
participate in or know of its usage against Homosexual/Gay Men.

NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)

JCPA (The Jewish Council for Public Affairs)


The term, "SLAPP", short for Strategic Lawsuits against Public
Participation, is a term used to describe a systematic and highly
organized form of stalking used by corporations in an effort to
"stomp-out" resistance prior to the implementation of a controversial
goal or plan. Just as the name implies, trivial lawsuits are filed
against known activists, and organizations, simply in an effort to
drain funding. "SLAPP" is quite effective at weakening, or eliminating,
any perceived opposition.

Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation


"The White Glove Treatment" is slang for Gang Stalking as jokingly
referred to by the Masons who either participate in, or know of its
usage against so-called "Enemies of Freemasonry". [Note: The phrase
"The White Glove Treatment" is not limited to Freemasonry, as members
of similar groups and organizations often practice Gang Stalking. Also
realize that Gang Stalking isn't, and has never been, sanctioned by any
Grand Lodge or Governing Body of Freemasonry. It is a rogue practice
carried out by groups of Masons without sanction or permission from
superiors. This said, the practice is, unfortunately, widespread.]

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"Work-Place Mobbing" is mobbing that occurs "on the job" and for a
variety of reasons. Motivations behind this form of Gang-Stalking
include, but are not limited to, the following; mobbing used to force a
person to quit a job, usually in order to prevent paying of a benefit
such as a severance package, unemployment, or retirement, silencing an
employee who has knowledge of illegal activities occurring in the
company, or forcing an employee to quit/resign as to open the position
to another candidate. Mobbing has recently become a serious issue in
corporate environments. Many countries, like Canada, Australia, and
the USA, have strengthened their "Anti-Mobbing" laws as a result of
such increase.

Work-Placing Mobbing USA


Does the word "Gang", as in Gang Stalking, refer to "Street Gangs"?

-No. The word, "Gang", refers to multiple people who organize/group
together for a common purpose.

What is the difference between Stalking, by a single perpetrator, and
Gang Stalking?

-All forms of stalking are physically, emotionally, and psychologically
harmful to the victim. With regards to Gang Stalking, the abuse is
particularly invasive as the victim is not able to distinguish friend
from foe. The majority of the population is aware of cases such as
"jilted lover as stalker", and can readily identify key features of
such abuse. The little-known phenomena of Gang Stalking allows the
perpetrators anonymity and enables future victimizations, as stalkers
are actually encouraged by the lack of repercussions. Please keep in
mind that victims of Gang Stalking have to deal with an abuse
engineered to make them appear insane should they complain to
authorities. It is no wonder that victims of Gang Stalking are far
more likely to commit suicide than victims of individual stalkers.

Is Gang Stalking illegal?

-Yes! Despite what the leaders or members of stalking groups say or
believe, all forms of stalking and harassment are illegal.

Criminal Stalking Laws by State

Has any former Stalker ever spoken out against Gang Stalking?

-Yes! David Lawson, a licensed Private Investigator in Florida,
participated in Gang Stalking for approximately 12 years. He has since
wrote a book, Terrorist Stalking in America, detailing how and why the
government, corporations, organizations, and societies hire people to
stalk, torture, and harass certain individuals.

Organized Stalking by Groups: Summarized Points from "Terrorist
Stalking in America"

What type of person is most at risk for becoming a victim of Gang

-Minorities, "Whistle-Blowers", Activists, Homosexuals, Dissidents,
Suspected Pedophiles (Despite the Truth of any Allegations),
Informants, People who "Know too Much", Political Rivals, Witnesses to
a Crime, People who were "at the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time",
Victims of Human Experimentation, etc.

Is it true that Police often participate in Gang Stalking?

-Unfortunately, Yes. Many police officers are also members of
organizations that practice Gang Stalking. Also, many police officers
use community groups to help keep neighborhoods safe from would-be
predators, disregarding the innocent people who get harassed and
stalked in the process. The police officers who are sympathetic towards
victims of Gang Stalking have admitted that they are fully aware of the
phenomena but have little power to stop it due to it's widespread

What part of the country is one most likely to be Gang Stalked?

-Victims have reported Gang Stalking in every state of the union, as
well as international.

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What is the first documented case of Gang Stalking?

-The KKK was the first group who openly admitted to using Gang Stalking
practices against African Americans, Jews, Homosexuals, and Caucasians
involved in Civil Right Campaigns.

In 1826 a man named William Morgan, a former Freemason turned
Anti-Mason, threatened to write a book detailing all of the supposed
secrets of the craft. He experienced harassment and abuse, identical
to that of Gang Stalking, prior to being abducted. His ultimate fate
remains unknown. Though these are just two examples, it is likely that
Gang Stalking has occurred in some form since the beginning of

Ku Klux Klan

William Morgan/Anti-Mason

Do the Stalkers ever question or check to see if a targeted victim is
indeed guilty of a crime?

-No. There is an "assumption of guilt" among the stalkers. Also,
remember that many stalkers are paid for their harassment, so these
individuals are not concerned with the innocence or guilt of a victim.

Assuming a victim knows the group that is behind their stalking, should
they attempt to openly communicate with them?

-Absolutely Not! For one, the stalkers automatically assume the victim
is guilty of an atrocity, and thus "deserves" the treatment. Second,
many stalkers actually want the victim to engage them in some fashion.
In these instances the interaction will be recorded and used as
evidence against the victim, especially in attempts to suggest the
victim is mentally unstable.

If a charitable and respectable society practices Gang Stalking on the
side, should we assume the victims deserve such treatment?

-Absolutely not! When people take the law into their own hands, any
notion of "law" is destroyed altogether. I should emphasize that the
majority of Gang Stalking victims are completely innocent of any
crimes. Any group that performs Gang Stalking is not positive in
nature, nor beneficial to society, despite any charitable works they
may perform. Likewise, such societies only remain "respectable"
because any and all evidence of "wrong doing" is conveniently destroyed
or eliminated.

Are Stalkers involved in a Cult?

-Yes, some stalkers are indeed members of cults. Both victims and
former stalkers have reported groups with Heretical Christian, Pagan,
and New-Age agendas and beliefs, as practicing Gang Stalking.

What is the connection between Gang Stalking Groups and "The New-Age"?

-Most people are not aware of the connections between "New Age
Philosophy" and the Third Reich, nor are they aware that many of the
New-Age writers and thinkers of the past were out-spoken Racists,
Elitists, and Anarchists. It is in the spirit of this "dark-side" that
New-Age groups today participate in, and organize, Gang Stalking.

Order of the Solar Temple (A former New-Age/Masonic/Heretical-Christian
Cult whose wealthy and influential members committed murder, as well as
an eventual mass-suicide.)

Is Gang Stalking being used as a form of Human Psychological

-In some cases Gang Stalking is indeed being used to silence a victim
of human experimentation, as well as conduct certain psychological
tests on the unsuspecting public.

Project MK-Ultra (Covert CIA Mind-Control Research Program)

What is the connection between Gang Stalking and the Government?

COINTELPRO (Counter-Intelligence Program): FBI's Covert Action
Program Against American Citizens


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Network with other Victims (Contact other victims and share support)



Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace, by Noa Davenport,
Ruth D. Schwartz, and Gail Pursell-Elliot

Terrorist Stalking in America, by David Lawson

1996, by Critically Acclaimed Author Gloria Naylor, A fictionalized
account of her experiences as a victim of Gang Stalking


Are You Really Crazy, or Are You Being Gang-Stalked?

C.A.T.C.H. (Citizens Against Technological and Community-Based


Electronic Harassment

Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance

Gang Stalking

Gang Stalking Attack Plan

Magic City Morning Star: Stalking Victims

Multi-Stalker Victim Support Site

One Man's Personal Experiences

Road to Freedom

Stalking Victim's Sanctuary

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