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Are most young people uncomfortable with religion?

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posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 07:30 PM
In America it seems most people worry about everything to the point of having a huge defense system and in some instances its a very arrogant defense persona. I am sure most of you know what I am talking about. Kind of like the person that you never met before and they come off as judging everything about you as if in a defense system of something they lack wholeheartly.

I notice many foreigners don't have this problem. They have not been raised in a society that has to worry about how they look,think etc. I think this is a very negative trait however my point of all that is this. I have see in others as well as in myself when it comes to talking about religion people are very uncomfortable. I always wondered why I had this feelings. I think part of it is that in America there is a large zealot factor and unless your old granny going to church most young people don't want that image of being looked at as some sort of religious nut job. This could be argued if one is comfortable in their spirtality they wouldn't have such a complex. My point of this is recognizing the problem and seeing where to go from there.

So I am curious if I am hitting the nail on the head. Now I don't want this to be a debate of whats wrong with a giving religion and thats why. Generaly speaking the feelings that arise from light converse that creates the feelings of uncomfort.

I once talked to someone in jail and somehow religion came up in conversation and the majority of inmates choose Buddhism. I think the big reason for this was for the above problems. Nothing wrong with Buddhism but I believe it was choosen since its a very approachable religion hence no zealot factor. I think this also applies to the mysticism as well or doctrines that have been considered heresy. FOr a younger person to approach spiritality it has to be comfortable or have some sort of exciting factor.

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