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A psychic driven life

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posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 01:44 PM
You know, over the years, I have noticed, and accepted that I have a job to do. Many years ago, I stated to the powers that be, that I was willing to help and be used as a tool to my fellow human beings, and that I be put where I am needed. Since then, my life has taken several turns, here, there, everywhere. I have been guided to where spirit wants me to be, and everywhere I go, I find meaning and a reason for being there.

I'm just a normal guy, I work labor jobs, always hoping to advance in positions, always trying to make the best out of crappy jobs and rude employees. But no matter where I go, I find meaning, and someone finds me who needs something I can offer.

It very simply could be someone who is down and needs a smile, or someone who has lost a child and needs to be exposed to my views on life and death. Which was the case with my last job prior to this one. I find that is a common theme with me, spirit leads me to people who need "special grief counceling".

My own life is always in termoil, family tragedy, moves, odd occurences that create the need to leave a job and find another, or circumstances that require me to move totally to another area like has just happened this year. But there is always a reason for it on a spiritual/psychic level. I'll often be in the middle of a job and suddenly it will hit me, OMG, this is why I am here!

I am a very down to earth person. I don't practice religion, lately I havnt practiced anything "psychic" either, I'm to busy, work is keeping me busy and my freetime is mainly spent playing games or playing with my computer, doing things that I enjoy. But in the back of my mind, I know something is happening, some of the people I have contact with are learning a valuable lesson from me somehow, by example, or just by idle chit chat at work, I know I am making a difference, this is where I need to be. This is how spirit works, and this is what my own "psychic" abilities are used for. I make a difference in peoples lives, just through working and every day contact. I get to people on a deeper level, almost like a psychologist, a psychic is the same.

Psychic is such a harsh lable though. What does it mean to be psychic? It means you have a greater effect on people than many. The day to day life we all go through for someone with a psychic sense, has a lot more meaning. And I often find myself in situations where I learn a lot about someone and just have to throw a little advice thier way, maybe a hint, or outright say something to steer them away or twards an opprotunity.

To me this is normal. It is just the way things are, and I often wonder if this is how other people like me live thier lives. Are they driven, always knowing that there is a reason why they are where they are, even if they themselves do not see it at the time, often finding themselves in the middle or as an afterthought going AHA!!! Thats why I was there!

I have a very mundain life, I'm just the guy that walks down the street who you make eye contact with and I will smile at you. Perhaps you work next to me, and I talk about odd stories, or wierd little subjects just as a way to pass time. The things that interest me tend to border on the paranormal, and I have experienced a lot, so I will often have an opinion on what something was or what it meant, or why it happened, and people find my opinions odd. Slowly I reviel myself to fellow workers, just a little here and there to anyone who is interested. Until at some point I am asked to give a reading or whatever for someone,its inevidable that I will have to at some point. Generally I don't, readings tend to be something I avoid, because so much can come from one, especially with fellow co workers, if you arnt right, they lable you weird, so you always gotta tell people its just for fun.

Some people believe and some don't, some are religious and get all freaky, I've been called everything in the book from influenced by Satan to an angel, from a prophet to a false prophet, and everything between. I just find it all interesting, sometimes humorous, and go on my merry way, being who I am and being true to myself, because to me, that is the most importaint thing anyone can do, be true to who they are.

The odd experiences I have are constant reminders that life is more than we can see, so I look deeper for meaning, all the while fully believing that I am being lead to where I need to be for whatever reason. Jobs fall into my lap, I'm never unemployed, and when I get to where I need to be, the powers that be let me know by giving me signs and connections to where I am.

Maybe it sounds odd, but this is how my life goes. I know I am where I need to be, and tomorrow when I am somewhere else, I will need to be there too. Does it sound strange to you?

It doesn't to me, but then this is how my life has always been. The misconception so many people have about being "aware" can be disheartening sometimes. People like me are just like everyone else, only our minds wander to strange places, and we get pictures and images sometimes. And when we do, we guide people who we see in those images, be they co workers, friends or whoever.

We are just like everyone else though.

I follow the spiritworld, or does it follow me? I have guides, who guide me. I don't hear them, see them, feel them, accept on rare occasions. But I know they are there, and often they work a lot of overtime to help make things happen, so that I am guided to where I need to go next to either learn or help, to make my life have meaning.

This is a peek into the world of someone like me, we are like everyone else, we just think alot, and we are open to that small voice that tells us this or that.

I go where I am lead, always asking for signs that this is the right place, always getting them, and comforting myself in the knowlege that I am doing exactly as I should.

posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 01:58 PM
Thats great.

I have a cat.

posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 06:39 PM
If you can try to offer me any information about my future and whatnot, I would appreciate it. Although I understand that it would be pretty hard to just get information about someone you don't know at all. Anyway you can U2U me if you want.

Anyway interesting story. I always envy those people that have the whole "Life takes me where I need to be" "Things fall on my lap just when I need them the most" type thing going on.


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