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My Experiances...

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posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 12:39 PM
OK so my first paranormal experience that i can remember happened when i was about 14. I was in my mothers house (i didn't live with her) staying for the weekend.

It was a Saturday night, normal conditions and nothing unusual that i can remember. I went to bed around 10pm and was just laying there trying to get to sleep. I remember closing my eyes for a few minuets, when i turned over (wide awake at this point) i looked up and could see what was a semi-translucent arm resting on the headboard. At first i thought this was my mum or something, but i realised that the direction the arm was coming from would have meant that a person would have to be through the bedroom wall for them to have been able to do it. I was surprised at the detail of the arm and hand. Needless to say, as i was 14, i pulled the blanket over my head and didn't look up again

The next day i asked my mum if she had come into my room at all, just in case it was her. She had not.

I had another experience in that same house a few months later. We were all sitting in the Living room watching T.V. When 3 people including me saw what looked like a little boy in a all-in-one pyjama set. The little boy ran from the Hall door to the Kitchen one, which were both open. Our room was set up so the Kitchen door was facing the Hallway door. There was no one else in the house apart from the people in the living room. We checked the kitchen and hallway but no one was there. I found this odd that 3 people saw it and no one had been drinking or doing any drugs (just to rule them out).

The house were both these things happened was built in around the 1930's and is in a suburb of Liverpool, England. Nothing bad in there had happened as far as i know.

Since then i have had a few minor experiences but nothing like these two things has happened since.

posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 12:52 PM
sounds freaky pickle, i had similer stuff happen to me as well, started when i was about 6 years old, when i would here a baby crying in the corner of my room and feel that somthing was stopping me going into that corner. Then i started hearing things walking around my room, then night one night i had an experience that scared the bejesus out of me, I was laying down in bed when i heard the usual heavy footsteps crossing my room only this time they walked towards my bed, the thing/ entity whatever it was sat at the bottom of my bed, i could actually smell it ( it smelt kinda musta like old spice aftershave). The thing then reached down and licked my hand!!!!!!!!!!!! yes it actually licked my hand, i thought i was gonna wet myself!!! this thing then got up and walked away. I jumped out my bed and screamed running through to my mum to tell her what happened but she just looked at me as if i was insane, but i refused to sleep in that room for a very long time.

Since then i have heard voices ( no wise cracks please :lol
calling my name and i have seen entities/ghosts mainly children and in one case i saw an old man. I have experienced cold spots in all the houses i have lived in as well as seeing shadows of poeple and things have went missing. I dont particulary feel scared anymore because i dont sence badness in whatever it is. But in my house just now we have a cold spot in the corner of the room, the hairs on the back of your knech stand on end and u just get a feeling of pure dred, this is also the house where i regulary seee a little boy standing on the stairs trying to talk to me and pointing at me. Ok half novel over

You may cart me off to the looney bin now

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