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The World Of The Middle East A War or Conflict?

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posted on Jul, 22 2006 @ 08:42 PM
The current conflicts in the Middle East hold such a great significance in history and in our lives, for anyone not living in that immediate area we could never see anything on their level.

We as the surrounding audience look upon the varied conflicts with may diverse feelings and beliefs. I would like to open this thread up to this very thing. Where we just state what we believe and why, and if you are in this area, you could state what it might be like, for me, I am live in the United States, my beliefs are very stereo typical but not as much as it is thought.

Statement 1
On the matters surrounding and inside the Middle East do you guys ever believe that there could be a large war ever made from this, most of the largest wars in history started with some small conflict and then turned into something huge.

So I open open this to anyone who wants to state what they believe.

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