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Origin of the word jew and khazar

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posted on Jul, 22 2006 @ 08:11 PM
This is a follow up on information about the 'Ashkenazi'-jews that others have mentioned in several threads over the years.

Dr. Samuel Johnson wrote the first English Dictionary in 1797, which isn't so very long ago. It consists of two thick volumes. And it has nearly every word that was then used in the English language. In that book, in those two volumes, the word, Jew, does not appear. That word was coined, forced on you, stuffed down your throats by control of all the media by the people who are interested in leading you to slaughter. They say Shakespeare used it. They cite all the people who used it. But it did not exist.

One can search 234 official documents, maps, books, and other records, but the best is one that I found in the last few years, The Encyclopedia Britannica, the 1911 Edition, Volume 15, three pages, define the word "Khazar." Three pages! Now, that book was published in 1911, in London, and it probably took twenty-five years to accumulate it. It's the research of many people. But you will find that the Khazars were an Asian nation; they were a Mongoloid, Turko-Finn tribal nation in Asia. And they had so much trouble with the other nations there, who finally succeeded in driving them out of Asia, across the border, into what is known today as Russia, in the area of the Ukraine.


posted on Jul, 22 2006 @ 08:13 PM
Now, those three pages in that Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 15, the 1911 Edition tells you who they are, how war-like, how savage, how barbarian they are, and that they succeeded in sweeping across Europe to the gates of Paris, and to Finland. They controlled all Europe - these Mongols known as Khazars! They did that from maybe the fourth century to the ninth century. And they were the most brutal people. They enslaved these people and exacted tribute from them, while holding them under their control - practically all Europe.

Until in the 8th century, a man by the name of Rurik. a Varengian, who came from across the water, from what is known today as Sweden, - he organized these people. They were living as people interested in agriculture. They didn't want any politics, they didn't want nations or governments. But he saw what they were subject to, this treatment by their Khazar conquerors. And he organized the principality of Rokh, which became the Russian Empire. He organized them, and started to drive these Khazars back. And he finally succeeded to drive them back to where they came into Europe for the first time, in the area of the Ukraine, where they continued their Khazar Kingdom.

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posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 12:48 AM
In light of your question, I would like to contribute, if I could.

This will tie in with another topic I had covered, and we may be able to verify some details that where left hanging, for lack of a better term.

I was reviewing The Khazars and the Scythians by Vladimir Pomakov and thought this maybe some direction for advancing or tracing back, the "origins" of these groups.
The Khazars and the Scythians
Vladimir Pomakov

Regarding history one of the most profound Bulgarian historians, Dr. Gancho Tzenov, prof. at the University of Berlin in the beginning of 20th century, believed that:

(1) history is a positive, inductive science, which is based only on facts, systematized facts and never on assumptions, opinions and speculations. Consequently one must not believe in histories written by victors;

(2) large sections of the officially accepted at his time European history of the past 2000 years or so, and particularly that of Eastern Europe, is based on assumptions, opinions and speculations and has nothing in common with the real history of the continent and its human inhabitants.

The situation has not changed as of today. There is a lot of evidence supporting this stand of Dr. Tzenov, but I will allow myself to adduce the following few from his works:

I thought this should be noted, so the intention is clear.

It continues and notes some interesting claims.

1. Herodotus wrote extensively on the Scythians - the common ancestors of most of Indo-European peoples. He noted that this was the name they used to call themselves and that it translates in Greek as Nomads, or "wanderers"..........

3. The Hercules' first son, called by Herodotus "Aga-tirz", was called by the people that descended from him "KOZAR"............

4. In the 6th century AD, the Anonymous Chronograph of Ravenna, in its brief description of the KHAZARS, as one of the major peoples inhabiting Skitia (Scythia), specifies that, in the ancient times, they were called "akatzirs":.........

5. Thus, for the first time, it was documented that the "KHAZARS" were the same "AGATZIRS", the same ancient Scythian..........

6. What West-European historians (and most of East-European ones as well) call The Great Migration of Peoples in the early Middle Ages - between 4th and 7th AD - implying that huge masses of people from the depth of Asia, predominantly of Turkic origin, rushed into Europe and turned everything on their way into ruins, is to a very large extent dramatic fiction, myth, fabrication. What actually took place in the above period (and even as early as by the end of the 3rd century AD) was the dislocation and transposition of the different Scythian (Skitian if we would prefer the correct form) peoples within their vast European range. This tremendous movement of human masses was due to a large extent to overpopulation of their traditional home territories where the life supporting resources have become more or less exhausted. Thus the northern, Baltic Skitians (for instance the notorious Goths!) moved south, displacing those living in the more southern latitudes, who in turn pushed their neighbours further south. Similarly, there were movements along the parallel, like the one performed by the tribes of Huns. They left their homeland around Azov sea (Meothida) and moved westwards displacing, but mostly conquering their cousins, the Kozars and a few more of the Danube Valley Skitian peoples.

7 .......However, the (Roman) Empire tried to exact tribute from them, too and in more than one way had made itself hated and non-welcomed by the free Skits. This obviously was one of the most important reasons to have many Skitian tribes united in the first half of the 5th century AD under the scepter of one of their kings in order to govern themselves in the way that would suit them best. It so happen that that king was called Attila ........

8. (Now, Huns and Kozars (Khazars) were very close relatives, if not one and the same people. Both Huns and Khazars, or the part of the Danube Skitians they were, formed together with other Skitian tribes the Bolgarian people, state and nation south of the Danube............

................It is possible that some of them may have been converted to Judaism by the mountain Jews from Caucasus, but the notion that almost the whole of the contemporary Jewry, particularly the Jews from Russia, Poland, the Baltic States - the East Europe in general - originated from the Kozars/Khazars is right away improbable..........

...........Most of the Ashkenazim Jews settled in Bulgaria by the end of 19th century AD, when the country was already liberated from the Otoman rule,.........

So, it seems, that these words you are tracing may infact have no connection, between themselves, other than through conversion of the Faith. The Khazars, are from an Ancient Family. I do not have much belief for the Hercules Origin, although there maybe hidden truths in here as well.

But these are a Distinct People with a Colorful past. Thru thier Eastern Family come Genghis and Kublai Khan. All of these flow back to an unsual origin. The Hu, or WuHu (Five Hu) of China's past are part of this family as well. And it is strange that their common ancestor, was call Hu "Son of Heaven". Hu, would have been alive sometime prior to the Deluge of 5600 BC. (Black Sea Flood). According to Korean Lore, somewhere around 7200 BC.

As for the Decendants of Judah, they have an completely different past and travels, that seem to be much more recent, (The last 1000 years) throughout Europa.

I hope this brings some answers, but I expect it is just a portion of what can be considered.



posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 11:29 AM
You may see what the Wikipedia has to "say" about it.

You can also see this page about the Ashkenazi Jews.

And this one about the Khazars

As I do not know what other threads you are talking about, this is the only thing I can find right now.

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