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The Aztec Codex-Spiritual acent at the end of time

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posted on Jul, 22 2006 @ 12:26 PM
ok ok...

i know i posted a movie a couple weeks back about the mayan calendar...

but seriously... this is some pretty damn good info here.. best info ive heard about 2012 and the mayan calendar.

The Aztec Codex

A thirteen-page transcription of a lost Aztec codex known as the "Pyramid of Fire" was found in the early 1960's. Conveyed to the Western ... all » world by a Mazatec shaman and sacred lineage holder, it contains teachings about Meso-America's sacred calendar, astrology, medicine, yoga and the potential for spiritual ascent that can occur at the end of each great World Age cycle. In this 3-hour intensive, John Major Jenkins will teach the Aztec secrets of sacrifice, what it means to "become a Quetzalcoatl," the "New Fire" ceremony, and how the movements of the Sun and the Pleiades interact in determining the great World Ages or Suns. Together, participants will discover the surprisingly-modern metaphysical insights of this long-lost Aztec initiatory text as well as its Perennial (Ageless) Wisdom - universal principles that always re-emerge into human consciousness during the "end times dynamics" such as are now unfolding."

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posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 04:37 PM
I very much enjoyed the video.
It seemed a bit like a pitch for the narrator, Major Jenkins
A few important details appeared to have been 'forced in the corners" to fit astrologically and mathmatically, yet all in all I feel as though I learned some very important facts surrounding symbology that I hadn't connected with elsewhere.
I just get skittish when the sacrifice part plays it's card.


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