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Want to know American Austrailan Alliance relationship?

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posted on Jul, 22 2006 @ 11:39 AM
then read this...

American Australian Alliance Relationship

This is a great insight to the Australian and American Alliance.

*Has a more pro-American view tan the article... and so does most of the friends, while thier girlfriends don't*

*Has seen a videoclip where a couple American guys say Australian women hate american guys and think they are dicks while in Australia......*

*Has heard Australian Women think this view out-load and doesn't undertand it....*

*Thinks you Americans are great*

*takes a different view to this article and hopes Liberals stay in top government forever coz those Labour dicks will just ruin EVERYTHING the liberals have worked for for the last few years... And iI hope the current Liberal government use thier majority senate power to it's full effect and blocks Labour if they ever get power and not senate power from overcoming thier decisions in such as the GST and the new Industrial Relations Laws... (Liberal do this for the good of Australia)*

*Believes American Australian Alliance would be upheld if War broke out with China despite great trade with China (Nothing against China at all.. you guys rock except your Human rights policy and freedom of speech, democratic views and wanting ot take back Taiwan, etc blah blah)* ;-P

*Is Pro-American*

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