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Anything Hi Tec is a toy

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posted on Sep, 27 2006 @ 08:42 AM
In my opinion the F22 and the Eurofighter are probably the most likely planes of today to see combat. Certainly they will see more combat than the Rafale, Gryphon and probably any other relatively recent fighters, unless something totally unforeseen where to happen which I think is unlikely.

I like the Eurofighter and Britain is probably the most likely to put it into action as America will with the F22 so classing them as toys is a bit of a stretch they were both designed to do a serious job and I'm sure they are both very capable of it.

Oh I should probably mention the Germans called the spitfire a toy till it beat them in the Battle of Britain.

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posted on Sep, 30 2006 @ 02:49 AM
By that attitude you're a toy because there are no need for more humans. but of course that's not true
Also things sophisticated don't break, look at the airline industry, the 777 and 737NG have never crashed.

Why are some countries getting girly SAAB Gripens and Eurofighters when they could have serious heavy metal legends like F-4 Phantoms/F-14 Tomcats n stuff like that?

Because them planes SUCK! Put the Phantom up against a su-27 and it would get owned. The Tomcat, is ok, but is slowly getting out dated. Instead buy a bunch of Eurofighters which practically dominate the sky.

If i was going to have a Stealth Fighter/ATF built, I still may design it like the F-22 but i would still have F-4 Phantom type technology inside it

Why? So it's got a crap radar that can detect things only less than 5 miles away?
Put crappy high maintainece heavy engines on them? Make it out of Steel so the wings buckle when pulling only 6g's? So then engines easily flame out?

Originally posted by Browno
I was also thinking if there was an EMP situation where all computers were shut down, Jets like the F-22 and the Typhoon wont be able to take off. But if you had somthing with no computers and basic technology like the Hawker Hunter, F-105,
F-4 Phantom, You will still be able to fly them.

Why dont they build ATFs with basic Hawker Hunter type technology inside? They would be cheaper to build and still use stealth/ATF agility outside.

To get the agility you need a unstable design? Unstable designs need a computer to fly or they crash. THe f-22 and Eurofighter both have protection against EMP anyway.

2. KC-X- Our current tankers do a good job. All we need is an upgraded model.
The KC-135 is based on a 50 year old 707. It needs LOADS of maintainence and guzzles fuel. Why not buy 777s? They hold twice the fuel as the 707, are fuel efficiant, and are easy to maintain. Same goes for the KC-10.

3. New Long range strike Plane- Hey folks what would be so bad about a new model of the F-111? It's battle proven.
Because it can only fly subsonic at low altitudes because it's a draggy design. Also I read an article and newer engines wouldn't fit. It's a gas guzzler and needs loads of maintainence. A replacment needs to supercruise and be stealth. F22B here we come

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