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Ever Wonder If?

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posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 02:41 PM
Got these in an email so thought id share:

Real estate developers could be distracted,
software writers deprogrammed,
movers demobilized,
mink ranchers deferred,
fishermen debated,
bookkeepers discounted,
broadcasters demodulated,
grammarians denounced,
social activists deactivated,
pilots dealated (y'all have to run to the dictionary for at least one..),
sailors debarked,
arborists debarked,
dogs debarked (it's suddenly quieter),
database operators debased,
hair stylists distressed,
moralists debauched,
McDonald's disenfranchised,
Lawyers could also be debriefed,
dermatologists debrided,
collection agencies debilitated,
it is unlikely that an accountant attacked by a dog could be debit.
An agoraphobic might be debouched,
an entomologist debugged,
a cow decaffeinated,
and a drill sergeant could fall into decadence.
The guy who puts the lines on athletic fields could be decalcified,
and boy and girl scouts might be decamped.
A wine steward could be decanted and
a tribal headman or a headwaiter could be decapitated.
A coal merchant could be decarbonized, and
a dentist could just decay.
Disk jockeys could be derecorded,
Cain's brother could be disabled,
liars should be disabused, and
those guys who collect duty at the border might be disaccustomed.
As an American Airlines frequent flier, I live in fear of being disadvantaged,
and when I left the Air Force, I was quickly deblued.
Brothers might be disaffiliated, and
IRS agents disallowed, and
one can foresee the possibility of mediators being disagreeable.
Many public officials could (and should,) be disappointed,
but could the fair-haired boys be disannointed?
The Beatles have already disbanded, and
junior attorneys could be disassociated.
Guitar players could be unstrung, denoted, and disconcerted.

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posted on Jul, 26 2006 @ 08:29 AM
that quite random and i dont really understand wat your getting at


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