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Spirit Of Daytona

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posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 11:48 AM
Just wanted to share this experience, even though I really dont put to much stock in ghosts or things of this nature. However this experience made me wonder and question what was causing it.

My Father, deceased, rests in an urn on a shelf at my brothers home, and next to the urn sits a glass angel figurine. Both being Nascar fans we used to get together on raceday to watch the races. Both my Father and I, both Dale Earnhardt fans, that would be the elder one #3.

Now this one Sunday, during the race Dale was involved in a minor crash, no one hurt, and without warning this little glass angel, just falls from its spot next to the urn, hits the floor and dosen't break, so its picked up and placed back to its spot. The incident did create something for us to talk about, and even though I wasn't there every Sunday my brother told me this happened 3 times more, in the same manner#3 involved in a crash and the angel does a nosedive to the floor.

The final though on the day that Dale was killed in the wreck at Daytona, and I was there watching the race, although this happened a bit different. Just as the wreck began to happen and the car slid towards the wall, the shelf with my fathers urn and the angel totally, collapsed, shattering the angel, all this before the car actually hit the wall.

Okay we all know the crash killed Dale, and as I said Im not much into believing in ghosts or such, but this incident really makes me think. Anyway I just wanted to share it with everyone, and no I have no explanations of what caused it, guess you'll have to draw your own conclusions.

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