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The Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning

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posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 12:36 AM
I live in a high-rise in downtown Chicago, and I park my car on the third floor. There's an office (really more of a ballroom) called "The Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning" that I walk past, sometimes at odd hours of the night.

Every time I go by this place, it seems like something weird is going on. Everybody is dressed in business attire, yet there are candles burning at 3AM. They have another bank of offices down the hall with titles like "The School of Exceptional Living". I always wondered what this place is about.

I saw an advertisement today about a speech from this woman, Judith Wright. The ad wouldn't really say what she'd be speaking about.

I did a search for all of this, and came up with her website:
The Wright Institute

Still doesn't tell you much about what they do.

Then I found this on factnet:

Factnet Thread

They make some really serious allegations there - sleep deprivation, not being able to leave, inflicting emotional distress, etc. Some weird stuff too - like forcing members to lie naked & blindfolded while rats & snakes are placed on them.

Someone at the Institute actually posts a post-by-post rebuttal on the Institute's website (Imagine if Bill Ryan did that during the Serpo debacle).

Check it out - Rebuttal

After reading through all of this, I'm still under the impression that they're a cult. It really seems like they're just providing endless 'coaching' for huge amounts of cash, a la Scientology. Of course, everything that's done on these weekends is confidential...

Has anybody had any experiences with this group? I see the 'clients' on smoke breaks outside sometimes - they seem like nice people that are being taken for a ride. There's always a chance that this place is legit too...

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posted on Aug, 13 2006 @ 03:42 PM
Wow. Thanks for sharing.

i do know that scientology has alot of front groups, organizations, ect that they use to try and suck people in with, like Narconon. However, I dont see any ties between them and this group.

Could be an independant cult. Candles at 3 am in a business........thats a bit odd indeed. I mean, I do magick and ritual late at night, but its always in private places like home.

Certainly not something you would associate with a "learning institute".

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