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Report: Federal plans don't address nursing home evacuations

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posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 10:10 PM
I work for the New orleans information Hotline and these are the thing's that create so much annomousity towards our Government and the individuals that are only trying to help them being funded by the Government.
It is a sad day when something like this has to be taking place in the United States of America, ecspecially to the elderly that more than like'y put up the "Good Fight" for this country.
I for one am "Appauled" at the reaction that they have gotten from our so called "Caring and there for them Government".
This is the first time I have posted in the PTS post's, so I hope I have hit the right topic discussion for this part of the forum, if not, Please move to where you see fit Mod's.
Just know this has to be seen by other's and hopefullty they will understand,"Even though Katrina is a Year almost gone, the tragedies still remain."

At least 40 bodies, many of them elderly patients, were found inside a flooded New Orleans hospital after Katrina hit. Also, 34 patients at a nursing home near New Orleans died in the wake of massive flooding brought by the storm's surge. The nursing home's owners were charged with negligent homicide for failing to evacuate the patients.

source for full story:

"And it's Hurricane Season Again!!!!"

posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 10:24 PM
This is a perfect subject for Social Issues. Katrina exposed every weakness in our emergency response systems, as well as both the good and the bad of human nature in the face of disaster. Why not share with us your personal experiences during the tragedy?


posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 11:37 PM
It is the so rewarding to be able to contribute the help to someone that really need's it, and for the most part, before I had an opportunity to have this particular job, I wanted to help them so bad. But , I am a lower middle classs American barely making end's meet and the fact that I am doing what I am doing now, I feel somewhat redeemed for the insufficiencies of not being wealthy to contribute my part. "That has changed and I am helping , even though it is probably ni the simplest way."
There are so many thing's that set the situation of Katrina apart from anything that the USA has experienced,(Not forgetting 9/11 of course) for us tto better ourselves as a country bound together at this stage we have the opportunities to get the next situation right for the people of any disaster , we just have to learn from our mistakes and go from there to better ourselve's with the newly learned process of dealing with the different situation's that come up with the next coming disaster and handle it accordingly. Which is why I am proud of having my position with the very first applicated Natural disaster hotline ever instituted in the USA, and I am actually creating the part of a history that I very much want to be a part of.
Now, The hardest thing you can deal with in this line of work, as of up to date, is the Goverment's inefficiencie's both local and fedral , they are constantly promising this that and the other "Good" thing's and from where I stand and my position of where I work, it is really hard to acknowledge from one good thing to tell a caller seeking help , even if it's just for a little financial aid, and realizing that this all could change again by tomorrow! Not because of where I work, but because of the inabilities of the power's that may be's to make up thier mind's and stick to the promise's that are set forth with and get to the basic problem's by grabbing the perverbial "Bull" by the horn's. Instead of leaving these people that are good citizen's and are only looking for the hand up, not a hand out, that our Gov. has continually promised them and then retract the good new's for "really" bad out come's.
With this article that I had posted, it break's my heart that there were so many that parished in the Katrina event because of shear "Neglect" and "Disrespect" because of big politic's and over zealous A-Hole's off office , to go a head and pass a judgement call serious enough to say "Just leave them behind if they can't get out on thier own." and by the way "We aren't going to pay for this out of the Gov. funding, Cause we don't have too!!" IT is truly an eye opening and terrible reality to know that there are going to be possibly some more Elderly people to die if this stupid "Asessment" of fund's is not taken care of for the people, by the people of the people of these United states of America!!
I deal with these situation's every day, and it get's very hard to respect our gov. both the local level and the Fedral.
But what can I do ,but sit here and be a spectator to the most unnerving game of "Human Chess" I have ever seen in my life.
I love my job and what I do, too bad the Gov. doesn't feel the same way..

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