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posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 03:31 AM

Chaos reigned supreme on the streets of New York.

" Run Cassie ", screamed Peter " there catching up to us ".
" I cant go any further, Peter, please don't leave me " she cried as she fell to her knee's in the middle of central park, the crazed mob spilling into the pathway only half a mile away.
" Here grab my hand, they'll tear us to pieces if they catch us ".
Cassie reached out for his hand, tears were flowing freely down her cheeks, the top of her military uniform spotted darkly with wet spots.
" I cant run anymore, im sorry," she sobbed " don't they understand we were only following orders ".
" They need someone to blame Cass," said Peter as tears welled in his eye's, he looked to the sky, as the mob descended upon them in vengeful fury.

Death stalked the streets of Saigon.

" Liu, Liu can you hear me, i am blind, Liu where are you ".
" Here Akane, " croaked Liu from beneath the wreckage of their home " follow my voice, i am to your left, i fear i shall die my love, i can feel the blood soaking through my clothes, hurry Liu, so that i can hold you again before i go ".
Akane reached his side and fell to her knees beside her beautiful husband and began scrabbling at the wreckage that covered his broken form, " dont leave me Liu ",she pleaded, salty tears running from her scorched eye's, " I need you ".
Liu didnt answer.

Poison crept through the streets of Tel Aviv.

" I will not pray anymore Father, what good has prayer done us now ", yelled Aaron defiantly, though muffled through his gas mask.
" It may not help us now, but it may very well save you from the fires of hell in the next life ", his father retorted as he sat prone on the living room floor, his face also covered.
" Hah have you not seen Father, we are already in hell ", Aaron crowed as he lifted the mask from his face, the toxic air acted quickly bringing tears to his unprotected eye's, he was dead before the first of his tears had reached his lips, his body contorted next to his father who kept praying.

Violence ran rampant through the streets of London.

" Over there ", yelled the leader of the pack, " I saw the slimy bastard run down that street " they took off in hot pursuit.
" Don't let them get away ", roared another voice.
" The girl's mine ", screamed another, his voice thick with rage.
" Not if i get there first ", followed by a demented laugh.
They rounded the corner and a young girl sat huddled in her fathers lap, the tears glistening on her dark skin, her father grasping a swollen ankle.
" Yaaaah ", brayed the leader as he swung the crowbar clutched in his tattooed hand at the small girls upturned face.

Despair hung like a pall over the streets of Baghdad.

Abdul ran down the broken street, a small child clutched in his arms.
" Just breathe, precious, dont speak, just breathe ", he whispered as he ran.
" I'm scared ", the child whispered back, his breathe broken like the streets upon which his father ran " I cant feel anything, why cant i feel the pain papa ".
"Ssshhh, boy, not far now " he snapped as they came to a bend in the road and he stopped dead in his tracks, where the hospital had stood there was only rubble. He fell to his knees and wept quietly, his tears falling on to the stomach of the small child in his arms, now limp and lifeless.

Desolation flowed through the streets of Alice Springs.

" I want to go outside mum ", Davey whinged " why cant i go to Jimmy's ".
" You know why ", replied his Mum " It's a lockdown today ".
" But why ".
" Because the army man said so, that's why ".
" Are they letting off more bomb's do ya think ", Davey said excitedly, as in the distance, as if right on cue, there was a loud explosion, " Why wont they let us watch "
" Because the worlds on fire sweety, and i dont think they want anyone to see them with the matches in their hands ".
They both looked out the window at the same time, the tear that fell from the mothers eye evaporated as the blast wave hit.

Pestilence slithered everywhere.

" No use cryin' ya old cow "
" Shut ya mouth ya dirty ol git "
" Hah, gunna make me are ya, ya cant even see me through them milky whites ", sneeringly " there only any good for cryin i spose ".
" You deserve this life you old # " she cried, the tears came unbidden.
" Hah, yeh i do, it's mine now, all mine, and there aint enough tears in the world to put out all these fires, hah ", he laughed and wandered away as acid fell from the sky, tears from heaven.

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