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Your perfect world?

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posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 03:02 AM
I,d really like to do a little study and find out what would make your world perfect?
There are so many bad things happening now,what is the answer?

For example,would you like to see a reversal in technology so weapons of war revert back to sticks and stones. no wmd,s etc
Or maybe the reverse,a leap forward that may make war unnecessary?
What about your way of life?Nice house,rewarding job or a life of complete luxury?
Even a life of independence,living off the land.

Should religions or cultures be segregated,never to cross paths,or integrated in mutual respect and co-existence

Most would we police this ''perfect'' existence if it was implemented worldwide

If we know what exactly what we want then this could be the first step to making it happen

posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 06:28 PM
Thanks but Mods you can now close this thread..

Thank you members for winning me a $500 bet that no- one would answer this thread.

You want to know why??
Too many options/choices

I bet my friend that,given too many variables,people in general would opt out of making important decisions..and too lazy to answer difficult questions

That people would rather have officials do it for them, then complain that is not how they want it

You have now substantiated the claim that a NEW WORLD ORDER is justified..
Making the decisions for you.. guiding you to their way of thinking..choosing your destiny for you.

Now don,t think I am bitter for a a lack of insight/response I too could not pin down what would make a perfect world for me.

All I could narrow down is that I wanted a very basic,simplistic lifestye where I could fend for my self and if I didn.t succeed then I only had myself to blame..BUT..
I also wanted my luxuries of Technology..LAPTOPS..INTERNET,MP3,S..PLAYSTATION ETC..

Wel as far as I KNOW..that particular desert Island that looks so perfect for dwelling doesn,t have a 240v wall socket as standard..

THIS my friends is why we fail in our daily duties and return home with a sense of futility..

If we cannot decide what is good for us..Then we cannot complain when someone else tries and fails too..

posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 06:46 PM
Jeez, no one replies within a couple hours and you get all hissy.

There is no perfect world. You can't have happiness without sadness... it's the contrast that creates the two. It's your outlook on life that matters. Those who expect to see nothing but bad, that's all they see. There's plenty of good too, you just have to look for it.

posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 06:49 PM
Close it why???

I would have a world where weapons werent necessary. I would be happiest living on an island, with a couple of offsprings and a good man (maybe). I'm constantly on the Internet because i "have it"- You cant miss something you never had.
No cell phones, no nothing. Just go out and catch fish for supper and get hold of some vegetables.

What i just said could be the past, but it also could be the future.

As far as Religion, worship who ever floats your boat (litteraly.)

I dont need modern conveniences and for peace and quiet, i'd give up the pink electronics as well.

posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 12:02 AM

Originally posted by Kruel
Jeez, no one replies within a couple hours and you get all hissy.


Quite the opposite my friend.. after all... I won my bet

There is no perfect world. You can't have happiness without sadness

I would have to disagree with you there.Why must there be sadness?Short of natural catastrophe..Hurricanes/tsunamis/volcano,s/earthquakes etc,there should be no cause for sadness

If you opted for a low tech world then death or injury from say..snakebites or shark attacks or even falling off a cliff would be accepted as natural and beyond control,therefore regret would not even enter into it

Besides why would death be considered sad??

Hey Dgetempe.LONG time no chat

Can I take you up on that scenario?I know how to catch fish using only a pair of old socks

posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 09:38 AM
Ahhhhh........ A perfect world eh?

Well, I'd have to go for one in which the awesome Achaemenid Persians defeat the Greeks (or at least if Spithradites was a bit of a better aim and put an end to Alexander's rampage at the Granicus!).

The world would have been radically different. If Jesus of nazareth would have remained a local religious figure and the Achaemenids (being particularly tolerent and sensitive about religious issues) certainly wouldn't have made a martyr of him! The New Testament would never have been composed in "universal" Greek and so would not have found a broad audience.

Language, religion and culture would be a local affair. Making the world infinitely more diverse.

Also, how refreshing would a world be where everyone (especially leaders and beaurocrats) are expected to "Always speak the Truth"

posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 09:46 AM
one word: nukes. everywhere.

posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 12:23 PM
Your friend is a sucker if he pays you. I just now saw this thread and I would have answered it except that you only gave 2.5 hours to do so. Everyone isn't just waiting at their terminals to answer new threads.

Now that I know it was just a test and a bet, I have no interest in answering it. But know that I would have.
It's a good question.

posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 12:44 PM
Agreed with DG. An Island would be perfect. If you walk long enough, you'll find a beach everywhere. This island would be warm and sunny all year (carribean?). The cannibus would grow wildly, and there would be no laws, because there would be no need.

Mankind would have no use for aggression because no one would want for anything. People would give freely of themselves, and strive to make themselves, and others happy. I believe there would need to be sadness, because without the dark, there is no light. This sadness however wouldn't be caused by any individual, because that may lead to aggression.

I might compare the people to the Eloi from the HG Wells' The Time Machine, except without the Morlocks feeding on them....and they're smarter and more self sufficient. Oh yeah, and they have vast fields of cannibus.

posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 02:02 PM
Don't know if others have read Jenny Cockell's books. They're simple recountings of the author's claims to have lived at least one past life and to have seen at least one future life. Re: the latter, the author descibes a future global scenario, which does appeal to me, despite its ramifications. The future life is one in which the world's population is vastly reduced, due to numerous man-made environmental and other disasters. In the future world, repair of the planet is the priority. There is a gentleness and humility in those who remain. The emphasis is on co-operation. Vast tracts of land, worldwide, remain unoccupied. For once, resources far exceed demand and the demands are exceedingly gentle. Ego has been quenched; people conduct research in how best to restore. Enormous domes harbour plant life destined for the restoration of forests, etc. Pacific islands are deserted and once again exist as they were before human despoiled them. Jungles begin to flourish again. Beaches are white and cleansed of debris. Plains and tundras stretch from horizon to horizon without a human footprint. Governments confer with each other in how best to balance human needs and the environment; they co-operate in the management of toxins that remain from before the cataclysm. And through this barely breathing, tentative hold on life on the globe, intelligent humans go quietly about, restoring, respecting; all ego gone. It's a nice image.

On a much smaller scale, I once envisaged a tiny version of a perfect world, consisting, basically, of a village for damaged humans. I devoted quite a bit of thought to it and can still see it in my mind, as if it actually existed. Nothing elaborate. My village would be purpose built and largely self-sustaining. It would consist of simple, comfortable dwellings comprising two and three storey town-houses, dormitories, one-level villas. These would be interlinked in a roughly circular or squarish pattern, enclosing a large park/recreation area. In another section would be a kindergarten and school, catering for children up to ages eleven or twelve, perhaps. After that they could go high-schools etc. outside the village.

The village would have gardens for growing produce to be consumed by the villagers; the excess to be sold and the profits to be spent on upkeep of the village. The primary value of course would be in teaching children and adults the joys of self-sufficiency, harmony with nature, etc. There would be a bakery and a few shops catering to the basic needs of the inhabitants. There would be a clothing-exchange -- based really on the 'hand me downs' principle of large and extended families.

Those who would live in the village would be single mothers and fathers and their children, and elderly people. Each parent and his/her children would be provided a town-house or villa, etc. depending on their needs. As children grew older, sought independence and left the home, the family would be relocated into a suitable smaller dwelling and their larger one would be provided another family for as long as required.

Thus, the village would provide mother, father and grandparent figures for ALL the children. This would provide a sense of security and companionship for single parents of both sexes, and a sense of worthwhileness for the elderly.

As much as possible, the adults in the village would be employed within the village itself: in schools, shops, bakery, gardening and maintenance duties. This would provide them training for future careers and a sense of pride and self-respect overall. Regular teachers would come in daily, also.

There would be a community centre where parents and other adults could meet to make joint decisions concerning every aspect of the village and its inhabitants. The community centre would also be used for night-classes and crafts and as a recreation centre for adults and children.

Some of the single parents may choose employment outside the village, in which case other parents, on roster basis would take care of the younger children, whilst others again would teach in the kindergarten and school, etc. The emphasis would be on shared responsibilities and upon co-operation. The village, i feel, would be largely self-policing.

My village would be government subsidised, of necessity. But it would hope to provide a very real family environment for men, women and children who otherwise would be marginalised, isolated, lonely, desperate and impoverished after divorce. Purpose built accomodation would exist for single, elderly people with no extended family of their own. Thus, the children would gain from being surrounded by mothers, fathers and those of the older generations. Families would be able to have pets as would the elderly residents.

The village would be visited regularly by standard and alternative healers and by environmentalists, craft-workers, and small groups of educators, alternative lifestylers, career advisors, etc., so that the children and adults would have exposure to the wider world into which all, eventually, must return.

It would be hoped that living in a closely-knit community would act as a healing period for the inhabitants selected to live there. There would probably need to be a time limit regarding the time any family could reside in the village, because the need for a place like that would be severe with many needy families on waiting lists. I feel it would be far better for individuals and society generally to create such villages, in preference to simply handing out welfare payments.

There would be social problems of course, but I believe that life in such a village would do much to alleviate many of the problems that currently arise when families are fractured by divorce. In my village, divorced men and women would feel encourged to work for the future, rather than dwell bitterly or guiltily on the past. Children lacking a parent of either sex would gain mother and father figures within the village community, plus grandparents. The men and women of the village would share duties, leaving each with time to formulate a future career, perhaps. Parents would, on roster basis, undertake child-minding duties, allowing other parents some 'time out' and/or to attend night classes and work in nearby towns.

I think it could work and in the long run, would save tax-payers' money and resources.

posted on Jul, 21 2006 @ 02:30 PM
Perfect World:

Everyone takes a "serve to others" attitude (in a good way) rather than a "serve to self" attitude.

All problems would be solved and you'd have the perfect world.



posted on Jul, 22 2006 @ 07:21 AM

Originally posted by Benevolent Heretic
Your friend is a sucker if he pays you. ..


I had no intention off collecting..
I,m glad you didn,t see it though.... phew!!

BTW The limitation on time was just until it disappeared off new posts screen..

Ok the background to my little social experiment..
I was talking with my friend Carlos about human attitude toward government or self rule.
Being a natural Anti-authority person myself,I like to make my own choices etc, I actually presented to him that most people seem to prefer to have decisions made for them.

I remember reading a book or seeing a movie years ago where complete control of the country was handed over to the masses.Policies regarding education/policing/civil services/building permissions/schooling ...EVERYTHING regarding a decision or approval had to be voted on by the people.

After a while people were so sick of filling in forms regarding policies not even relevent in their constituency that they handed power back to the governing body.

SO.. instead of posing a simple question of ''what would be your perfect world?'' I added in a few extra factors to be considered.

Knowing that ATS members are for the most part intelligent and outspoken, I posted the questions above as quick test to see if the 50 or so people that would see the question before it disappeared into ''Thread Oblivion'' would answer a few questions.

People in general seem to happier dealing with their own existence quietly and content with their lot in life than to comtemplate how they could change things.Even if they had the power,it just seems that a lot of people don,t even know what they want.

BWT Jumpspace.. I Have to commend you for the perfect answer.

If we are not talking about a physical change to the world then a simple positive change in attitude would go a long long way

Dock6.. A freaky scenario painted by Jenny Cockell.
Don,t know why but it brings to mind one of my all time favoutrite movies.

The most thought provoking sad film I,ve ever seen
Post nuclear war,all life destroyed or contaminated,Man decides to send a fleet of agricultural ships into space to preserve and replenish Earth,s dwindling Plant and forest life
The Theme tune still haunts me to this day even though i was about 10 when I last heard it.

BTW I,m voting you for President. I love your village community idea

posted on Jul, 22 2006 @ 01:27 PM
Quite simply, a perfect world, to me, would be the end of hippocracy and Lies.
Truth, honor, respect, compassion, empathy, sympathy.... these are the qualities that would rule the day!

Also, the color of a mans skin would be of no more signifigance than the color of their eyes. Religions would all mutually repsect one another.
I would not like to take any steps backwards(especially from a technological standpoint)

And last but certainly not least--- legalized pot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Jul, 22 2006 @ 03:26 PM

Originally posted by TONE23
Quite simply, a perfect world, to me, would be the end of hippocracy and Lies.
Truth, honor, respect, compassion, empathy, sympathy.... these are the qualities that would rule the day!

Also, the color of a mans skin would be of no more signifigance than the color of their eyes. Religions would all mutually repsect one another.
I would not like to take any steps backwards(especially from a technological standpoint)

And last but certainly not least--- legalized pot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I agree with you comepletly Tone23, no more lies and hypocricy, that would be something to think about. I too would certainly not like a decline in technology. I'm afraid it would be difficult to have a perfect world for everyone that would last indefinitely because if something makes you happy for a season, next season it will bore you. Things more than likely will always have to change to meet the demand of the day. Heck I might even burn one if it were legal.

posted on Jul, 22 2006 @ 06:03 PM
I'd like a world whereby I could know the answer to whatever I wanted to know.

Not the old "see the future and make a fortune" type of world. More like the answer to questions such as "Why is the most advanced species on earth also the most barbaric?" or "Is there life out there in the universe?"

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