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Israeli Forces Have Entered Southern Lebanon

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posted on Jul, 19 2006 @ 10:13 PM
During Wednesday and Thursday Israeli ground forces having been marching into Lebanon. The Israeli Army is possibly headed for the southern city of Beirut, as of now they are slowly making there way through the soutern most part of Lebanon. The Israeli air force has been attacking Beirut for two days now, to clear out any possible Hezbollah installations. The land invasion is to further clear out the Hezbollah militant and leaders. The main focus on the course of actions for next couple of days is to completely take out the Hezbollah leadership. The Hezbollah are still raining rocket on Israel and getting closer to historical cities, such as Nazareth where two boys were killed playing outside.
BEIRUT, Lebanon - Israeli troops punched into south Lebanon on Wednesday as warplanes flattened houses and buildings including one thought to hold Hezbollah's top leaders, intensifying an offensive despite mounting international pressure and a Lebanese appeal to spare the country further death and devastation.

The attempt to wipe out the Hezbollah leadership was the most dramatic action on a day that saw Israelis clash with the guerrillas and the Lebanese prime minister say about 300 people in his country had died in the eight-day offensive.
Israel broadcast warnings into south Lebanon telling civilians to leave the region, a possible prelude to a larger Israeli ground operation.

Hezbollah, undeterred, fired rockets into the Israeli Arab town of Nazareth, where Jesus is said to have spent his boyhood, killing two Arab brothers, ages 3 and 9, as they played outdoors.

Israel used a radio station near the border to broadcast warnings into south Lebanon telling civilians to leave the region. The radio warnings also stressed that any pickup truck or truck traveling south of the Litani River would be suspected of transporting weapons and rockets and therefore be a potential target of attack.

At least two Israeli soldiers and one militant fighter died Wednesday in the fierce battles in southern Lebanon. Israeli authorities said 18 people were wounded in the Hezbollah rocket attack on Nazareth.

Photos of the current conflict

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The Hezbollah deny any deaths within the leadership, from a course of heavy attacks from the Israeli Air Force. The U.S. is trying its best to pressure the Israeli government to let up on its attacks; the U.S. is Israel’s largest ally and main supporter. Israel has attacked over 1,000 targets over the past 8 days and considers a success but only the beginning in the forwarding effort to rid all Hezbollah from Lebanon. Israel is doing a favor for its country and also Lebanon. With the Hezbollah gone the government of Lebanon can fear no more the possibility of being overtaken by the Hezbollah. Israel has yet to say if there will be a full scale invasion, but as these efforts to place troops over the border, it only leaves room to speculate.

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