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The Answer ! The Ark-Pyramids-

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posted on Oct, 29 2003 @ 09:04 PM
Great job man and terrific pictures. Your theory adds much validity to my post concerning whether the Ark was an electrical instrument. In my mind you have significantly shown substantial evidence supporting that the Ark very well harnessed electric power.

By the way i have seen that egyptian schematic once before. It was in a book which aruged that the Ark was the machine that the jews used to produce "mana" the magical food that never ran out. The auther argued that re-engeered Alien technology fell into the hands of the who's who of egypt and Moses was educated in building a nuclear powered food producing machine. Although I find this pretty far fetched it is an interesting interpretation of the same skematic. I'll try to find a link if i can i saw it nearly a year ago.

posted on Oct, 29 2003 @ 09:14 PM
designed by the greatest architect of all! God!

all to a spiritual geometry...a web of power ley lines across the globe... where the lines cross, the power is greatest!

The true churches are built on these points...the wicked have tried to emulate this, but we got there before them, and built them to release pure, positive energy across the world, across the human heart...into the universe.

Its been a secret for the most part up until now, but we're about to let the positive energy flow. Because the negatve energy on earth is threatening, like never before, to take over.

posted on Oct, 31 2003 @ 04:35 AM
This is the best post i have read for a long time, so many things seem to addup. We have to be weary though that we dont get carred away, for this to mean anything we need a high standard of proof. For instance i am intrigued where did you get the pictures from.

Just keepin it real man

posted on Oct, 31 2003 @ 10:03 AM

Secondly all the stories about Atlantis being the home of unheard power is made up stories of science fiction that have been along so long people associate them with the original story. They have nothing to do with the original mention of Atlantis that only said it was advanced. From Plato's perspective advanced could have simply meant a better government or agriculture system then he had seen elsewhere.

I'll back you up on this...just look at my Atlantis debate, and you'll see a link to the Plato text... Anyone wishing to do so, can easily see it for themselves...

It's my belief that the Ark houses the remnants of a formerly highly radioactive metorite...and over time, has lost much of it's effect... From the best available evidence, it is housed in a temple/miliary complex in Ethiopia... Read the description of the Ark effects in the accounts, and you'll see how it closely resembles radiation....

If it were a power source, or superweapon of some would have been duplicated then, and we'd all have transporters to get to and from work right now...

posted on Oct, 31 2003 @ 10:13 AM
i don't think it's a physical thing at all, i think it is something to do with becoming totally human, mind body spirit energy relation, can't explain

posted on Nov, 12 2003 @ 05:06 PM
The pictures are taken from one of "Budges" works

Seems a few people here are getting the idea
Ive got a lot more nF0 but ive been waiting for
a few of you the think this out

This is the real deal

The Stairway to Heaven
Gate to other Worlds

How Do I Know ?
I was there................

posted on Dec, 23 2012 @ 04:05 PM

Extremely interesting hypothesis, unfortunately for me this is an old thread
and the pics/links aren't available..although I understand your concept.

Interesting how you tie the G.P. of G. in with being a power plant fed by the Van Allen belts.

For a long time I have speculated that the Giza complex was just that..a power plant -
amongst it's mathematical library linguistics.

My thought was that the Great Pyramid somehow captured anti/black matter into
the King's chamber reducing and storing it in the Arc of the Covenant - after all -
it is fabled that the Arc was once stored in the the King's sachofogus.
It seems plausible that some extremely powerful energy actually melted the top edges
of the King's sachofogus.

I wonder if being built in a desert has reason to do with the sand/silica playing part
as a natural condencer..?

It is also fabled that Pacal's sachofogus is the exact measurements of Giza's Great Pyramid's
King's it stands to reason that somewhere in the America's there is another
twin Arc of the Covenant.

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