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Homeland Security is Bleeding America

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posted on Jul, 19 2006 @ 03:40 PM
Terror attacks of September 11, should have woke up the U.S.

Instead what we have today is corruption in Washington on massive scale.

Bush Administration's scandal after scandal, and so much wasting of resources is once again seriuosly putting the nation's security at risk.

People are getting rich by using terror threat to fill their banks.

Officials of various departments are making millions in this war on terror.

Companies linked to top men in DC are ripping the American taxpayers.

They are fighting their own internal turf wars and dont give a crap about other agencies.

Things got so bad that now we have Plame Gate. White House, Pentagon, and CIA are locked in a bitter fight with one another when one of them tried to screw the CIA by leaking an agents name.

Can you believe this happened in America, and it occured AFTER 9/11, when nation is so vunrable, and so needs to work as one team.

But no, they are all trashing each other in Washinton and Virgina.

I mean, America has never been so corrupt.

President has done more damage to US than Bin Laden ever could.

The nation is wide open to major terror attack.

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