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(pending) Great Britain's hottest day ever

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posted on Jul, 19 2006 @ 02:47 PM
At 96.6 degrees, temperatures climbed above the current record for England. There is a heat wave that is taking the world by force, leaving two dead in Spain, including others around the world. The heat wave in England had everyone getting in the shade and taking off that extra layer of clothes. There have been heat waves in the past in Europe, and many people have died from being unprepared. Right now it is going well, and the people are there best to keep hydrated.

LONDON - Lions licked blood-flavored ice blocks in the zoo, judges went wigless in court and guards at Buckingham Palace ducked into the shade. Britain faced the hottest day ever recorded in July on Wednesday as a heat wave swept much of Europe. Temperatures hit 96.6 degrees south of London — so hot some road surfaces melted.

Two people died in Spain as temperatures climbed above 104 degrees, while officials in France said as many as nine people who died recently were believed to be victims of the heat.

But with its aging buildings and infrequent brushes with sweltering temperatures, Britain was particularly ill-equipped for the heat wave.

London's Underground has no air conditioning and the Evening Standard newspaper measured temperatures in the train system at 117 degrees. Operator Transport for London takes no measurements but did not dispute the figure.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This unexplained heat is thought to be a cause of changing weather patterns across the World. This weather is getting worse each year and more and more people are recognizing the extreme rise in temperatures across both hemispheres. From now all that can be done is to be prepared and carry enough water with you wherever you go. The heat waves are not over and temperatures are due to rise. British folk are surviving just as much as the American have from last week’s heat wave there.

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