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The Night of Destiny

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posted on Oct, 28 2003 @ 06:50 AM
According to a popular Moroccan tale during the 23rd, 25th or 27th night of the Ramadan, the so-called 'Night of Destiny', if you stay up late enough on one of those nights you may see the sky open up to reveal something magnificent, mysterious, overwhelming and undescribable. If this should happen to you, the story goes, you will be blessed with a treasure, a kanz.

Last night my wife, who happens to be moroccan, told me that a close relative of hers has once experienced this wonderful enigma.
However she didn't say if this relative was blessed with anyting. It's certainly a funny folk-tale. I don't know if anyone ever did a study on the side-effects of fasting. Maybe the combination of a disturbed bloodsugarbalance and fatigue could start someone to hallucinate. Anyone?

posted on Oct, 28 2003 @ 06:57 AM
I'm afraid I've misplaced this subject. It should obviously be posted under 'Paranormal Studies' and not under 'War on Terrorism'

posted on Oct, 28 2003 @ 07:03 AM
All cultures have a similar tradition .. ie Native American sweat lodge
If you have never done the ritual and you are in good health try it , if you can find a practicing group
that knows what its doing
Its a mind expanding experience

posted on Oct, 28 2003 @ 07:06 AM
Muslims only have to fast in the daytime. At night they can eat normally. (pack it away to last for tomorrow night)

posted on Oct, 29 2003 @ 02:24 AM
its the 27th night of Ramadan. Thats when the first words of Qur'an have been revealed to mohamad over 1400 years ago.
Muslims stay up mostly the whole night, praying or talking with family. There are many tales and legends all over the world about this night.
In my country the tradition says that if you guess the exact time when the revelation happened, recite the first sura of Qur'an, Al-Fatehah, and make a wish, it will come true.
It is also a night when the angels and the Holy Spirit come down to earth to do God's comand, some say to write down the future of individuals... hence the Night of Destiny. If you are a true believer you might be able to see these angels. Also the pure heart is able to see the Nur, light of God, or souls of those who pased away. My grandmother saw it once.. at least she tells us that all the time

posted on Oct, 29 2003 @ 02:31 AM
Thank you for sharing this, Olaf...

Many religions have a tradition wherein a period of fasting comes before a moment of transcendental reward. Perhaps the unusual solar activity (as of late) will add to a night of wonder, somewhere, for someone

posted on Oct, 29 2003 @ 08:44 AM
What night is it now in Ramadan?

posted on Oct, 29 2003 @ 09:05 AM

Originally posted by Cearbhall
What night is it now in Ramadan?


posted on Oct, 29 2003 @ 09:35 AM
OIMD is connecting the dots...

Although Morocco is close to the equator it could likely be the 'northern lights' or ''Aurora' .
This phenomenon caused by the charged particles from the Sun have been seen at night all over the globe.

The Sun is undergoing a surge of activity and currently has several large sunspot groups on its surface. More flares and disruption is expected.

Earth buffeted by big solar flare

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