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What if US is Targeted During Evacuation of its Citizens from Lebanon???

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posted on Jul, 19 2006 @ 02:23 AM
A repoort on FOXNews says that the United States Fears a Hezbollah attack during its evacuation of over 5000 American civilians. Here is part of the article that appeard on

. Vice Admiral Patrick Walsh said Israel was aware that the U.S. would be ferrying evacuees from the port of Beirut to Cyprus on the chartered cruise ship Orient Queen, and that several U.S. and Israeli warships would be on hand to protect Americans from an attack by the guerrilla group.

"I’m concerned about attacks on ships. We do not assume anything. And that sort of scenario is something we are planning for," Walsh said to reporters Tuesday.

He said the U.S. was working with Israel through the European Command segment of the military.

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posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 06:53 AM
Indeed that is quite a problem. But I'm sure the Americans have one hell of a lot of fire power on their warships, and i'm not in possession of all facts, but probably a few war planes? Wouldn't be surprised if the Americans begin bombing with the Israelis.

Also, with the British bases on Cyprus, wouldnt surprise me if they join in, as patrols could be launched from there?

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posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 06:58 AM
If the ships are targetted then whoever targets them will probably wish they hadn't as they would certainly receive a reply and some of the worlds most powerful warhsips are already in the area or close by.

It is unlikely that anyone would actually amange to hit a ship as there's no way they'll repeat the same mistakes as the vessel a few day ago and have the defensive systems switched off.

posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 07:03 AM
I think there will be consequences , for example the UN is now a little on the hand of the Libanese people but and that Israel has to stop. But if a civilian evac would be taken under fire , there will be Nato forces put into action , fighter planes would fly and bomb some targets. And some other consequences would be put into place.

posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 07:12 AM
I don't think anyone wants the US to get directly involved with this, that's just bad news for whoever screws around and attempts to disrupt the evacuation of Americans. They know that once that happens, it's over for them....

I hope they're not that stupid

posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 10:58 AM
if and only if the political correctness crap stops in D.C. Chesty Puller, Patton and the boys are rolling in their graves at the mistakes and idiocy in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's time to go scorched earth and quit trying to kiss everyone's butts.

posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 11:07 AM
Everyone forgets that the U.S. fights itsbest with it's back against the wall. I hope that this happens soon so we can start apologizing to everyone again. I would rather be apologizing for what we did then just sitting here watching something happen and take place. There is always more going on then what seems. Israel is U.S. little buddy. We tell them we don't like this and they do something about it. We tell them we don't like this then they do something about it. And since we are so close to them and have so many people over there we always need to go evacuate. Then we get involved then we take care of what we shoulda just tooken care of in the first place and alot less people would have had to die. Just paint up a couple planes real nice ... Looking like ... who ever .... and go bomb the crap outta the place. Then it would be over ... but Politics will not let us do that anymore. Because we can't even keep a DAMNED Tapped phone under wraps much less any secret Mission !!!!! THANKS ALOT MEDIA ... Freedom of speech is for your protection. You think when they wrote that law, that they thought you would be brodcasting world wide. They barely had radio Transistors that would reach 100 miles ... Well cept for the Army of course... Peace ... is not the way ... unless you make it for yourself.

posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 11:11 AM
I don't think that Hezbollah will attack the US citizens trying to leave Lebanon. It's too risky. This conflict is between them and Israel.
Never draw first blood and if Hezbollah attacked US citizens it would be dealt with swiftly. I still hold to the belief that our gov is still itchy to get involved to get to Iran and Syria.

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