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NASA's Second Successful Flight Since the Columbia Disaster

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 09:32 PM
The Space Shuttle Discovery arrived home Tuesday after a 13-day journey in space; Covering at least five million miles throughout their flight time. The mission was for testing new space shuttle safety improvements and for repairs and supplies on the International Space Station. The shuttle was also helping with new never before seen high resolution pictures of the Discovery's take off July 4th. This is the second flight since the space shuttle disaster of the Columbia in 2003. com
HOUSTON - With a bit of poetic flair, space shuttle Discovery's astronauts thanked several hundred people Tuesday who welcomed them home to Texas.

Astronaut Piers Sellers told the crowd what the view was like from the shuttle "barreling around the Earth at five miles per second."

"Sunrises and sunsets are like watching a small, soft atomic explosion go off in the horizon and stream through and warm your face every time it happens," Sellers said. "Part of me is still up there floating around the world."

The astronauts thanked
NASA workers and their own families, and Discovery commander Steve Lindsey said their successful mission to the international space station was a sign that the country's space program was back on track.

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The Space Shuttle Discovery helped to carry over 28,000 pounds of equipment and supplies to the International Space Station. With the 13-day mission, and take off, there were many things that were in testing. At take off the Discovery was improved with over 100 high definition digital cameras to document the launch and climb into orbit. These will be the first of its kind allowing people to now see more about the launch and flight to the heavens above. The Discovery was also carrying a special passenger Thomas Reiter from European Space Agency; Thomas Reiter boarded the International Space Station with the two other members from Russia and the U.S.A., this marking the first time since 2003 the space station has three members.

The success of this mission STS-121 now marks the safety improvements on the Space Shuttle program for NASA. There have been many concerns by the U.S. government if the Space Shuttle missions should continue after the terrible disaster of the Columbia. NASA confirms that the new improvements and proved tests will give enough evidence and proof that the Space Shuttle program for years to come. Now with the space shuttle home, the International Space Station construction can continue without any further hindrances from the governments involved. The space shuttle Atlantis is now scheduled to launch in September if all goes well as mission STS-115, to further assist the development of the International Space Station.

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