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Attackers Behead Afghan Headmaster

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 08:44 PM
A headmaster of a girls school in Afghanistan was stabbed 8 times and beheaded while his wife and 8 children (ages 2 to 22 years old) were forced to watch. The Taliban is against girls being educated and have burned down schools and terrorized teachers in the past. An Afghanistan official called the attack, "a disgusting act against Afghanistan."
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - Militants broke into the home of an Afghan headmaster and beheaded him while forcing his wife and eight children to watch, the latest in a spate of attacks blamed on the Taliban that have forced many schools to close.

The insurgents claim that educating girls is against Islam and they even oppose government-funded schools for boys because they teach subjects besides religion.

Four armed men stabbed Malim Abdul Habib, 45, eight times before decapitating him in the courtyard of his home in the town of Qalat late Tuesday, according to provincial government spokesman Ali Khail and a cousin of the victim, Dr. Esanullah.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The Taliban is still trying force/terrorize the people of Afghanistan into living a life according to the way they interpret the Quran, no education for girls, and boys education consisting of only religion. Anything else taught in schools, to the Taliban, is against the teaching of the Quran. According to Afghanistan's top cleric, "Nowhere in the Quran does it say girls should not be educated", it says "the people should be educated."

The way I see it, The only way to get the Taliban to stop trying to push their religious ideals on other people is to jail them or eliminate them. They are such idealist nuts, I don't think anything else would make them stop pushing their interpretation of Islam on others around them.

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posted on Jul, 19 2006 @ 01:32 AM
I do agree with you on this one.
I dont know what kind of police they have there now but I do hope these people will be found and punished.

posted on Jul, 19 2006 @ 02:33 AM
This is disgusting!

I'm all for people believing in their own religion, but I don't believe you should force it on others, it's a personal belief. Do they believe that killing people is what their "God" would want??? If the Taliban care so much for their Quran and believe you should follow it then I suggest they should read it properly.

How can they believe that women shouldn't be educated??? I think it's time the taliban was educated and maybe they'd see how stupid they really are!

posted on Jul, 19 2006 @ 02:42 AM
this goes well beyond beliefs, this is flat out horrific murder intended to intimidate and control.
Those people would recive capital punishment in many countries.

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