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The Older Generation.

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 02:26 PM
I am only in my 20's and I can only recall Bush 41's presidency, Bill Clintons, and the current. Reagon I am only a little familiar with, I was only a kid when he was in office. Republicans tell me Reagon was a God.

Anyway, when I listen to the older generation talk, they say they have never seen things this bad, and they lived during the Great Depression, at least some did. They also didn't have Air conditioning back then, so i have to say, it had to be worse.

Older people loved Ronald Reagon and George Bush Sr. They could relate to that older generation. They don't seem to care for Kennedy to much (I don't understand that) they admit they cried when he died, but didn't care for him one way or the other, maybe he wasn't around long enough. George W, they are worried where he is taking this country. Clinton, it was always, loved him or hated him, no in-between. Even Nixon they seem to care for, in fact, they liked him. I think most of them forget about Jimmy Carter, he is like a wine, got better with age. Lyndon Johnson was liked very well by most people it seemed, but also say he had a part in Kennedy's assassination.
(By the way, this is coming from older family and friends I have talked to over the years. In no way am I saying that all old people are saying this. So please don't write that I am speaking for all old people, just old people from a small community in Arkansas.) Also, I am a "blue dog-democrat", thats an old person term i heard.

Maybe in their day, the news was only on 2 channels and you never heard much of it. The world was much bigger then or do i mean smaller, now you can see Hong Kong News in 2 minutes with the internet. Maybe back in the early to middle 1900's bad news was not put into the news, just the good side of the news was played.

Republicans always talk about, the "Liberal Media". Its not liberal, its just that America loves bad news or exciting news, its more interesting. No one cares that schools are being built in Afganistan or clean water is being pumped into Iraq, (by the way, public schools in America are being shut down by the day, but we care about Afgan schools, whats up with that?). I hate to say it, but it is more interesting to here of someting being blown up. Thats where the ratings are. Its not a liberal thing, its a ratings thing.

So maybe things are just bad these days because thats all we want to hear about. Things were just as bad back in the day, but no one cared or didn't care to know. Or the news was told not to play it, again there were only 2 news channels and a couple of major papers, easier to control. So maybe those were the good ol' days.

I just wanted something to write, i was bored, if someone wants to answer this, you are welcome.

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