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WW3?? Too right it's started....

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 09:18 AM
I know people are divided on this one...some say its aload of bs, others think its started or its about too. (I'm in the 2nd group).

To me, its started, well IMO it started years ago, like Nostradamus said. The tensions are at boiling point and with the recent BBC video footage of Blair/Bush chatting about Iran supplying weapons to Lebanon, it smells of pre-invasion propaganda. Countries are now taking sides with the good old Russians taking a political swipe at Israel, blaming them for esculating the violence. Well now thats the UK, USA and Russia all stated thier stance to a certain degree. All I wait for now is China is state thier position and I reckon they'll be with Russia.

I reckon within the next 4 weeks, we'll have attacked Iran, but an excuse will have to be found to do so. If this happens the Arabs will unite and I wouldn't wish to be there at that moment in time as it'll be a mad place. More countries will get involved and before we know it, our way of life will change big style.


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