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What about the anthrax???

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posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 08:44 PM
The 'thrax came from US mil strain.. it was homegrown bugs, only the US had access to it.. so if only they had access to it how could it be that anyone was able to use it? Only someone with access to it can use it and the only group with access was the US mil so (someone in) the US mil had to be the ones who used it.

The Anthrax was sent to anyone who needed to be threatened from telling the truth or investigating 9-11 or interfereing in anything else that the Bushes were up to. These letters were not assasination attempts .. its not like Brokaw and Dachle open their own mail and besides the weaponized powder was packaged up so as not to completely contaminate every single thing it came in to contact with.. it could have been much worse. So it was designed to scare .. "terrorise" if you will, but NOTICE WHO.. that is the important thing. It wasn't to scare the general population (though it managed to do that because it did kill civies - just a side bonus for their side) ... NOT ONE letter was sent to Joe Six Pack. It was sent to threaten the single two groups of power that may have problem for the Bush Administration.

It was the neocons.. nazis.. pnac, whatever the hell you want to call them, the "men" who are being told how to run the USA right now.. you know.. in the White House.. way of telling those in Congress and "THE Media" that "we can get you too in a "terror act" so don't start thinking about looking in to them too deeply - go along or we'll kill you and your death will even serve our purpose when your fans are outraged that it turns out that it was "muslim" terrorists who did it" .... same went for the who Paul Wellstone thing, except they didn't blame that on terror - just used the age old "accident" routeen. And there is another take on WHY to send it to those adresses..

ALSO.. there was another reason for the Anthrax attack, and that is that it took the media attention off of the aftermath of the 9-11 attack.. just about when the shock was over and people would have started MAYBE (I still think it was giving people way too much credit) "thinking" about the attack itself there was something new and equally terrifying to start covering in the media and for people to "think" about (be afraid of). So now people are afraid of their mail and tall buildings.. great psycological effect on the population if you don't want it watching the clean up job of the crime scenes and thinking critically about the 9-11 attack. So all of the propaganda of 9-11 that was initally drilled in to their heads in the early days now gets a good chance to get ahold in there, while their concious focus is on something new now.. the 'thrax.

They'll never "find" who is responsible. It was a black psyops job commited by people who are the ones who would usually be the ones hired to stop this sort of thing from happening and no clues linking to "them" except for where the bug came from.


posted on Jul, 20 2006 @ 09:03 PM

'US scientist' is suspect in anthrax investigation'
Oliver Burkeman in New York
Wednesday February 20, 2002
The Guardian

The FBI has a suspect for last year's anthrax attacks, but is "dragging its heels" because he is a former government scientist familiar with secret state-sponsored research, a leading American expert on biological warfare said yesterday.
The man also sent a hoax letter to the US Senate from Britain and may once have worked in the laboratory to which his letters were sent for testing, said Barbara Rosenberg, director of the Federation of American Scientists' chemical and biological weapons working group. Quoted in the Trenton Times of New Jersey - based in the town to which most of the genuine anthrax mailings have been traced - Professor Rosenberg said that investigators had interrogated the suspect twice since October.

"There are a number of insiders - government insiders - who know people in the anthrax field who have a common suspect," she said in a speech at Princeton University. "The FBI has questioned that person more than once _ so it looks as though the FBI is taking that person very seriously." She referred several times to a potential perpetrator as "he".

There's an article from '02. This story did seem to drop out of the news quite rapidly. It's amazing how a population can forget something so quickly, or be distracted so effectively, from what was a major news story at the time.

Here is an interesting theory put forward by Newsnight from the BBC:

Anthrax attacks 14/3/02

A Newsnight investigation raised the possibility that there was a secret CIA project to investigate methods of sending anthrax through the mail which went madly out of control.

The shocking assertion is that a key member of the covert operation may have removed, refined and eventually posted weapons-grade anthrax which killed five people.

In the wake of Sept 11th, the anthrax attacks caused panic throughout the States and around the world. But has the FBI found the whole case too hot to handle?

Also what appears to be to be confirmation that the Anthrax did indeed come from a US military laboratory.

The DNA sequence of the anthrax sent through the US mail in 2001 has been revealed and confirms suspicions that the bacteria originally came from a US military laboratory.

The data released uses codenames for the reference strains against which the attack strain was compared. But New Scientist can reveal that the two reference strains that appear identical to the attack strain most likely originated at the US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick (USAMRIID), Maryland.

The new work also shows that substantial genetic differences can emerge in two samples of an anthrax culture separated for only three years. This means the attacker's anthrax was not separated from its ancestors at USAMRIID for many generations.

I hope that's of some value to you.

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posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 02:18 PM
Recall messages were sent with the letters that conatined the words:
"Death to America, Death to Israel, Allah is Great." Sometimes the most apparent explanation is the best explanation.

The best explanation I have seen to date is a theory formulation devloped by Edward J. Epstein, author and investigative reporter. Epstein links the 9/11 plotters/hijackers to the anthrax attacks.

Epsteins theory is based upon the first possible anthrax encounter occuring at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale in June of 2001. Ahmed Alhaznawi, one of the hijackers, was brought to the emergency room with ugly, black lesions on his
leg. Dr. Christos Tsonas examined it, but was unable to identify the pathogen involved since he had not previously seen a black lesion of that type. Alhaznawi told him it had been caused by a bump. So he prescribed an antibiotic for the infection. Dr. Tsonas prescription was found in the hijackers room room in Florida during the investigation after 9/11.

In October, Dr. Tsonas was shown pictures of black lesions caused by anthrax by experts at the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Bio- defense Strategies. He concluded from these photos and other information about Anthrax that the lesion he had examined in June had been caused by handling anthrax. He stated for the record that the lesion "was consistent with cutaneous (skin) anthrax."

further Epstein analysis can be found here:


posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 03:02 AM
This is all very interesting.

Every so often one has to return to a subject and review what has transpired... I looked into the anthrax attacks some time ago and my opinion was that Steven Hatfill was very likely responsible. After all, the guy had commisioned a report on delivering anthrax through the mail, a report which eerily prefigured the actual attacks right down to how much weaponized anthrax (2.5g) could be put into an envelope without causing it to bulge suspiciously. He was also alleged to have been involved in anthrax attacks on ANC camps while working for the US government on secondment to the apartheid SA government.

Now we have a proliferation of "Hatfill is innocent" websites, and things seem less clear-cut: and then there is this attempt to link the anthrax to those busy, busy boys, the 9/11 hijackers.

The only problem being that they would have required a high-grade bioweapons facility and some fairly serious knowledge to create these attacks... plus they were all dead (except for the ones who turned up alive in other countries claiming identity theft) by the time the attacks started. I have been unable to find any corroborating sources for the tale of the hijacker attending hospital. If he had been exposed to anthrax by his own people who knew what was going on, why wouldn't they have just given him some antibiotics rather than risk the exposure of going to a hospital? It doesn't make sense, frankly.

One article that I found that did bring something new and checkable to the table can be found here.

It deals with the highly suspicious death of Don Wiley, anthrax researcher, and one person who could have been well placed to determine the hows and wheres of the attacks. He's supposed to have either jumped off or fallen from a bridge, which looks pretty thin, but here's an interesting twist:

And in yet another strange twist, on March 14, a bomb and two smaller explosive devices were found at the Shelby County Regional Forensic Center, which houses the morgue and Medical Examiner's Office that conducted Wiley's autopsy. Dr. O.C, Smith, the medical examiner, told Memphis' Commercial Appeal, "We have done several high-profile cases from Dr. Wiley to Katherine Smith (a Department of Motor Vehicles employee mysteriously found burned to death in her car after being charged in a federal probe with conspiracy to obtain fraudulent drivers' licenses for men of Middle East origin) but there has been no indication that we offended anyone . . . we just don't know if we were the attended target or not."

Knowledgeable U.S. and foreign intelligence sources have revealed that Wiley may have been silenced as a result of his discovery of U.S. government work on biological warfare agents long after the U.S., along with the Soviet Union and Britain, signed the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention.

It's also possible - indeed plausible - that these same sources are leaking disinfo to deflect from the real reason this guy was killed - which occurred, let's face it, only a couple of months after the attacks.

I also find the bomb attacks on the Shelby County office intriguing, particularly the reference to Katherine Smith who was, let's look at this again,

charged in a federal probe with conspiracy to obtain fraudulent drivers' licenses for men of Middle East origin)


The more that comes out, the more it looks to me as if there was some sort of conspiracy to push through the PATRIOT Act. And one crucial question that is COMPLETELY ignored by this guy who's trying to tie in the attacks to the hijackers is,
why were all US samples of the Ames strain destroyed before the FBI could use them for DNA comparison with the anthrax used in the attacks? This is pretty damning, it seems to me, as is the murder of Don Wiley. My money is still on Hatfill being involved.

As for the hijackers, they couldn't even fly planes very well. Plus they were dead. Where is the evidence that they had access to sophisticated bioweapons labs or the knowledge to do anything with them? Those articles are, for my money, disinfo.

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 10:56 PM

Originally posted by ferretman2
Precausions have been placed throughout the US postal service. Mail now passes through machines where the mail is bombarded with ultraviolet light (I think it's ultra violet) that will kill any anthrax spores. These machines have been in place for a couple of years now.

So it is a moot point until it happens again. Though I would still not play with any powder that shows up in the mail.

Ferretman only mail that goes to the 202 zip code get a colbalt 60 dose all other mail areas do not gt anything. No Ultraviolet light is used at all.

posted on Aug, 2 2006 @ 11:11 PM
The person that planted the anthrax in the mail was Lt. Col. Philip Zack he has fled the us and is now in the state of Israel per accounts, I was looking for the
new letter that had the time line and events but will post it here later.

posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 12:16 AM
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posted on Aug, 3 2006 @ 11:13 AM
There was only one week between Sept 11 and Sept 18, when the first two letters were postmarked. The anthrax was already in hand and the attack planned before Sept 11. Either this was an amazing coincidence, a momentous opportunity to blame 9/11 terrorists or an attack by the same mastermeinds who devised 9/11.

The strangenous factor comes about by one undeniable fact: According to analysis the anthrax was highly refined by a process under "secret" US patent held by Bill Patrick. Although it is possible, secrets do migrate, there is no public evidence that this process has been exported.

If the 9/11 masterminds were behind the anthrax attacks then there is a link to a US scientist or industrial espionage.


posted on Aug, 5 2006 @ 01:55 AM
I remember watching the news when it was going on and I kept hearing the words "anthrax attacks" and "foreign terrorists" in close proximity but no actual evidence to link the two. And then, taling into account where the anthrax was being sent (not to anyone actually in the Administration, mostly to the "opposition" it seemed, and the timing of it in terms of trying to get the PATRIOT act through... it seemed like the perfect PSYOP to me. A handful of people die but the country was in a flat panic. Perfect.

Then the story went all quiet and the revelations about where the Ames strain came from, the destruction of the other samples...

I see no reason to change my views on this.

I don't think that the people behind the attacks will necessarily have been involved in 9/11, but this is because of compartmentalisation. The people who set the thing in train will probably have been hip-deep in 9/11, because it was clearly meant to keep an already frightened population further off-balance.


posted on Aug, 9 2006 @ 05:03 PM
In the posed question of the anthrax and who sent it just this thought, why would our own government which really is not a person send a posin through themail to hurt its own citizens. My thought is Our government was not and did not do this however because of the political scene now present in the US it becomes very hard to print and voice the truth.
The first news reports stated that Who tried to frame Dr. Ayaad Assaad, a former biowarfare researcher at the Army lab? Was it the same person responsible for last fall's anthrax mail terrorism? Maybe a person that sent the antrax did try to hide his motive by asserting that Dr. Ayaad Assaad was the terrorist, but it was the news that ran with the ball I wonder why; trying to scoop a story or wanting to control the game and outcome.
to interviews with Assaad and this scientist, along with additional Army investigative transcripts obtained by Salon, the Army's biowarfare research lab in the early 1990s was an organizational disaster area. A big problem at the lab, which apparently contributed to specimens going missing, was that after the Gulf War, USAMRIID decided to phase out work some scientists had been doing on projects that the Army lab no longer considered crucial to their core mission of researching vaccines against bioweapons. Many scientists who had been engaged in other projects, such as Lt. Col. Phil Zack, who had been researching the simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), were eager to continue working on projects USAMRIID said they should stop. What followed, the documents reveal, were scientists sneaking into the Army biowarfare lab to work on pet projects after-hours and on weekends, former workers like Zack, who left in 1991, still being let in to do lab work, pressure applied to technicians to help out, documents going missing, and deliberate mislabeling of specimens among other efforts to hide unsanctioned lab work.
Know if you read at assaad remarks one can see a person who having been under attacks form others might be adding more to the story then is needed to make his point but that is what people do when attacked.
FBI Closes in on Anthrax Terrorist

In the end we will not be able to do anything about the person that sent the letters with anthrax that killed AMERICANS because there are people that will not allow the news to reach others, people that wish to know but cannot find the answer!

posted on Sep, 25 2006 @ 03:29 AM
According to this article in the Washington Post, after five years a new report has emerged that trashes everything we've been told about the nature of the anthrax used in the attacks. Check this out for senseless hyperbole:

Five years after the anthrax attacks that killed five people, the FBI is now convinced that the lethal powder sent to the Senate was far less sophisticated than originally believed, widening the pool of possible suspects in a frustratingly slow investigation.

The finding, which resulted from countless scientific tests at numerous laboratories, appears to undermine the widely held belief that the attack was carried out by a government scientist or someone with access to a U.S. biodefense lab.

What was that again/ Countless scientific tests? I thought one of the things that is really important in science is to be able to count things properly.

In addition, the strain of anthrax used in the attacks has turned out to be more common than was initially believed, the officials said.

HOW DO THEY KNOW when all samples of the Ames strain were destroyed before the samples collected in the attacks could be compared against them? As it emerges later in the article, the Ames strain is quite ubiquitous. The first reports said, as I recall, that the Ames strain was only produced at Fort Detrick. Now you'd think that that sort of claim would have some basis in truth, wouldn't you? But now it emerges that even ex-Soviet block nations have it.

But... there have been five years for the Ames strain to be proliferated... and there was talk in the early days of the investigation of genetically assaying the anthrax used in the attacks, and comparing it with the Ames strain held at Fort Detrick. This procedure is not mentioned at all in this new article. Why not? Only vague mentions of "ongoing tests" are made.

This article stinks.

As a result, after a very public focus on government scientists as the likely source of the attacks, the FBI is today casting a far wider net, as investigators face the daunting prospect of an almost endless list of possible suspects in scores of countries around the globe.

I guess this all depends on what you think of a "a very public focus". I remember when the story first broke and how every time it came up on the news the words "foreign terrorists" would come up without any shred of evidence to support the linking of foreign terrorists. Then everything went quiet when the focus switched to looking for a domestic, military subject.

One question occurs at this point. I thought that anthrax decayed and became almost useless after several years, even with the best preservation facilities available.

"There is no significant signature in the powder that points to a domestic source," said one scientist who has extensively studied the tan, talc-like material that paralyzed much of Washington in the deadliest bioterrorism attack in U.S. history.

Who is this scientist? He's not named. Why? It's possible that he's Douglas J Beecher, mentioned later in the article, but we're told that

The FBI would not allow Beecher to be interviewed about his article.
... and other unnamed scientists are brought in to comment.

I have to say it again. This article stinks.

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