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A Choice (DOC)

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 01:52 AM
"I can't hold you both!"

"Let her go then, and take my hand!"

"No, Jack, don't!"

"Jack, you have to let one of us go!"

"It's too far to the rocks, you'll die!"

"Do it, Jack. Let her know she will only get you later."


"She wants it, Jack. She wants the ring."

"Jack! Listen to me, I don't want anything! Help me, I'm slipping!"

"Don't listen to her, my love. You said yourself, you cant keep holding us both."

"Damn it!"


"Why would you want my mother's ring?"

"I told you, I don't want any stupid ring! Pull me up! Please, Jack, hurry!

"She will take it and use it for her own ends, Jack. Pull me up, and I promise that you will see what it means to know real love. True love, Jack. I don't care about a stupid ring."

"She's lying to you! I saw her, she killed your mother!"

"How sad, Jack, that she would accuse me of lying, even now. Look at her hands.


"Jack, it's not what you think! I can't hold anymore, me....I love you!"

"......I'm sorry, Jill...I'm sorry."


"I can't believe she's....gone."

"You did the right thing, Jack. You couldn't have saved us both."

"You really think she would have tried to take the ring? That blood on her hands, mother...."

"I know she would have, but you shouldn't worry over what you cannot change. She is gone now. And you and I still have the ring. With its power, we can live out the rest of eternity together. Just you and I, Jack."


"Jack? What's wrong?"

"I thought you didn't care about it?"

"About what?"

"About the ring, Krista! The damn ring!"

"I dont! Well, I mean......Jack! Stop! Surely you wouldn't throw it away?!"

"I just lost the only other person in the world that meant anything to me.....over this. A little piece of metal."

"That is no little piece of metal, Jack! That is the key to the world, the key to immortality! Don't you see? We can share it together. It is ours, yours and mine!"


"...Jack,.....what...are you thinking right now?"


"Jack? Jack! No! Wait, don't throw it, don't you dare---"

"If you want it so badly, go and get it."

"You idiot! It's gone! You just threw away the only thing that gave you worth.....Look at it down there, swallowed up in the waves like it was a mere trinket. Are you happy now? Your damnable ring is with her.....where you should be."

"Shut up, Krista...."

"What, are you still so sore? Having second thoughts?"

"I said, shut up.....

"You can't bring her back, you coward. No matter how you try. You made a choice. She lost, I won. That blood on her hands, you think it was because shekilled your mother? You always were such an idiot. She was fighting the knife away from me, Jack. That's right. Don't look so shocked."

"Krista, you do that? To make me think that Jill...."

"She needed to go. Obviously, you aren't much better."

"I said, SHUT...UP!!!!!"

"?! No!"


"......Jill.....I'm sorry."

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 10:20 PM
Jack and Jill hanging off a cliff? are you sure that's how the story goes?

I liked it, but I think want closure, either Jack flings himself off the cliff along with the ring and Jill or he lets go of Krista. Good job btw.

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