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Palestinian gunmen ambushed Israeli soldiers

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 11:14 PM

Original News source:

In the occupied
West Bank, Palestinian gunmen ambushed a group of Israeli troops, killing one and wounding six others in the city of Nablus, witnesses and military sources said. (Additional reporting by Nadim Ladki, Leila Bassam, Lin Noueihed in Beirut and the Jerusalem bureau

This attack shows something big is going on and what next could happen in the Middle East?
For now it seems that many other countries are getting in on the attacks on Israel, as here Palestinian gunmen attack Israeli men.

What do you all see out of this, it is real and this conflict is growing, I would love to see how Israel reacts to this one, do you guys think Israel will now say something to Palastine for this?

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