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Israel begins large scale attack on Beirut

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 11:06 PM
Early this Tuesday morning more attacks came from the Israeli border. With continued air strikes demolishing Beirut. Now confirmed reports say that many civilians are dead including an entire family of six after an air strike struck their home early Tuesday morning. The Israeli aircraft are also attacking the southern suburbs of Beirut in effort to drive out the Hezbollah. This is still continued even after a ceasefire statement was said by Israeli Prime Minister. The government of Lebanon has called for a ceasefire treaty, but Israel will not stop until the two soldiers are released and the disarmament of the Hezbollah has happened. There will also be the possibility of a full scale massive invasion by Israeli forces into Beirut, to destroy any more remaining Hezbollah forces.
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Israeli warplanes pounded south Lebanon on Tuesday, killing at least six people, as diplomatic efforts brought no signs of an early end to the week-old assault launched in retaliation against Hizbollah attacks.

The six civilians, all from one family, were killed during an air strike that hit a house shortly after midnight in a Lebanese border village.

Israeli aircraft also struck Beirut's southern suburb and an army position overlooking the capital as well as two other Lebanese towns.

Israel's army refused to rule out a massive ground invasion of south Lebanon only six years after it ended its occupation of the area.

As Israel vowed to press on with its campaign, thousands of foreigners fled Lebanon -- some by road to
Syria, others seeking places on U.S. and European ships.

The fighting was triggered when Hizbollah, the guerrilla group which is backed by Syria and Iran and is part of Lebanon's government, seized two Israeli soldiers and killed eight in a cross-border raid on northern Israel on July 12.

IDF: Longer-range missiles taken out

An Israeli airstrike in Beirut Monday hit a truck -- believed to belong to Hezbollah -- carrying rockets that could reach Tel Aviv from southern Lebanon, the IDF said.

The missiles had a range of 120 to 160 km (75 to 100 miles), IDF said. Tel Aviv is about 70 miles from the Israel-Lebanon border.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The continued attacks on Lebanon are taking a grave toll on the civilization and its people; the continued air strikes are killing many civilians and families. The attacks from Israel will not cease, and the Lebanese know that. Also for the Lebanese their government is not strong enough, nor large enough to suppress the Hezbollah efforts and their connections with Syrian and Iranian Hezbollah fighters. The fighting has not ceased and will not until the Hezbollah are disarmed, including this by following U.N. Security Council resolutions.

Israel has no will for pause; their continued attacks are in the effort to end the attacks on the Jewish people. The Hezbollah have also attacked many more Israeli sites, including a naval vessel near Beirut, killing more Israeli civilians. The air attacks by Israel are lighting up the night sky with mountains of fire and tremendous explosions. Successful attacks have taken out the Hezbollah headquarters, and continued attacks are now aimed at any more Hezbollah installations in the city of Beirut and surrounding areas. Most likley Israel will have a ground invasion to further rid the Hezbollah from Lebanon.

In another helped attacked for the Hezbollah, Palestinian gunmen ambushed a group of Israeli soldiers, wounding six and killing one. In the rocket attacks on Israel, Afula and Haifa are being attacked by barrages of rockets. The Hezbollah are attacking whatever they can and a good hit is at least getting a rocket over the border. This terrible fighting will only continue and the death count will only rise.

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