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One of my favs

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posted on Jul, 17 2006 @ 05:29 PM
Breakfast Fajitas

diced cucumber, red & green peppers, jalapeno pepper
mixed spices (I prefer cajun)
scrambled egg
1-2 Tbsp plain yogurt

Mix above ingredients. Spoon unto fajita wraps & fold.

I never tire of this recipe. It's great for people with busy schedules like myself.

Recently I won a gift certificate entitling me & one guest to dine free at this great restaurant. Woohoo. We're allowed one free lunch & dinner daily. There are no restrictions on menu selections including alcoholic drinks. I don't drink much alcohol. It's not good for the skin. Also I don't plan to go there every day. That would be boring after a while. Hehe. I guess they picked the right person to win seeing how I'm not exactly taking full advantage.


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