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Israel's massive Haifa retaliation

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posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 10:48 PM
Israel and Hezbollah are strong at the neck with a new wave attacks Monday bringing the death toll to 200. From the attacks on the Israel train station in Haifa on Sunday, the Lebanese deaths from the army positions and sea to land strikes to more bases on land will add up. Israel warned the Lebanese that there would be a massive attack from the rail way attack in Haifa, and now Israel is unleashing a massive blow on Lebanon. Israel is leaning to accuse the countries of Iran and Syria for the weapons used to at the attack on the Haifa train station. The accusations against Iran and Syria are from the possible use of a missile that Hezbollah's do not have access to. They have been using Katyusha missiles which light weapons rockets, the missiles that attacked the Haifa train station which are most likely Fajr-3 long range and more advanced missiles.
BEIRUT, Lebanon - Hezbollah and Israel traded fierce barrages for a sixth day Monday, as the latest eruption of warfare in the Middle East showed no sign of easing. Rockets struck deep inside Israel, killing eight people in Haifa and bringing waves of retaliatory airstrikes from Lebanon's north to south and in the eastern Bekaa Valley near Syria.

The toll on both sides rose to above 200. In addition to the Israeli victims at a rail repair facility in Haifa, an Israeli rocket blew up a Lebanese army position, killing eight soldiers, and a sea-launched missile killed at least nine people in the southern Lebanese port of Tyre.

Israel warned of massive retaliation after the Haifa attack, and accused Iran and Syria of providing the weaponry used in it. Israeli military officials said four of the missiles were the Iranian-made Fajr-3, with a 22-mile range and 200-pound payload, and far more advanced than the Katyusha rockets the guerrillas rained on northern Israel in previous attacks.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

As more and more foreigners flee many more nations are helping their people. European and U.S. transports are flying people out around the clock. Early this Monday morning many witnesses said that Israeli air strikes have attacked the city of Tripoli in Lebanon, and also East Baalbek where Hezbollah strongholds were stationed. Now 8 Lebanese soldiers are dead and 12 wounded in the fishing village of Abdeh in northern Lebanon. The deaths of many people are still building up and many more an expected from the Lebanese border with the Israeli attacks strengthening.

The attacks from Israel are becoming more deadly and fiercer; it seems if this keeps going on with Lebanon and with receiving help from foreign nations, Israel will have more than one enemy on their back. Israel is able to hold their own and if anything was to escalate many countries would be sure to back up Israel. Still even with the U.N. asking for the fighting to end, the two countries gave a good answer with more attacks from either side. The attacks will not stop, and from the Haifa in Israel attack more will continue to come. Israel said it is more is now more focused on radar stations and among other things attacking the Hezbollah bases. With the current course of this conflict Israel will not cease until Hezbollah is desecrated and abolished from Lebanon.

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