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a few questions about some expierences of mine

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posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 10:25 PM
hey all. i've only had 3 expieriences that i would deem paranormal and all 3 of them have left me wondering what the hell i saw. since most of the ppl i know dont really give the paranormal much credit i was wondering if maybe u guys could help me out.


when i was little i would always feel a really extreme sense of fear and apprehension whenever i would walk through my living room and across the hall to my bedroom. it would always feel like some evil vicious force was on my heels. one night i was in the den watching tv and i got the same feeling. i intuitivley knew that the feeling was coming from the living room so i glance over to where its at and i saw this white being with the most intense green eyes. it had no arms no legs, just green eyes and what looked like a small horn on the top of its head. to give you a visual aide of the eyes think of the movie predator when mac encounters it just after it killed his friend. anyways we looked directly into each others eyes for a split second and within that second it felt like that thing took my soul just by making eye contact with me. i glanced away real quick and didnt dare get up to investigate. was this a demon or some type of evil spirit?


one night i was sleepin really good when all the sudden i awoke to a mysterious voice of a little girl calling my name from outside my window. i didnt think much about it cuz i was still sleepy as hell so i went on back to sleep. about a week or so later i woke up and saw a white mysterious haze floating in the corner of my ceiling. it seemed as if it knew i was looking at it and didnt like it one bit so it floated to the floor to get out my sight. i watched it float to the floor and went on back to sleep. what was this haze and could it have somehow been connected to the girl's voice?


maybe about a month after the haze and voice i was laying in my bed trying to sleep. out of nowhere a red beam of light came through my window preciseley aiming at my forehead. unlike the previous two expirences this one alarmed me for some reason. the beam was kind of mesmerizing and i felt that if i moved away from it something bad would happen. where in the hell did this beam come from and why in the hell was it aiming at my forehead?


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