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iranian pres

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posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 03:33 PM
ok a few months ago the pres of iran said that there was no holocost. that it was made up. well last night he said that isreal was acting like hitler am i the only one who noticed this because i havent heard anyone talking about this, what a hypocrite!!!!! and a lunatic

posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 04:01 PM
Well, before trying to find controversy and accusing him of being a lunatic, maybe it'll be better to check what exactly was said. Ahmadinejad did not say that there was no Holocaust, but that it was largely exaggerated. Btw, that is more or less my opinion as well.

As to the second statement - that zionists are behaving like Hitler... Ain't that the truth? Please do not tell me you believe the official reasoning they provide (a captured soldier).. And i am not even going to talk about the nightmares Palestinians are going through every day.. But what about Lebanon? For two captured soldiers (if you believe Olmert), you kill 200+ civilians, leave a country without transport system and electricity, etc...

And I am so ashamed of US for acting as an Israeli colony and even paying them $40+bln in tributes each year... Not even mentioning that both countries are acting against the international law and the Geneva convention

posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 04:08 PM
Really need to be careful with the words you use there.
There's a big difference between terrorists hiding and acting from within a state, and a state using terrorist methods.
Would the entire state be considered terrorist ? If its'Israel, i guess not.
History is written by war winners. The ones you heroicly call resistants are allways called terrorists from the other side.

posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 04:56 PM
Regardless, its on.

On Saturday, July 15th, Israel issued a warning to Syria to release the hostages or POWs or whatever you want to call them. And to stop the rocket attacks.

We have a better chance of winning the lottery then seeing that happen.

The source is supposed to be a senior leaker in the Pentagon. The "A" news series don't even mention it. "B" type news services arent so afraid.

What I believe we have is a trial balloon. Israel is floating it, making sure it gets leaked, and let's see how different entities respond to it.

Hopefully, the trial balloon will be popped and we can try to clean up this mess that knowone has been able to clean up since day 1 of the birth of the Israeli nation.

On the other hand, watching people get blown up for however long it's been going on might be just the thing to push a sane over over the brink if it's something you had to deal with your whole, hard life.

If the trial balloon is real, we know what happens. We don't know exactly what happens but in theory, we have a pretty good idea.

Israel hits the real source of terror (the most local), Syria. Mutual sides declare war. Iran quickly joins in the festivities.

Now, Iran doesnt have easy access to Israel thanks to the re-invasion of Iraq. So, knowing they could only muster a tie with Iraq back in the day, do they dare take on the United States of America? Possibly.

At which point, we go hollaring to NATO.

Here is where the future gets foggy.

If Moslem forces are able to storm into Israel, what happens next? Israel doesn't have alot of support in Europe but will the world turn the other cheek and let Holocaust II occur? I don't it. Seriously.

So does NATO storm into the middle east at that point?

And do China and Russia just sit back or do they join in as well?

What about North Korea?

And what about the Tiawan situation?

Who knows what lies ahead. I think in the next 3 to 7 days, we'll know if the history books will call the war on terror WWIII.

We arent there yet. In fact, I think it could still get just a bit worse without it becomng a total world war.

But not much worse.

If one more country jumps in or gets dragged in, it's a big regional war. Two more countries, and it's on brotha'.

If the US is going to bring their troops home, this is the last chance there is to do it.

Do it and you can kiss Israel goodbye. Don't do it and you can kiss WWIII hello.

Make no mistake, I do want to be wrong. I want to be 100% incorrect.

"Hang on Dorothy; Kansas is going bye-bye." (Matrix I)

posted on Jul, 25 2006 @ 04:34 PM
Well, Israel is behaving the same way the Nazis did towards them. The once oppressed are becoming the oppresors. A classic pattern in the history of the world.

However, holocaust denial seems to be a big staple of Islamic propoganda. It helps the Muslim extremists demonize the Jews even further, so that it will be easier to convince people to kill them.

Neo-Nazisz do the same thing. In fact..........many Neo Nazi and White Supremecist groups actually side with and support the Arabs and Muslims in general against Jews.

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