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jim sinclair - this is it

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posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 03:26 PM
found this on an investment forum.....references to nostradamus, etc..

Posted On: Saturday, July 15, 2006, 3:14:00 PM EST
On The Road Again

Author: Jim Sinclair

Dar es Salaam Tanzania, East Africa, July 15, 2006
Simply stated - this is it. This is what people feared in the 70s that did not happen in the 80s. It was forgotten in the 90s. NOW it is here in 2006 and few understand that "THIS IS IT." This is the "Sum of All Fears." Blue Hat is here and his name is Hezbollah.

Monty Guild warned you. In my more than 30 years of knowing Monty I have rarely seen him wrong on situations. Monty is never an alarmist or easily moved by rumors or hearsay.

By October everyone will know what has occurred but few will have been prepared financially or otherwise.

The markets yesterday were as follows:

1. The Truly professional market, oil, demonstrated itself as a true believer in the inflammable situation in the Middle East.

2. Gold demonstrated its clear function and true character of the "Honest Money" factor that finds demand when paper money, not simply the US dollar alone, comes into question. Note what I said - paper money is NOT just the US dollar.

3. Precious metal shares, a local market heavily influence by the US media, doubted the reality of what has occurred, seeing the strength in gold as an anomaly without legs.

You need to be outside of the EU and the US to be able to look back at the situation in order to grasp the strategic nature of what is happening. The US is in danger of being isolated by being surrounded in Iraq. The US military is concentrated in one small but outrageous situation in Iraq without significant back up power to meet the challenge.

You need to be on good terms with Islamics in order to understand the gravity of the situation. You must have communication in Israel to be able to gauge the potential reaction to what is developing.

Ebb and flow it will, but Hezbollah is Blue Hat for those that understand this. Iran is the strategic planner. Hamas is the tail of the dog but this tail does not wag the dog, it simply follows orders. The Brotherhood in Egypt can be counted on as can the response of Israel.

In time, if not now, the pincer movement around Israel and Iraq will occur. The question is not what Israel's response will be, because that is already being demonstrated. It can only become more intense, not less. The unknown is how "Cowboy Geopolitics" will react.

The groundwork is set for World War Three, which is already appearing to be centralized in the Middle East and intensified elsewhere. This battlefield is already in India, Iraq, GB, USA on 9/11 and almost everywhere else.

Gold shares do not believe, but gold does and so does energy. Soon everything representing energy, materials and gold as Honest Money will get the message. All hell is breaking lose and it cannot be pushed back into its lair except in the mind of the US media and even then only for a short period of time.

I had said previously that gold is an "Insurance Investment" and as such, unless you are a professional trader should be held close to your chest. Do not throw away hard earned positions except for the need of liquidity.

When a reaction occurs just dig a hole in bedrock, climb in, and pull a rock over your head. Peak out occasionally until the cloud of normal market reaction passes.
The greatest return now comes to the investor, not the trader. That being said I will continue to teach the use of the tools and understanding of markets because that is what you wish of me.

"THIS IS IT." This is what people have feared in the 70s that did not happening in the 80s. It was forgotten in the 90s. NOW it is here in 2006 and few understand that "THIS IS IT." This is the "Sum of All Fears." Blue Hat is here!

Note: Nostradamas
referred to the Antichrist as the one who wears the blue hat, as opposed to the Cardinal with the red hat...

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