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What the current conflict is really about (long)

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posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 01:35 PM
All of this is very calculated. How many times have things like kidnapped soldiers and terror go on in Israel only for Israel to make a response but then be restrained by the US or just stop on their own? Why this time have they just taken it to a whole new level? Why did this happen just a week after N. Korea launched missles only for the US to watch the world (Russia, China etc) shrug their shoulders? Why did this just happen after Iran in the last few weeks has been refusing to give an answer about talks over its Nuclear program? All of this is timed very carefully. Some say this is Iran pushing the buttons. It may not may be the US (and with good reason). Maybe we are saying to Russia and China: " dont care about what N. Korea and Iran are doing despite our concerns? Despite 9/11? Then let us show you what can happen when we let Israel off its leash"

I also think the US has to tread a thin line. Publicly we have to say to Israel to show restraint etc because we cant totally alienate other countries if we are to have them listen to our concerns about N. Korea and Iran. Privately i get the feeling that we are telling Israel to go for it and if Iran lifts a finger then we are going to annihilate them. I think the US sees that this can serve a larger purpose if we can take down Iran militarily.

The US cant even get the UN to talk serious about sanctions on Iran over it nuclear prgram. Well if Iran does something "crazy" to harm Israel, then we wont have to worry about going through the UN at all. Destroying Iran is going to accomplish several things. Their public statements concerning eliminating Israel will be solved as Iran will soon be incapable of destroying anyone, and secondly, their nuclear ambitions/program will become irrelevent. Thirdly we will have taken out 2 of the 3 countries labeled as part of the "Axis of Evil" and the last one (N. Korea) can then be dealt with. I really think the US thinks that if we can change Iraq, Iran, N. korea then the world will be a much safer place than if we just let things go where they go. I dont know if this true, but i dont think we have much choice.

The current situation in the mid-east is Phase 2 is the US's war on terror. Count on it.

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