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The Effect Of The Middle East Conflict On November Elections

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posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 11:37 AM
I'm not sure how many people have noticed the curious timing of the Israel-Lebanon conflict.

We all know that the majority of PNAC members have very close ties to The Israel Lobby.

Israel has it's own right wing extremists who will stop at nothing to secure the continuation of
U.S. military funding.

We also know that Israel depends on strong support of a sympathetic U.S. Congress.

The Bush administration knows that Republican control of Congress is essential to their
agenda and provides a buffer for any attempt to impeach the administration.

We know that the Democratic Party's primary goal is to upset the Republican's Control of Congress and until now that has been a strong possibilty.

Until last week, the Democratic Party has been structuring their campaign around anti- war
sentiment and some plan to reduce U.S. troop involvement in the Middle East.
Obviously, any such plan is now virtually impossible.
In effect, these new hostilities have derailed the Democrat's strongest running platform.

Israel's attack on Lebanon has now galvanized Islamic extremists to an all time frenzy
insuring years of terrorist reprisals against Israel and it's allies.

This administration's only strong running point continues to be anti-terrorism and national security.

With the November Congressional elections only months away, this new threat will provide
Republican candidates with a renewed fear platform to continue their agenda and give them a much better chance of holding on to their seats in Congress.

That's the way I see it.


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