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Prologue: A Tale of Emerald Eyes

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posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 09:45 AM
The sun was shining and there was not a cloud in the sky, children's shouts of glee and joy filled the air for it was their break between lessons and the ruckus that goes with such a time was in full flow.
Children ran in aimless paths that only children seem to see and games with unwritten rules swept over the playground, it was a time where rules stayed at the school doors and children held sway over all before them.

There were however two children who sat back from all this joy filled fun, apparently content watching their class mates in their fun.
The two children seemed to prefer their place just off the playground proper, they both sat on an aged stone wall surrounding a mish-mash collection of plants which provided some living nature amongst the concrete jungle of the playground.
Their feet aimlessly swinging too and through as children seem to do, feet gently bouncing off the wall and content to all appearances to watch the other children's fun, almost to feed off of it.
It was not however their standoffish behaviour that set them apart from the other children, for there are always children who don’t like to mix with others, these children stood withdrawn from heir peers for a whole different reason.
For while they appeared no different from their classmates at first glance, it was their eyes that set them apart, branded them for all to see that these two children were different.
Their piercing green eyes seemed to cut straight through to your soul looking into the very depths of you mind, they were of a green brighter and purer than any emerald, speaking of things that others could not comprehend.

At the doorway that led from the playground to the inside of the school stood two figures, the one leaning against the wall of the school was evidently a teacher supervising break time, his top button to his causal looking shirt undone and tie loosened slightly to give him a slight respite from the warm weather, the half full cup of coffee in his hand only seeking to reinforce his appearance as a teacher.

The person standing next to him was not leaning against the school wall preferring to stand straight backed and was not attired causally in the slightest, he was dressed in full black from his boots to his pristine uniform, a simple yet presentable on duty affair, from the rounded collar to the concealed buttoning.

His person was devoid of any insignias or rank, the only identification he bore was that of a school visitors badge clipped orderly to his chest.
His body an angular yet muscled physic, toned not simply for vanity but for necessity and reason, his head was completely shaven and his face took on a worn appearance that was beyond his years.
His eyes gave away his reason for being in these out of place surroundings for his eyes were the same piecing green as the children's.

"So" the teacher said nodding his head short of something constructive to say.
"End of the week" the blacked attired man replied.
"Pardon?" coughed the teacher.
"They will be gone at the end of the week that is what you were wondering" he said with an air of all knowingness.
The teacher seemed confused, maybe because he was used to asking a question before he got an answer.
"And the answer to your next question is no I didn't, my presence here does refine the topic of conversation don't you think"
The teacher just looked on with a puzzled almost amused look on his face.
The conversation seemed to end there for several minutes, the teacher not sure how to precede, not even sure he wanted to.
They just stood there the teacher lazily keeping an eye on the playing children and the other man just standing there watching the two green eyed children.

The teacher looked down at his watch, nearly time for break time to finish, raising himself off the wall ready to return inside, but as he lifted himself off the wall the handle to his mug of coffee snapped for no reason other than over use.
The handle still in his hand, the teacher made a grasp for the main body of the mug but missed, it fell towards the ground towards the inventible smash, but just before it hit the ground it stopped.
The teacher froze in bewilderment, the other man smiled.

The school bell rang…

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