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Rumsfeld Visits Iraq, Predicts Victory

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posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 08:24 AM
Donald Rumsfeld Visited Iraq on July 12 and before an audience in Balad, predicted that because of the Iraqi commitment, the Iraqi people will achieve victory over the terrorists. Going on to state that the terrorists main goal is to "break" the American spirit and cause an early withdrawal, Rumsfeld's speech was positive and motivational.
BALAD, Iraq – Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld arrived here July 12 on an unannounced visit to meet
with U.S. troops. He then traveled to Baghdad to meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and senior U.S. military leaders.
“Success ultimately will be won by the Iraqi people over a period of time, and they’re invested in it, let there be no
doubt,” he said The Iraqi people have shown their
commitment to their country by supporting the new government, providing tips to Coalition forces to facilitate the
capture of terrorists, serving in security forces and voting, Rumsfeld said. U.S. servicemembers have made it possible
for Iraqis to participate in their government by placing their lives on the line every day, he noted.
Terrorists know they cannot defeat Coalition forces in battle, so their only option is to try to break the will of the American people, Rumsfeld said. But their efforts on that front have failed
as well, he noted, because Americans know the fi ght is important. “Fortunately, I think the American
people have got a darn good center of gravity,”
he said. “We wouldn’t be the country we are today if the American people didn’t have a good center of gravity.”

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

That is exactly what we need here. A good center of gravity in regards to the war in Iraq. We need to understand that it is not a political issue in anyway, at least not to the Iraqi people or the Soldiers over there fighting. Our support is more necessary now, than ever before.
I hear so much about "I support the troops, but not the war." How can you support a man or woman and not support the ideals they are risking their lives for. I am sure the authors of that statement have good intentions, but it is the simple act of anti-war rhetoric that is giving the enemies over there more motivation to continue with their indiscriminate killing. They know that as soon as a new president gets into office, he or she may fold under the political pressure and call for an early withdrawal, leaving the Iraqi's unprepared completely to fight this battle on their own.
The people of Iraq deserve a chance, our soldiers deserve the very best we can give them. Support them and their ideals.

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posted on Jul, 18 2006 @ 10:29 AM
I agree with the artical...

The Iraqis do not want to return to old ways partially thanks to the terrorists and attacks like this one:

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