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Attention ATS'ers: Your Ideas on How to improve The American Govt.

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posted on Jul, 15 2006 @ 01:29 PM
There is alot of talk today about how our Govt. today is "broken" and needs to be "fixed". I am starting this thread to get an Idea of what Ideas my fellow members might have to help improve our Govt.

Ill start the Ideas off with these:

1. I would like to see mandatory polygraph testing done on all Govt. employees. Whether they be elected or appointed. Terms of tesing: Once upon entering office or position, and once per week/month during said officials term of office/position. Sure polygraphs can be beat, but thats easier said than done and would really help to curtail govt. corruption.
2. I would like to see Term Limits on ALL levels of Elected Office From Local through Federal. Two terms is the limit.
3. I would like to see massive campaign reform. Which includes a proposal to outlaw outside contributions all-together and in it's stead use Federal funds to Equally Finance ALL respective Candidates on a Local,State,Federal level. Thusly, eliminating the Corruption that has destroyed the true intention of lobbyism.
While I believe that Both the Special Interest Groups and the Business Community deserve a "Voice"; that voice should not be louder than that of the single American Citizen(in regards to financial voice)
4. I would like to see The Ethics Amendment - An Amendment that Places Ethical Principles as law of the land in how All employees -BY LAW- must cunduct themsleves in EVERY situation. Example: A BILL that makes it cheaper to dump toxic waste in the ocean with a fine of 25,000 per day. But it costs that same company 250,000 per day to dispose of the waste properly. a BILL like this would not be allowed to pass under the Proposed Amendment.
5. I would like to see a review and Repeal of several Laws that directly contradict the Constitution.. example: The PATRIOT ACT.. I dont think I even need to go into this one.

That is my starter list. I will add more Ideas when I have some more time.

I would Love to hear some Ideas from other Members As to what they think they would like to see take place in our Govt. today.

Thank you for your time

posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 10:04 AM
Its funny, I hear alot of complaining about the things wrong with our govt. but I see no Ideas forthcoming.

Am I the only one with Ideas? surely this cannot be the case.


some more Ideas:

1.)End the drug war- This has been a 70 year long war against our own people for lies, racism, and corporate agenda. We have been imprisoning our own people for what they have chosen to do with their own bodies.

2.)Bring our troops home- It is time to stop the illegal invasion of two countries. The criminal act of 19 terrorists does not warrent the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Especially given the fact that 15 of them were from Saudi Arabia.
which brings me to #3.

3.)Repeal the War Powers Act of 1973. This Act gives the Executive branch considerable power and in alot of ways trumps the Constitution. There should be no law of the land that contradicts the Constitution.

4.)repeal "speed limits"- as the Autobahn has clearly demonstrated; allowing people to drive at whatever speed they want does not raise the likelyhood of accident related deaths. All the speed limit does here is allow the govt. to make money off of us..once again.

there are a few more ideas.

Ill just keep posting more as I think of them.. hopefully in the meantime we can get some other ideas from other members. Someone has to have some Ideas.

posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 10:24 AM
Take every member of government out of the offices if they:

1) Supported the Patriot Act

2) Believes in the War On Terror

3) Blocked amendments to fund a fence along the border.

Also I agree with the above. I would also like to say,

1) No reference to god or basing decisions or campaigns on religion. We are a secular nation.

2) Better homeland security [border security]

3) Not butting our noses into everything.

4) Stop doing business with China and decrease the trade deficit.

5) Back the currency up with gold again.

6) Finding other alternative fuel sources and using them

posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 10:35 AM
thanks for your input RetinoidReceptor

Good answers

I agree with those suggestions aswell.

Not that I am judging anyones answers.. but those are some good ones that I had not mentioned ..yet.

posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 10:53 AM
Just to remind everyone

There are no right or wrong answers. There is also no limit on the kind of law that you may want changed; be it Federal, State, Local. If there is an Ordinance in your town that you think needs to be changed feel free to put it down here.

thank you for your time

posted on Jul, 24 2006 @ 02:15 AM
Heres a shocker ensure that presidents are elected by popular vote to avoid a re run of the 2000 election fisco.
Focus on some of the USA problems rather then other countries problems.
Fix the Education system and get rid of the Christian taliban . If the last two things dont happen the USA will be the laughing stock of the world with in a generation.

posted on Jul, 24 2006 @ 03:53 PM
Sorry this took so long Tone but i didn't want to rush it.....

Here are some ideas that I think would better this democracy.

First and foremost.....Public Financing for ALL more soft money more fundraising dinners at 500 a plate....Equal airtime for all candidates....The cable television channels are using OUR property therefore they can sacrifice....In regards to that....there will be set standards that require that all campaigners who are approved via primaries and such get same amount of airtime and same time period....I.E you cant put them at 2AM and get credit for equal time.

Second, reworking our entire judicial and criminal justice system and change from a Punitary system to a Rehabilitory system as the latter has a MUCH MUCH lower recidivism rate.

Third, A new tax code that is TRULLY fair and that allows for people to make profit but at the same time penalizes those whose singular motive is Profit profit profit with little or no care for who they step on or what corners they have to cut.

Fourth, A HIGH wall of separation from Church and State. I.E things like "marriage" are relegated to the church to do as they will....however, marriage will hold NO legal standing under the law. All those who wish to be recognized as being "married" will be required to receive civil unions that will entitle them to the benefits under tax law given to those who are "married". There will be no guidelines as to who can marry who except that they both be Human and of consenting age.

Fifth, Lobby groups will be either disbanded or severely limited...foreign countries may NOT have lobbying groups in our National Congress...they may take up any issues through the UN as most other nations do. Any country that is found to have ties to Lobbying groups will be severely sanctioned...including allies.... Corporations may not lobby the United States Congress....they may not bribe.....provide any gifts regardless of cost.... they may have little or no direct contact with sitting members in congress the white house or any other their respective staffs. The individual or group of individuals may still lobby the government however as before NO money or gifts of any cost may be given to sitting members or staffs.

Sixth, the United States will petition all States and countries in which they currently have a military presence...those countries will determine whether or not they wish the United States to leave....any state who wishes the United States to leave has the right to force them out...and the United States would be required by constitutional amendments to leave as per the request.

Seventh, Judges will no longer be life time...there will be term limits....Also....there will be term limits for Congress as well... I.E no more life time Senators or Congress-persons. I would say that no more than Four terms of two years...that gives them eight years to try and better this country.

Eighth, no more signing either veto the bill or sign it....

Ninth, no person may lose their right to vote with the exception of those have committed consistent Violent Felonies....

Tenth, political appointments will no longer be allowed....ALL appointments to positions of authority must be ratified by 2/3 of the house and 2/3 of the senate. Some might think this is ruff but all i have to say to that is John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales.

Eleventh, ALL senate and Congressional meetings will be broadcast live for the American People to see.....the only hearings that may be closed to the public are those that under the Rules have been closed.

Twelfth, All projects that require Tax payer money must be declassified no more than 8 years after they have been started.....ALL programs....this is a in stone kind of thing....If you fail to comply your funding will be halted and an inquiry started at the conclusion the program will be released to the public and those that played a part in attempting to keep it secret will be tried under new laws to protect against this kind of abuse.

Thirteenth, No corporation or private para-military groups may ever be used or payed for with tax payer dollars to contain, detain, or control the civilian population.

Fourteenth and finally, The president of the United States Shall not under any circumstances be considered Commander and Chief of the Military...the military will be hence forth controlled by the Congress.....The President may use the military as before for a 90 day period before he/she must go before the congress. However with no FORMAL declaration of war the president will have NO special war powers....and even during times of War the president will still be accountable to the people and the congress. The Electoral college will also be removed as it is a means by which to mute the voices of millions.

This is my fourteen point plan...while I'm sure it needs loads of work and is a good start i believe.

posted on Jul, 24 2006 @ 04:20 PM
Well, I have alot of ideas, though now when I'm writing them, I can't remember half of them.

1. Not allow rich people to fund there own campaigns.
2. Put a limit on how much money can be spent campaigning.
3. Only allow donations from non-profit organisations.
4. Get rid of the electoral system.
5. Tax religious institutions, IE churches like any other organisation.
6. Cut the amount of money spent on the military by 70%.
7. Allow stem cell research.
8. Put more money into the education system.
9. Get rid of the DEA.
10. Legalise all drugs, except for coc aine, but create a neutral educational course on the positive and negative effects of the legalised drugs.
11. Get rid of half the taxes the average person has to pay.
12. Create higher taxes for the rich.
13. Keep our noses out of the issues of other countires.
14. Stop funding Israel.
15. Build a workable armed structure along the American-Mexican border.
16. Make it a felony for people to knowingly house or hire illegal immigrants.
17. Only allow immigrationf from certain countires.
18. Only allow up to 5,000 immigrants per year at the most.
19. Restructure the judicial/prison system.
20. Get rid of the death sentence.
21. Create more therapy and rehabilitation for prisoners.
22. Create work camps for the homeless, thus alloing them shelter and food, and eventually helping them make it on there own, and at the same time filling the positions that the illegal immigrants do.
23. Create free college/university programs.
24. Create higher educational standards.
25. Limit the presidency to two terms of three years.
26. Put more money into NASA and fund programs like SETI.
27. Close down secret facilities like the Groom Dry Lake Test Bed Facility.
28. Allow people to choose where half there tax dollars go.
29. Pull out of the UN.
30. Create a fair, happy economy.

There are more, but I don't want to take up more space-time than I already have.

posted on Jul, 24 2006 @ 08:25 PM
I disagree with the notion that violent felons should be relieved of their right to vote. What are they gonna do? Vote to make murder legal? No one should be able to lose their right to vote unless they commit an election-related offense, and in that case they must be banned from all political activity, because one vote is the tip of the iceburg for what criminals can do to the process.

I remember hanging out at the union hall with my brother and a friend; we had agreed to help the BAs make some phone calls for the Carpenters/Joiners PAC, and the BA wanted to make sure we were all registered to vote.
My friend tells the BA "I can't vote, I'm a felon".
Without batting an eye the BA replies, "Oh, OK; want us to run you for congress?"
AND THEY COULD!!! In this district, if the union really wanted to, they could have put my buddy in the democratic primary without breaking a sweat, but the man can't vote?

My suggestions have less to do with policy and more to do with how we run the country.

If there were an ammending convention and I was a delegate, this would be my agenda:
1. Clarify Article 1, Section 8 to strictly limit the powers of congress, removing all social policy from their authority.
2. Clarify that the President has no unilateral power thus striking down executive orders which do anymore than cause federal agencies to take action persuant to the law.
3. Clarify that no caveat may be attatched to the president's signing of a bill, thereby ending signing statements once and for all.
4. Empower the SCOTUS to issue advisory opinions.
5. Alter the electoral college: a candidate 1 electoral vote for each congressional district he wins, and 2 electoral votes for winning the popular vote within a state. Thus, dissenting districts within a state are not silenced by the all-or-nothing principle. (Yes I am aware that this takes authority away from the states; there are dangers to the current system anyway)
6. Create an across the board standard for ballot access which strips the parties of their priviledged positions.
7. Equal federal funds and media access for all political candidates with no other funding.
8. Constitutionally define war powers, and add the ability for congress to immediately countermand a presidential order for force. Specify that nuclear weapons cannot be used without congressional approval, but congress may describe conditions under which authorization is granted before the fact.

There is probably more I'd think of if I had more time.

posted on Jul, 24 2006 @ 09:28 PM
I'd like to see the Presidential elections not be two-plus years extravaganzas. It's totally unnecessary. A waste of money and time.
It would rid of the need for so much campaign monies. Bad commercials. Lies. Endless visits by endlessly talking politicians. More bad commercials. Campaign ads. More lies.

I remember when the vice presidential nominee was picked during the party convention, mere months before the national election.
And, no I'm not that old.

posted on Jul, 26 2006 @ 03:30 PM
Definately some good suggestions, thanks for the input guys

One of the biggest gripes so far is campaign reform, I am noticing. It is definately a glaring problem that needs serious attention and fast.

original quote by
I'd like to see the Presidential elections not be two-plus years extravaganzas. It's totally unnecessary. A waste of money and time.

Funny, it would seem like they are taking a page from car dealers...Its like every year the cars come out alittle sooner than the last.

original quote by:The Vagabond
I disagree with the notion that violent felons should be relieved of their right to vote.

I agree with everything you have to say about this one Vagabond

I feel that even if you are serving time you should still get to vote. Its not like it would be hard to get them to the polls(set up in the prison).

original quote by:iori_komei
Well, I have alot of ideas, though now when I'm writing them, I can't remember half of them.

There are more, but I don't want to take up more space-time than I already have.

I hear seems everytime I have my best Ideas, I am nowhere near the computer or other writing impliments. Drives me crazy

Also, take as much space as you want more ideas welcome

original quote by:Elsenorpompom
Second, reworking our entire judicial and criminal justice system and change from a Punitary system to a Rehabilitory system as the latter has a MUCH MUCH lower recidivism rate.

Definately! Also with the privitization of prisons(really really bad idea!) we have seen the prison population increase by ten fold over the last twenty years. We currently have the highest incarceration rate in the world, per capita. Land of the free...hmmph.

Definately some great responses, guys, thanks. Lets keep em coming

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