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(DOC) Two Strikes Your Out!

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posted on Jul, 15 2006 @ 11:38 AM
"Daaaddd! Where's my glove!!!"

"Jeff, I told you yesterday to put your glove in the bag"

"But I thought I did"

"It's out behind the door where you left it yesterday. Now go give your mother a hug and lets get going, you don't wanna be late!"



"I remember when I was your age son, we played in the championship game too! We won every game that year. I think I pitched every game that year too, haha!"

"Really Dad? I wish I pitched"

"Me too son, but I guess everyone doesn't gets the chance. Maybe you will today son, the way you have been hitting I don't see how that jerk can sit you on the bench again"

"Why is my coach a jerk?"

"Connor should not be your starting pitcher, and Mitchell on second base? C'mon you are twice the pitcher and nobody has the glove you got! I might have to have a talk with your coach sometime soon"

"My coach isn't no jerk! He's funny and always tells us jokes"

"Yeah... uhh I donno maybe. I just know if I was coaching.... that..... ahh never mind!"

"Were here Dad! I hope we win today. Hey did you see the trophy we get if we win?"

"Yeah you guys work hard! You'll have a big trophy just like your pops!"


As he looks at his son crying in the passenger seat...

"TWO STRIKE OUTS! What were you THINKING! I was ashamed to even sit there and watch that! HIT THE BALL SON!"

"I tried dad, I really did"

"I don't care, trying didn't do a whole lot for you today now did it. Watching that other team carry our trophy off the field, how could you of let that happen!"

"...I'm sorry Dad. I wish I had of hit the ball, I tried so hard"

"Did you see next years coach at the game, he said he was excited to see you come out next year! EXCITED! He probably couldn't forget your name quick enough now. You finally get your chance and you go and blow it by striking out!

"I don't want to play anymore! I quit baseball"

"QUIT? Your not quitting, your getting your glove and bat in a minute and we'll see how many times you strike out now. That pitcher had nothing, and he made you look like a girl! Maybe we'll get your sister out and see what she can do"

" glove and bat?"

"Yeah, were going over to the empty field by your school to throw a few. I can't have this happen again"

"I don't wanna play Dad, I just want to go home"

"I said get your glove, get your bat and LETS GO!"


"Get up to the plate! Get your bat up and bend your knees! Dont you know anything! Geez!"

"Dad, I'm scared"

"Stop your crying and get up. Next time you won't strike yout! Your going to be the one hitting the home runs. We'll see what Mike thinks of Connor then, when its not his boy hitting the home runs"

Throws the first pitch...

"Daaaaad, That's too fast!"

"Too Fast? I faced kids who could throw it twice as hard as this and I laughed at them. Now HIT THE BALL!!"

Throws the second pitch

"Dad you almost hit me!"

"So? I once got hit right in the face with the ball to win the game! If your not willing to pay the price, why are you even playing!"

"I need a helmet Dad! I'm scared"

"Give it up and get that bat up again. Two Strikes!

Throws the third pitch


Son falls to the ground after being struck in the head

"Jeff get up! Jeeffff! Oh no Jeff C'mon please get up!"

"Jeff please get up! Get up Jeff! JEFF!"

Jeff's eyes close over


posted on Jul, 15 2006 @ 11:48 AM
That gave me cold chills. It's a very good story!

posted on Jul, 15 2006 @ 11:57 AM
Fascinating story, well written.
I enjoyed the moment when I realized that the title was about the father "striking out" and not the son. It's a good read with a great message.

posted on Jul, 16 2006 @ 01:52 PM
Thank You!

Yeah the title can be understood on a few different levels. I am very involved with youth sports in my area, coaching several different sports so I deal with this on a regular basis. As sad as that sounds, its very true.

I basically just dropped my head and started to type, very satisfied with what turned out.

Again, thanks for taking the time to give it a read.

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 10:32 PM
well written. My boys play little league and yes parents do get carried away, they forget about letting their kids have fun and some do exactly what you described forcing their hobby/dream on their child. Very chilling and sad at the end

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