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NEW: OGP Weekly Thread Contest!

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posted on Jul, 15 2006 @ 08:33 AM
The concept is simple. Each week I will nominate a certain country and during the course of the week the member who authours the most interesting thread on said country will receive 2x 1500pt applause from myself.

I will 'sticky' each weeks topic and enter the weeks winner in the same thread to be immortalized for all time as a PTS OGP Star!

Simply prefix your entry thread with "OGP:" so I know its an entry and the winner will be judged on the content of their thread.

Please note I will also be applauding replies to these threads as per usual so it will be a great opportunity to catch your FSME's attention.

Just a bit of fun to liven up this glorious forum with lots of potential!

Have fun with it guys.

p.s. I must add that there should be a political aspect in your thread. That being said, politics affects most aspects of a nation so its not a very restrictive framework to stay in.

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